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Duality Dungeon Guide

Destiny 2 How to Complete Duality Dungeon Guide

Destiny 2 officially has a new, better, and more exciting dungeon – Duality. It is based inside the Moon in the Derelict Leviathan from Season of the Haunted, and it takes the players into the mindscape of Claus with a goal – to steal his most sincere secrets. If you complete this activity, you will earn some amazing rewards such as armor, Exotic ships, weapons, and others. 

Duality Dungeon includes puzzles, bosses, and a Master difficulty option, which will be given to the Guardians. It may seem hard to deal with this new activity, so in order to make it as easy as possible for you, we have prepared a guide on how to complete Duality Dungeon with ease.

It is important to mention, that this Dungeon will be open only for the players who have already gained The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, or their existing Deluxe copy was upgraded to this new version. The recommended power for Legend is 1500, and for Master – 1590. If you will be playing the default level – Legend, then there will be no modifiers that will make the gameplay harder. However, if you are an experienced player, and you have encountered Duality more than once, then you can go for the Master difficulty, where you will have the opportunity to deal with modifiers such as Match Game, Champions: Barrier, and Champions: Unstoppable. Of course, exclusive rewards will be given for the Master difficulty level, such as Artifice Armor!

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Access to Duality Dungeon

In order to access the Duality Dungeon, you will have to get the ‘A Single Thread’ quest. You can do that by going to Hawthorne, which is based in the Tower. Now, when you have purchased the Witch Queen Dungeon Key you can speak with the Suraya Hawthorne at the Tower and start the Duality Dungeon. You can start the mission from the ‘Director’, which location is under the Moon Tab. 

This activity will be divided into three main encounters – Nightmare of Gahlran Encounter, Vault Encounter, and Third Final Encounter, and two traversal encounters will be given – Opening and Four Statue Room.

Opening of Duality Dungeon

The first traversal encounter will be the opening of the Duality Dungeon. You are dropped in the old Tribute Hall which was seen in the Season of Opulence. You have to chat with Eris, and she will give you access to Claus’ mind by opening the underneath of his statue. Once Eris is not talking anymore you can get in the hole and start the encounter.

You will be teleported into a room with a red bell in distance. Your task here is to shoot it until it helps you to travel to the shadow realm. There is the nightmare dimension without bars. As with any other Dungeon in Destiny 2, this part is essential for teaching you the mechanics of the dungeon. The bell is used for teleporting from the nightmare dimension to the normal one. If you want to get back to reality, you will have to stand next to the bell.

The most important mechanics you have to learn is the shooting of the bell until it teleports you. You have to be careful about spaces that do not have floors in other dimensions, since it will be hard for you to navigate there, or you will simply be killed. The way is straightforward, and you can navigate yourself by using the bell mechanics. Once you have reached large rooms with statues you have to kill the enemies and go through the door that will be opened in the middle of the room – this is your way to the first encounter.

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The most important mechanics you have to learn is the shooting of the bell until it teleports you. You have to be careful about spaces that do not have floors in other dimensions, since it will be hard for you to navigate there, or you will simply be killed. The way is straightforward, and you can navigate yourself by using the bell mechanics. Once you have reached large rooms with statues you have to kill the enemies and go through the door that will be opened in the middle of the room – this is your way to the first encounter.

Nightmare of Gahlran Encounter

The Gahlran will be the first boss you have to fight in Duality, and he will definitely test your knowledge about the bell system. The Nightmare of Gahlran Encounter takes place in a room with symbols along it, and most important – with two bells on both of the sides of the squarish place. Those symbols come from the Levithan raid, and they are: Axe, War Beast, Chalice, and Sun.

First, you should use one of the bells and enter the nightmare realm in order to start the encounter. With your fireteam have to find the two Standard Bearers that will be placed in two of the four rooms. What has to be done at this moment? Well, two of the players have to go looking for those Standard Bearers, while the third one has to be sent with a task – to kill the Bellkeepers. Important note – you can not use the bell to teleport until the two of the Bellkeepers are dead.

In order to succeed in this encounter, you have to go back to the normal reality within a specific time. Furthermore, you will be followed by the shadow of Gahlran during the whole activity, so be careful! Once you and your teammates have the Standards, and both the Bellkeepers are dead you have to group and stand around the bell, so you will go back to the reality. Now, when you are back in the reality you have to kill the enemies and the Bellkeepers, plant the Standards in the needed receptacles, open the doors and kill the enemies inside.

You have to leave the third player next to the bell, and the two Standard holders should go into the open rooms. Once you have one player next to the bell, another one on the right side of the arena in room one, and the last one in room two, on the left side of the arena you can teleport to the nightmare realm.

Now comes the real gameplay – the player who was left in the arena has to destroy the Bellkeepers and kill all the enemies that will come in the area. The other two players will be in hallways full of Gahlran’s shadows, which have to be killed. Once they have defeated all the shadows a door will open and will let the teammates back in the arena. Destroying the shadows makes the main boss weaker and easier to kill.

You are almost at the end of Nightmare of Gahlran Encounter – now you have one main goal – to deal with the boss. But don’t forget you have a limited time! Keep an eye on the timer and use weapons, Radiance, Golden Gun, Tether, and other abilities to damage the Gahlran. Once you see 10s left on the timer – run to the bell and go back to the other, real realm. Repeat the process again until you kill Gahlran. You can repeat the process as much as you need to, you can not die, unless all your team dies. When you kill Gahlran you will see a hole in the floor – jump in it and you will go into the next step.

The Four Statue Room

Four Statue Room is a traversal encounter that is basically a room with four statues and a bell located in the middle. Here you can access the secret chest by making the statues in the normal dimension facing the same way as the ones in the nightmare direction. But how to do that? The statues can rotate clockwise, to 90 degrees, so you have to do that by pressing the buttons.

Once you have accomplished this task you will see another door opened on the floor and you can go to the second Encounter – The Vault Encounter. Destiny 2 Boosting

Vault Encounter

The Vault Encounter is not a traditional boss, but again it takes place in the two dimensions of the same location. There are four rooms at the corners and two bells.  Once the encounter has started, a Cabal will come into the room and two symbols will be visible. They will be connected to the different stairways which are located on the four corners. The four separate stairways are represented by a symbol. A huge rectangle with nothing on the front is at the bottom of each flight of stairs. However, if you look at the back of the rectangle, one of the four symbols will be visible.

Just as you did in the first encounter – send two runners to pick the glowing symbols, and one teammate to kill the Bellkeeper. When the Bellkeepers are dead, and both of the Standard runners are located next to their symbol – go to the nightmare realm. Now, when the world has shifted each of the Standard players has stairs in front of them – they have to go up and kill the Cabal. Once the Cabals are dead you will see a Standard Bearer that holds a Solar shield together with some dogs. Now each of the players has a task – to kill a Standard, pick it up, and go to the bell. When the Bellkeepers are also dead go to the bell and shift back to the real world. 

The Standard players have to plant the Standards in the holsters in order to make Cabal vulnerable. Now you all have to kill enemies and mini-bosses until the vault door is opened.  Follow the path, shoot some bells and you will get to the final boss.

Third and Final Encounter

The Third and Final Encounter is difficult. You will meet the Nightmare of Princess Caiatl – the main boss. In the room, you will see 3 bells, and the symbols placed on platforms in the Nightmare dimension. Make sure you have checked the order in the normal dimension. The tasks are similar to others – you have to kill the bearer, and the yellow bars, while the Bellkeepers are doing their work and going to the normal dimension for dunking the symbols.

You have to do all this for the 4 symbols, and once the bell is ready to be rung – do that. Keep in mind that a lot of adds will come in the third encounter, so you will have to be clearing the room all the time. Once you ring the bell you will be teleported to the Nightmare room for DPS. This phase is short – you do not have a lot of time to kill the boss, so you better be fast.

First, kill the Bellkeepers, and once the Nightmare of Caiatl is close to one of the bells – ring it, this will make damage. The boss will quickly run to another bell, and then you have to do the same. Keep In mind that she is moving quickly, so you have to be fast at shooting if you want to damage her. When you have used all the bells the phase of damaging will end, and you will have to repeat this once, or twice more until you finally kill her. Fusion Rifles are also recommended for damaging the boss. You have to repeat this as much as needed until you kill the Nightmare of Caiatl. 

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