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Valorant Agent Skye Guide

Welcome the newest Valorant agent, Skye, to your roster! She is a powerful initiator straight from Australia with a love for animals. She has 3 strong crowd-control abilities, which we’ll look at shortly, and a heal. When put together, this makes Skye the most versatile agent in Valorant right now. 

Mastering Skye will see you hard-carrying many games. She’s extremely good at gathering information and preparing the map and enemies for your team’s push. Let’s take a look at Skye’s abilities, then we’ll look at her playstyle and finish with some tips.

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Skye’s Abilities

Skye has 4 main abilities. 3 are great for crowd-control, disabling your enemies, and gathering intel. The fourth is a handy heal.

Agent Skye Guide - abilities

Q - Trailblazer

Valorant Agent Skye Guide - Trailblazer abilitySkye’s Q is Trailblazer. Skye equips a ‘Tasmanian tiger’ trinket, sending forwards a controllable predator upon activation. While using Trailblazer, you will have near-sight, and the tiger will last for 5 seconds. You can click FIRE while controlling to leap forwards. Doing so will cause the tiger to explode, concussing enemies and damaging enemies that were directly hit.

Trailblazer costs 200 credits, and you can only store one charge, but this is a great and cost-effective buy. There are many ways for Skye to use Trailblazer effectively, some of which include:

  • Initiating fights
  • Scouting
  • Gathering intel
  • Gaining map control
  • Pushing enemies off of objectives

When using Trailblazer, try to avoid open space, as this makes the tiger an easy target. You can destroy it by shooting at it, so where possible use natural cover and stick to walls. Be warned that this ability does make a lot of noise. Enemies are likely to shoot at the tiger before you have a chance to leap, so plan accordingly.

E - Guiding Light

Valorant Agent Skye Guide - Guiding Light abilityThis ability is overpowered. Skye’s Guiding Light has you equip a hawk trinket. Upon activation, you’ll throw the hawk forwards in a straight line. If you hold FIRE, you’ll be able to control the direction that the hawk flies using your crosshair. Once fired, you can reactivate the ability to detonate a flash. If an enemy was within range and line of sight of the flash, you’ll hear a hit-confirm and know an enemy is near.

Note that with Guiding Light, you have to manually activate the flash, otherwise it won’t happen. So, it’s good practice to detonate the flash every time you use it, regardless if you think an enemy is near or not. Also, the hawk can be destroyed by the enemy. Be tactical about how you use it.

You can use this ability to gather information, whether you hit an enemy or not. If you do, you’ll know enemies are nearby. If you don’t, it’s safe to push.

Skye can buy 3 charges of Guiding Light at 100 credits each. Getting 3 charges is incredibly powerful, since that’s 3 flashes which will either crowd-control the enemy or give you valuable intel.

C - Regrowth

Agent Skye Guide - Regrowth abilityRegrowth is Skye’s healing ability, but only works on allies who are in range and line of sight. Skye cannot heal herself with Regrowth.

This ability costs 200 credits and you can use it several times until the healing pool is drained. The healing pool does not recharge, and if you use it even a little, you’ll have to buy it again next round. So, try to only use this ability if you know it’s worthwhile.

Speaking of worthwhile, it IS worth it to heal only one teammate to full health. But, Regrowth is best used when your team is grouped up and together. Saying that, if you have a great player on your team who is low on health, using Regrowth and keeping them alive is a good idea.

X - Seekers

Valorant Agent Skye Guide - Seekers abilitySkye equips a Seeker trinket, activated when you click FIRE. Doing so will send out 3 Seekers, which track down the 3 closest enemies with no distance limit. Upon hitting, your enemies are marked and near-sighted.

These Seekers can be destroyed and a little slow, so it’s best to use this ability when either near enemies or when you know enemies are near. As such, Seekers is great for site control. It helps you to clear all angles of the site. If a Seeker is destroyed, you’ll know an enemy is near and can react accordingly.

Valorant Agent Skye Playstyle

Skye is an initiator and is best used aggressively. You’ll find Skye easier to play when on offense. With her long-range, crowd-control abilities, Skye is great at setting up fights or clearing out parts of the map for a team push. Further, Skye is useful post-plant. Her CC makes it easy to locate and fight off enemies before they can reach the point.

Your main job as Skye is to set up engagements for your allies, using Guiding Light and Trailblazer. But, alternatively, you can use Skye to gain intel for your team. Doing so will help your team to know if they can push safely or if they should fall back.

Valorant Agent Skye Guide - in game

Tips For Playing Skye

  • As Skye is so good at gathering intel and information, communication is very important. Make sure to call out your flashes and your crowd-control. Say what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If you aren’t a player that communicates a lot, Skye might not be the Valorant agent for you.
  • Your flashes from Guiding Light are powerful, but only if you understand them and how they work. By understanding your flashes and relaying that information to your team, you increase the chances of victory.
  • Your abilities as Skye are more powerful than firepower. It’s almost always a better decision to max out your abilities, opting for a cheaper weapon, than it is to get a great weapon while sacrificing abilities.


Skye is, right now, the most versatile agent in Valorant. She has loads of great crowd-control and a heal! This makes Skye great for engagements and offense. Using Skye in this way will see you winning games.

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