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Destiny 2 Blind Well Guide

The Blind Well event in Destiny 2 is in Horde-mode and is situated in The Dreaming City. Just like the Escalation Protocol, or Archon’s Forge, or Court of Oryx in the previous expansions of the game, the Blind Well requires a partnership to be completed. Your partners could either be in a Fireteam, or just random people around the area that you are at. Completing the Blind Well event will help you get a Seed of Light. Check our Destiny 2 Blind Well Farm Service if you have any difficulties.

First, you need to unlock the Dreaming City. From the spawning point, look around, and you will notice a massive door in the cliffs, off in the distance. Head through that door, go through different passages and hallways, and you will end up in a room with a totem in the center and a sunken area.

Destiny 2 Blind Well Guide

Before you begin, be sure that you have gotten the bounty “Gateway between worlds”. It can be purchased from Petra for forty dark fragments. The dark fragments themselves can be acquired through completing Public events, Patrols, or even looting chests.

Blind Well cannot be done solo. So, if there are other players, who are already playing when you arrive, make sure to join them. For the completion of the lower tiers, you will need a full Fireteam. In case, that you do not see any other players appearing, go back to the previous area and then WALK back into the Blind Well – the game should load the others.

To begin the encounter, you must charge the totem with the consumable “Charge of light”. The consumable can be obtained by doing different activities in the Dreaming City, or by buying it from Petra.

There are 3 kinds of tiers, which you can use to charge the totem. There is also a Heroic Blind Well after tier 3 when you can put in the well an Unstable Charge of Light.

Tier 1) 1 plague boss encounter – 10% increase to the gateway between worlds

Tier 2) 2 plague boss encounters – 20% increase to the portal between worlds

Tier 3) 3 plague boss encounters – 30% increase to the gateway between worlds

Tier 3 + Heroic encounter) 50% increase to the gateway between worlds

As the tier gets higher, the boss encounters become higher, but the charge gets higher as well. Just make sure that you are buffed up and on a powerful level.

How do you beat the Blind Well?

Once you are ready, you have to charge the totem. Next, stay inside the safety bubbles, which appear around it and kill approaching enemies. When you beat a certain amount of them, there will be another bubble, which will get activated. Head inside the bubble and repeat until the 1st encounter ends. The bubbles’ purpose is to keep you from sustaining damage. Remember that there will be a few invincible enemies along the ride. They are called Servants of the plague. You can avoid killing them early on, but if you want to do it anyway, you will need to find the Anathema enemies, who will give you a buff, which helps you damage them.

The encounter at the end will have you facing against Herald of the plague enemies. They are invincible just like the servants and become vulnerable in precisely the same way. Once that the shield of one of the plague enemies drops, it should not be able to recover. Just be careful with time, because the clock will be ticking.

When you bring down the herald of the plague enemies, you will have completed the encounter and will be rewarded with a chest. You can then charge once again and repeat if your team is up for it. The bounty “Gateway between worlds” takes a few rounds, to recharge, but be patient with it, and then go under the Oracle engine offering part.

The Oracle Engine Offering

When you have completed the bounty “Gateway between worlds” for good, you can proceed to the next step. Do it in the Spine of Keres. This is a location, which is not on the map and to get to it you have to load inside the patrol space of the Dreaming City. When you load in the starting area, let the door of the Blind Well stay on your right, and look around for passage in the rook, which will glow in blue. Follow it, and you will get to the Spine of Keres. You will then come across a building. This is the place, where you will make the offering. Enter inside and go up the steps and to the balcony. Once you make the offering, open the chest, which is in front of you. You will receive another pursuit. Its reward is a Transcendent blessing mod – it increases the damage output in any of the activities inside the Dreaming City.

Getting more Seed of Light

This consumable gives you a 3rd Super and a set of new abilities for each of the sub-classes. Unlocking the abilities requires a few steps. After getting the milestone “New powers”, you will need to collect “Visions of Light”, which will unlock a mission that leads you to the 1st Seed of Light.

Afterward, there are 2 other ways, in which you can obtain them during the late game.

-    Completions of Blind Well Tier 2 – You can get it as a random drop after completion. Wait until the fourth or fifth attempt for it to show up.

-    1st boss victory in the Last Wish raid – When players beat Kalli the Corrupted in the Last Wish raid, they will see a Seed of Light drop.

Keep in mind that there could be other sources of Seeds of Light, which will emerge over time, especially when beating even the 1st boss of the Last Wish raid can prove to be a difficult task.

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