Xenophage (Exotic Machine Gun) Weapon Guide

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Destiny 2’s new patch 2.6.1. comes with a brand new Exotic weapon – that is the Xenophage machine gun. The shooting style of this gun resembles this of a heavy scout rifle, instead of a bullet-spraying minigun. The Xenophage is powerful and has an extra explosion radius, which easily rips enemies apart. The gun itself does not crit, but it can still be a deadly force when needed.
The new patch also brings us the event “Festival of the Lost Halloween” that makes the Tower even spookier! To add even more to the horror theme, there is a brand new dungeon, called “The Pit Of Heresy”, which is set deep underneath the “Scarlet Keep” and follows the scheme of 3-player challenges. Players will need to gather up their courage and puzzle through the depths,  in order to come out alive. There are also three brand new weapons to grind – Premonition (Pulse Rifle), Blasphemer (Kinetic Slug Shotgun), and Apostate (Sniper Rifle), as well as an emblem at the dungeon’s end.

Xenophage Weapon Guide - The Xenophage Quest

To begin the quest, players have to head for the Moon. In case they haven’t started the “Pit of Heresy” dungeon yet, they should take the mandatory “Deepening Wake” from Eris Morn in Sanctuary. 

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  • Step 1 – The Enduring Abyss

Go to the “Sorrow’s Harbor”, located on the Moon. From there, use the Sparrow to get to the huge crimson entrance of the strike ”Scarlet Keep”. Enter and jump up the wall and head into the left door. Then, follow the left wall until you find a new area with the title “Enduring Abyss”. Proceed forward, until you pass one green glowing light. Look at your upright and you will see a cave that you can jump into. Go through the cave and you will get to a room, underneath which is a giant pyramid.
Now, look for statues on the walls – 2 on each side of the room. The first puzzle is to light up all of the statues simultaneously. While facing the pyramid, start moving counter-clockwise and activating each statue. This means that you first have to activate the back right one, then the front right, then the front left, and lastly, the back-left statue. After you light up all of the statues, a chest will appear. When you open the chest, you will get to the next step of the quest – “Emergence”. And your next location is “Anchor’s light”.

  • Step 2 – The Path of Lights

Once you are in the “Anchor’s light”, head towards the tower on the left. When you arrive, go past the ramp and continue walking alongside the wall of the building. When you see the entrance, go through it. At the back of the room, there will be a huge structure with a ball of fire inside it. The next step is to run with the ball and activate the red plates around. The first plate is on the ground against the wall. Once it gets activated, you will get the timed buff “Torch Bearer”. This means that you will have one minute to transfer the light between each plate. The last plate is on the top of the round building. When you reach and activate it, there will be a quest marker for the last spot of this step. Your third step is “Pathfinder”.

  • Step 3 – Moon’s Puzzles

This quest step will need you to visit all 4 of the “Lost sectors” of the Moon and clear out all enemies there /bosses included/. The “Lost sectors” should be cleared the usual way, but in the end, you should take the alternate exit roots. Within these routes, there will be puzzles with symbols on the wall. Your goal is to shoot at the right symbols in the correct order so that you can match the solution on top. Every solved puzzle will award you with a piece of a map. Here are the answers for each of the puzzles:
- For “Archer’s line” – top left, bot left, middle, mid-right;
- For “Anchor of light" – bot left, bot right, 2x top middle;
- For “Hellmouth" – top right, mid-left, middle, bot middle, 2x bot right, 2x bot middle;
- For “Sorrow’s harbor” – middle right, middle left, 2x middle, middle left, top middle, bot middle, middle.
 Once you have gathered all the pieces of the map, you will get the next step of the quest, called “Descent”. It will lead you to the “Pit of Heresy”.

  • Step 4 – Beware the Ogre

For this step, you will need to have the “Pit of Heresy” unlocked. To do this, take the quest from Eris and reach “Sorrow’s Harbor”. You should complete the “Altars of Sorrow” event and get a chest. This event is easy to complete with more people, so wait until you find a huge group of players. When you complete the event and unlock the dungeon, go inside it and clear out all enemies. You will end up in front of a massive wall of doors. One of the doors doesn’t have a medallion on it. This door should be on the left – one section up and three down. One player on your team should jump up to this door and look for a glowing rune inside. Activate the rune and you will get to the next step, called “Discovery”.
Go deeper into the dungeon through a dark slot at the bottom of all the doors. This is the 2nd part of this quest. As you follow down, you should come across a huge section that looks like a maze. Unfortunately, there you will encounter some invulnerable Harrowing Ogres. After you enter, make sure to keep to the left side until you reach a chasm with a ledge you can drop down to. After you drop down, look around for a plate covered with cryptic Hive writing and activate it. This will make three platforms rise. Use them to get to the last platform, on which you will find another light ball. Take the ball and go back. Often, the Ogre will notice you moving and will shoot at you, but you should not panic and just continue jumping until you reach safety. When you get to the main path, keep to the right side. Get to the door with two light balls for each of the plates beside it. Place the orbs and when the door opens, you will get to the next step, which is the secret boss Volmar, the Tempted.

  • Step 5 – Defeating Volmar, the Tempted

First, make your way through the dark halls, until there is a room of guarding Thralls with the boss behind them. Volmar will be immune to damage at first. Once the fight begins, players will obtain one of the four “Dreads” buffs – Fiery, Thunderous, Abyssal, Neutral. In the first room they enter, players will see a colored node in every corner. Each node corresponds to the four elements – red to Solar, blue to Arc, purple to Void, and white to Normal. Take the node, which matches your buff and go to the boss chamber.
The chamber will be full of Thralls and Volmar will be hovering around the middle of it. In the middle of this room, you will see a ball. Around the room, there will be four plates like in the previous room. Your goal is for a player to take the ball and toss it in their corresponding plate. Here is where all of the plates are placed:
 - “Abyssal dread” /Void/ - front left corner up;
- “Thunderous dread” /Arc/ - back left corner down;
- “Fiery dread” /Solar/ - front right corner down;
- “Neutral dread” /Normal/ - back right corner up
 Once the ball reaches the correct spot, there will be a timed buff, which will allow you to deal damage to the boss. The catch is that you can only damage him with the element you are afflicted with and the buff lasts only 30 seconds. After that, you should repeat the process.
In case the ball reaches the wrong spot, a debuff, called “Path unclear” will appear and the player will have to try again. The team should keep doing this until Volmar is dead.
 After the boss is defeated, simply go back to Eris to receive your Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun.

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