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Destiny 2 Morgeth Guide

The third one of the bosses in the raid “Last Wish” is called Morgeth, the Spirekeeper. Morgeth is claimed to be the encounter, which is the easiest to tackle but still not to be underestimated at all. 

In this guide, we will tell you how to be able to deal damage to Morgeth, how to use Taken Essences properly, how to manage the buff Taken Strength, and how to deal with being captured by the Umbral enervation. Take a look at our Last Wish Raid Boost Service as well.

How to reach and activate the encounter

After you have killed Shuro Chi, you will have to jump downwards, through the door, which is located at the back. From then go on ahead through the halls, until you reach a tree. Scale it to its top and continue to the area, which bears the name “Keep of voices”. When you get to that area, you will stumble upon a hidden chest. While you go along your path, look around for a rock formation, because you will need to jump over it.

After some walking, you will see a cliff with jutting out trees. Climb the trees, until some ledges are visible. From then on, go up and to the right. In the end, you will find another loot chest on a ledge. When you open the chest, trek back a little and go along the small path. At the end of it is the ascendant realm. The way, which will lead you to the end of the domain has a jumping puzzle and might confuse you if you are not careful enough. Moreover, here is a useful tip: When one of the players reaches the end, promote that player to a leadership position, exit to orbit, and then join them so that you can skip the section.

Destiny 2 Morgeth Guide

First, discuss with your teammates the roles, which everybody will play and how you will split. You better do it in 2 teams of 3 people. In the separate groups, two players should be occupied with picking up Taken Blights and gaining Taken Strength, and the other player should act as a support and help to clear out enemies and call out the “Eye of Riven”. Make sure that the player with the least amount of Taken Strength remembers to pick up the last Taken Essence /which comes from the “Eye of Riven”/, before the damage phase of the boss.

1)    Get the 1st Taken Blight and eliminate the Ogres. More Taken Blights will spawn then, but make sure to disrupt Morgeth from gaining 100% health, because this means total wipeout for the team.

2)    Pick up Taken Blights and avoid exceeding two.

3)    If a player gets captured, kill an “Eye of Riven” and free them. Then use the Taken Essence, to absorb Taken Strength, avoiding going over the Taken Strength limit of two.

4)    Get the last Taken Essence and Taken Blight, to begin the damage phase.

5)    Try to damage Morgeth even more.

6)    When Morgeth passes 80% strength, the player with the Taken Essence should use the super ability so that he can stun him.

7)    Live past the barrage “Axiom dart” and then deal more damage.

8)    2 Taken Blights will spawn at some point. Collect them and get ready for the next damage phase by doing everything all over again.

A strategy guide for beating Morgeth, in details

At the start, divide into 2 teams – one for the left and one for the right side. Two players in each group should collect Taken Blights and one player act as a support for the others. It would help if you also discussed the top corners.

Next, after both teams are in position, the left side should start with picking up the 1st Taken Blight, which is in front of the boss. The encounter will start, and Morgeth’s strength will begin to accumulate. Picking up a Taken Blight grants you one level Taken Strength. The maximum quantity of Taken Strength to carry is 2, or the outcome is death when trying to pick up more.

Four Ogres will spawn after the first Blight has been picked up – two on each side, and two in front of Morgeth. Deal with them and other incoming enemies as quickly as you can and activate more Blights to spawn around the arena. When that happens, the assigned teammates should start picking them up but be careful not to pick up more than the limit. There will come a moment when a person with Taken Strength will be captured and blocked from moving. Here, the “Eye of Riven” has a turn to shine.

While you continue to clear out enemies, the Eye will spawn somewhere in between them. When you kill it, it will spawn Essence. The Taken Essence can free players, who are captured by using the grenade ability nearby. This action absorbs the player’s Taken Strength to cleanse. Of course, the captured player should communicate with the others how much Strength they have, in order not to let the cleansing player die, in case that they have previously picked up Blights while playing.

The total number of “Eyes of Riven” before the damage phase is four. Do not waste or drop their Essence. Once that the team has a set amount of Strength among them, and they kill all of the Eyes, the last Taken Blight will appear in front of Morgeth.

The teammate with the least Strength should take the final Essence and the Blight. They will have the responsibility of monitoring the strength of Morgeth and stun him with the super ability of the Taken Essence, to prevent him from reaching 100%. The rest of the team should keep dealing damage. If you perform the super at 90%, the damage phase gets prolonged.

As the assigned player is picking up the last Blight, the others should gather in the middle /near the crack in the ground/ and shoot at the glowy white areas of Morgeth. Try dealing as much damage as possible. If somebody has available buffs, it is necessary to use them. When Morgeth has taken a significant amount of damage, he will release an “Axion darts” barrage, which is meant to trick players.

You can deal with them in two ways. The first one is to shoot them down and the second one is for the Titan to use their super shield and block all of them. In any case, do not let them reach the players, especially those at a lower light level.

It is not impossible to take down Morgeth in the first damage phase, but your team’s communication has to be impeccable. Otherwise, you will have to complete the Taken Blight phase once again. The damage phase will come to its end once that more enemies appear in front of Morgeth, along with 2 further Blights. Once again, you should gather the Blights and kill the Eye, until the last Blight. In the second phase, you should be more than capable of taking down Morgeth. So this will be it for this step of the Last Wish raid.

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