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Custom Apex Legends Order/Package

Boosting Ground is a proven within the years team of professional video games players that have a lot of experience in variety of games. This is why, we truly understand every problem you might have in your gaming life and are trying our best to take care of them. Apex Legends is a very exciting game that requires a lot of knowledge and skills in order to complete the given tasks and win the desired rewards. We tried to cover any aspect of the game with our Apex boosting services, but we understand that you might have individual needs. This is why, we have that special offer – Custom Apex Legends Order, so we can help you with whatever you might need help for.
This is the place you go to, when you:

  • Don't see the Apex Legends boosting service you require on our website.
  • Need a bundle of services, that you can't find on our Promotions section.

Just follow the steps bellow and we will help you right away!

Apex Legends Custom Order - How Does It Work?

All you need to do is:

  1. Contact our Professional Customer Support in the 24/7 Live Chat in the bottom right of your screen.
  2. Let them know you need a Custom Order or Package and tell them the details of the boost you need.
  3. Wait 5-10 minutes, an Administrator will prepare a price estimation for your boost.
  4. Agree on the price, time frame for completion and boost details.
  5. The support will integrate a Custom Apex Legends boosting Order on the website.
  6. Your Custom Order will stay active for you to purchase in the next 20 minutes, after that it will disappear.