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Buy Wellspring Weapons

Wellspring is the Seasonal Activity introduced in Destiny 2 with the Witch Queen Season of the Risen, and as such, it will reward some of the most desirable new weapons - Come to Pass (Auto Rifle), Tarnation (Grenade Launcher), Father's Sins (Sniper Rifle) and Fel Taradiddle (Combat Bow). They however are not a guaranteed drop and it might take an insane amount of runs to get even a single drop. If you want to get your brand new weapons but you don't have time to farm them, just Buy Wellspring Weapons and we will help you get any number of drops you need. Our team of professional Destiny 2 players is waiting for your orders!


  • All Recovery services (with Account Sharing) might attract unwanted attention from Bungie as they are against their terms of service.
  • On 99% of our services, we will offer a Self-Play option where you can play with our team of professional boosters, making our service without any risk of suspension!
  • As an additional layer of protection for every Recovery order, our boosters will use VPN with your current location to reduce the risks.
  • We will never use hacks, cheats, exploits, or any other activity that might compromise your account!

Come To Pass (Auto Rifle)

  • High-Impact Frame (360 RPM)
  • Deals Arc damage

Tarnation (Grenade Launcher)

  • Rapid-Fire Frame (150RPM)
  • Deals Arc damage

Father's Sins (Sniper Rifle)

  • Rapid-Fire Frame (140RPM)
  • Deals Void damage

Fel Taradiddle (Combat Bow)

  • Lightweight Frame
  • Draw Time 612
  • Charge Time 80
  • Deals Kinetic damage

Buy Wellspring Weapons - What Do You Get?

  • We will get you the desired amount of Wellspring Weapons.
  • All the loot obtained during the boost remains for you.
  • Service completion is 100% guaranteed in short terms.
  • No bots or programs are being involved in our services.
  • Option to choose the booster.
  • Special Loyalty Program.

Additional Options Explained

  • Class - With this option, you will be able to select the class you wanna do your boost.
  • Stream - For a flat tax of 10$ you will get a private stream link from Youtube, Twitch, or another service provider. The link will be provided by your booster in your order chat (only for registered users). The order chat can be easily found in your Order Panel in your Boosting Ground Profile!
  • Cross-Save - If you have the Cross-Save option enabled, please select the platforms you have the game on, so we can easily match the best booster for the job!
  • Appear Offline - is a service we usually provide by default. We will play while "'offline" or "invisible" and we will never reply back to any messages. Note that when playing in a party the "offline" status will have to be temporarily disabled.
  • Priority - Extreme attention towards your order. Fastest start and completion by our best boosters!

Things You Should Know

  • Our boosters will complete the Wellspring activity as many times as it needs to get you the desired weapon!