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Destiny 2 Kalli Guide - How To Beat Her?

The raid Last Wish  came out in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Kalli, the corrupted is the first boss, which you have to fight against. Before we begin with the guide, we should remind you what you need, to be able to play this raid. First of all, you should have already completed the main campaign of “Forsaken” and earned access to the Dreaming City. Second of all, you have to be 520 level AT LEAST. However, the recommended level for this raid is 550. You also can rely on our Last Wish Raid Boost  Service. Okay, let’s go on with the guide in detail.

Destiny 2 Kalli Guide

You will begin by entering the “Tower of opened eyes”. Kalli will be standing in the middle of the room, inside a circular pit. There will be 8 symbols around the room, but only 6 will correspond to the plates, which the players are standing on. The symbols will be matched in pairs. It is a good idea to give names to the symbols so that your team can communicate more easily and understand each other better.

After that, one player must choose a symbol and step onto the plate, which has the same symbol on it. All of the players should do that. To start the encounter, all players should jump onto the plates simultaneously. 

Once that the player is standing on their plate, part of it will start glowing, and few orbs will appear. Players need to stand on the part of the plate, which is not glowing because otherwise they will be killed when the orb detonates. After an orb has detonated, move on to another part of the plate that is not glowing. This is the moment when Taken Thrall adds will start spawning. Kill them quickly and keep your position.

There will be times when the boss – Kalli, is going to spawn near to one of the players. When that happens, the player has to jump off the plate for a while, if they are 520 level. If they don’t, they will face a one-shot death. Those players, who are at a higher level can simply shoot Kalli until she moves on to another plate. The whole process is going to happen in cycles, so when the plate cycle of a player is completed, a knight is going to spawn. Kill the knight and then you can jump off your plate, in case you need to help out a teammate. When all the knights are dead, the whole team should go to the center of the room. Warlocks with “Well of radiance”, “Damage rift”, or “Healing rift” should drop it and start fighting Kalli.

After Kalli has taken some damage, she is going to raise a hand in the air. Players will be able to read on the screen that Kalli is preparing to wield her weapon. When they see a white glow above Kalli, they should instantly stop attacking. There are 2 rows of glass doors below her. These are safe rooms. They protect the players from Kalli’s wipe mechanic. Each of the safe rooms can hold only one person, so use them carefully. The doors will open, as soon as Kalli has summoned her weapon. Choose a door and run towards it. Hide inside, and the door is going to close. You can try splitting into two groups of 3 people. For example, when one set of safe doors opens, 3 players run to hide inside. Once they are set, the other 3 players run to their safe rooms and hide as well. That way, the team avoids confusion and panicked scrambling.

When the doors of the safe rooms open back again, there will be adds in the middle of the room. Eliminate all of them, and the team will be given the 2nd turn for DPS. Then, repeat the whole part with Kalli again – damage; wait for the weapon to be summoned; hide in a safe room; wait for the doors to open again; clear out the adds; and then one more chance for DPS is going to open up. Now, the safe rooms, which players have previously used will no longer work, so they will need to choose a room that is different from the one they used the first time around. The fight with Kalli is going to have 3 rounds, so be prepared to do that same thing a total of three times. In the end, when all three rounds have been completed, the team will have to go back to the plates.

The players will need to kill the knight again and stand against Kalli. Between the DPS rotations, the symbols that are on the plates are going to switch up. Be sure to check twice for the symbol in the center of the room before stepping into a plate again. If players fail at that, they will have to face two ogres at 580 power.

Players might need to do a 3rd plate phase, depending on the damage that they dealt with Kalli in the first 3 DPS rounds. In case that happens, Kalli is going to fall relatively easily, possibly before even being able to summon her weapon.

Once the encounter is completed, players will receive their third “Seed of Light”. And this is it for the first boss of that raid. 

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Published 2022-09-23
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