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Destiny 2 Riven Guide

The last boss in the Last Wish raid bears the name Riven of a Thousand Voices. She is probably the most challenging boss of them all. Thankfully, you have got this detailed guide to help you through that last part of the raid. If you need efficient help here, just order our Last Wish Raid Boost Service.


To begin, you will need from each player to grab a plate. However, let’s get familiar with the room first. There are large objects behind the central plates on each of the sides. This is important because it shows whether it is a tree side or a crystal side. Split your team into smaller groups of 3, try to even the power by separating the players with the highest light levels. Once every player is standing on their pad, the floor is going to drop, and you will float into the abyss.

In the center of the room, you will see Riven – a colossal dragon lady. Instead of staring, take a sharp right turn and run along with your group towards the door. Then, follow a path and jump onto a ledge. Pass through a hallway, and you will end up in the 1st amphitheater room.

The 1st amphitheater room

Pay attention to this room, because you will be spending some time here.

Assign a position to each player – one should be staying next to the door, and another should be in the center of the room at the panel, which is behind a pillar. From this moment we will refer to this space as the “Observatory”. Another player should be placed on the elevated area on the left to mirror the player on the right. All of the players should face the black curtain.

In a moment, waves of enemies are going to spawn in every room. Moreover, 4 Taken Hobgoblins are going to spawn – two on each side of the room. The players on the sides of the room should immediately take care of the Hobgoblins because they can be deadly – especially for the players at a lower light level.

A group of Psions is going to appear next in the center of the room. The player in the center should be ready to eliminate those fast. The players on the sides can help their teammate after they are done with the Hobgoblins.

After Wave one of the adds gets cleared out, each of the sides is going to have a different activity taking place. Who begins first is decided according to the random principle.

Riven 1st, Captain 2nd

If you see Riven pop through the curtain, you will know that your team is the one, who will have to deal with her first. She has two attacks, which she uses. Avoid the attacks and deal damage after the whiff.

Riven is using her tentacle attack, if you can see tentacles next to her, precisely on each of the sides of her head. She is going to shoot out Axiom Bolts at your team. You will beat that part by having one of the players bait out a tentacle and stand below it for a couple of seconds. Once that it starts to reel back, all of the players should jump before she slams it onto the ground. After she does, you can attack the tentacle until she pulls it back. Continue until she is staggered.

In case that you do not see any tentacles around, Riven is going to attack you by breathing fire. She will aim her head at one player and shower them with fire. The player’s task is to dodge the fire-vomit, and the others’ task is to get ready to shoot into Riven’s mouth. After she is done, her mouth is going to glow in red. This means that you can damage it now. Deal enough damage to stagger her.

When Riven has been staggered, the armor flap is going to open, and you will be able to see her eyes on the inside. She has ten eyes, which are set up specifically. The team should make up a name for each of the eyes, or design a chart. When staggered, 2 out of Riven’s eyes are going to glow. You will have to remember those eyes, so write them down if you want. Your goal is to communicate this information to the other side.

However, if you do not manage to deal enough damage to the boss and stagger her, she is going to retreat and not show her red glowing eyes at all. This will most certainly wipe out your whole team.

So, let’s get back to it. After you have communicated to the others which of Riven’s eyes are glowing, there will be another wave of enemy units. This time, an “Eye of Riven” is also going to spawn near the back end of the amphitheater. Once you kill him, a Taken buff is going to generate. A member of the team, who had Riven first is going to have to pick it up and gain the buff.

Captain 1st, Riven 2nd

If there is a 2nd wave of enemies instead of a colossal dragon, you will know that you have Captain 1st. Clear out the enemies, but leave the Captain aside. Keep him alive for a bit. Make sure to avoid its attacks and be prepared for the callout of Riven’s eyes from the other room.

When you figure out which of the eyes are glowing, eliminate the Captain and go to the back end of the room. The player in the middle will have to get off the floor, or they will get beaten up by Psions.

In a moment, Riven is going to pop up her head through the curtain. She will open her mouth and reveal a Taken ball-of-death inside of it. Use “Sleeper Simulant” or “Whisper of the Worm” to fire inside her mouth and deal damage. Next, you will need to find out which are the eyes that your team called out from the other side. To you, they will not look like they are glowing, but trust your teammates, and you will succeed. After you have located the glowing eyes, shot them until they pop. Do not wait for too long before you do this, because you will be facing a wipeout. The same fate will reach you if you pop a wrong eye, too. You will need to perform correctly, as this is the most challenging mechanic in the entire fight.

When you have popped Riven’s eyes, she is going to get staggered. The buff will be on the ground, and you should choose a player who would pick it up and get ready to cleanse the lifts.

Cleanse the lift

When you defeat Riven, choose a player who would pick up the buff. Then, climb on the pillar in the back and look at the amphitheater. In the meantime, there should be one player left, who will clear out enemies for everybody else. Once all the players are set in their positions, the one with the buff should look at the Observatory. There will see one symbol among many other lined up vault symbols. While the player is looking through the glass, many symbols will start scattering inside of the amphitheater, mainly near the steps and in the middle.

If you are the player with the buff, you should call out the symbol, which you are seeing and the others should locate it. Players should coordinate well for this part to work. You will begin to see cylinders in the room, as you get closer to them. The cylinders represent the vault symbols, but you will see that only when you get into position. Once you go at the exact location, the Observatory player should confirm it is correct. Then, go inside the symbol entirely and press the grenade button. If you do it correctly, you should be alive. The rest of the team should then go into the hallway, which is behind the Observatory, then locate the newly-working lift.

Part 2 of the Amphitheater

For the 2nd floor, you will have to do the same thing all over again, only it will have to be in reverse. For example, if you have first encountered Riven on the 1st floor, on the 2nd floor, you are going to encounter her second.

When it is the time for cleansing, the other players apart from the Observatory player should swap roles, too. For example, if you were holding the buff the previous time, you will be clearing out enemies this time around. The one in the Observatory can remain the same.

After the team has staggered Riven again, called out the eyes, dealt damage, popped her eyes, acquired the buff AND cleansed the lift, all of you should go in the middle of the room and get taken back to the beginning of the whole fight.


Both teams are going to find themselves in a room, which we are going to call the “Ogre room”. Go to the middle of the room and get ready for a serious fight. Some Taken Ogres and Goblins are going to spawn. The Goblins will be shielding the Ogres, and you will have to kill them in the beginning, to be able to deal any damage to the Ogres whatsoever.

Another essential thing for this room are the Supers. One of the players should clear out the 1st wave of enemies, another – the 2nd and so on. Good coordination is key.

When you have cleared out the 1st wave, Riven is going to show up on the right side of the tree. Together with her, there are going to be a couple of Ogres and a few Goblins. Try to pay attention to two things here – clear out the Ogres AND stagger Riven. It is not going to be an easy task, we know. Riven, of course, will once again try to vomit fire on you or smash you with her tentacles. You shoot at the tentacles or into her mouth again. Once that she has been staggered, she is going to reveal two of her eyes and go away. The entire process is going to repeat twice, so in the end, you will have 6 of the eyes revealed and the other 6 you will have in your head.

The 4th wave of Ogres is going to spawn at the moment Riven pops up with a Taken ball inside her mouth. This is the start of the phase for light damage and also the stage, in which you will have to shoot at the boss’s eyes.

The light-damage phase

There should be six players assigned to the six eyes before that phase has begun. In the end, you should pop all of the sights correctly, even if somebody messes up during the process. For example, you could assign Player 1 & 2 the first couple of eyes, Player 3 & 4 – the second, Player 5 could take up the third couple of eyes by themselves, and Player 6 could take care of the 2 Ogres.

Once that you have begun the 4th wave of enemies you will enter the phase for dealing damage. The first thing, which you have to do here is to get the “Well of Radiance” to the center as quick as possible. Two barricades are going to rise on both sides of your group. If you do not have any Titans, better focus on the Ogre to the left. Player 6 should be prepared to eliminate every enemy in the room or at least distract them.

When everyone is in their proper place, begin shooting into Riven’s mouth. Be careful because you only have a couple of shots before she starts killing people. In about 5 seconds you should call out to the team that they have to shoot down their assigned eyes. Do that quickly. If you something wrong, Riven is going to wipe out everybody. However, if you manage to pop all of the 6 eyes, the next phase begins. Help out Player 6 with the rest of the enemies before you continue. This is the most challenging part of the whole fight, so be prepared to die a lot due to various reasons. Do not give up, put in a team effort, and you will beat it!


You will get a brief moment of peace after you are done with the eyes. Take your time to collect ammo and orbs. Do not lose track of the “Creeping Darkness” meter on the left of the screen because if they get to 10, you are dead. If you want to reset the meter, you will have to go onto a random plate. When all of you are ready, you can all go back to your plate from the start of the fight. You will begin to fall around the boss again, only this time she is going to be slower, and you will fall slower, too. Some nasty-looking cysts are going to appear all over her body. Pop the cysts using the primary weapon. This is perfect for players, who are at a low light level but want to deal damage to the boss. However, beware of the Axiom bolts, which will start coming out of the cysts. When you are lower down they will one-shot you, but as you go up they are much less dangerous. Try to balance shooting and dodging as you are falling. Once that you get to the bottom, go to the right and begin running towards your room.

An important thing to know about this phase is that if any of the players die during it, they are going to respawn in a special door threshold. This can prove to be painful for the team because it can scatter you around the place. Alternatively, you can turn out to be lucky, of course. Anyway, if you die, prepare to share your location with the others, who should send somebody to pick you up.


Once that you are done with popping the cysts and have dealt some damage to Riven, you will end up in the encounter room once again. Go into the amphitheater rooms and begin the whole fight all over.

Fight through the room with the Ogres again, pop the eyes again, and then go down and pop the cysts once again. When Riven’s health reaches a breaking point, she is going to teleport you to the 1st of 3 last stands.


Ascendant Realm

Once you have dropped the boss’s health to the critical point, she is going to teleport you into the Ascendant Realm. It contains a puzzle with jumping. Moreover, your health does not regenerate while you are in it.

After you have teleported, let a Warlock create a healing rift. Get together on it so that you can overshield yourselves. Once you start moving, do it slowly but purposefully. There is going to be a hidden countdown timer that wipes you out if you stay in the darkness for too long. You will have to deal with Phalanx at some point. Clear them out and after that jump ahead, or you will be thrown out into space. Go straight forward, use the platforms, go to the left, and then jump on a ledge. Go to the left again, kill more Phalanx, jump on the platform, do a 180 and go up. You have to land on the ring. From the ring, you will be able to notice the Taken Strength away from you. Run the rest, kill Phalanx, then jump inside the orb, to continue.

Damage check

When you are back to the room with the Ogres, Riven is going to enter for her 2nd last stand. She is going to open her mouth and show you her critical spot. Revive everybody, who has died and begin shooting her into the mouth with whatever you have. An ideal choice for this part is “Whisper of the Worm.” Burn her health bar to 0, and she is dead!

Careful! Do not stop here!

Once her death animation ends, there is going to be a long note on the left part of the screen. In short, it says that the boss’s heart wishes you to be dead. Now, run inside Riven’s mouth and rush the heart. Your health will constantly keep going down as you are running, but after you have gotten to the heart, make sure you get your hands onto it.

The heart is then going to explode, and you are going to get a key. Congrats, you just defeated her! Only one more run left to complete and you will be able to acquire the chest and test your lock with the exclusive “1000 Voices” exotic.

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