Valorant Haven Map Guide

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Game Intro

Valorant is the latest project released by Riot Gaming. It brings a feeling of recreating some of the old experiences from the games, like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty but still with a little touch from their company, mainly keeping the ranks and the graphic similar to another of their babies – League of Legends. All the content is new for the players, which also includes the maps. This is where this guide will come in handy if you are interested in evolving further and improving your skills in the game. We will take a look at one of the first maps introduced after the beta has ended –  Valorant Haven Map.

Valorant Haven Map

Valorant Haven Map Info

Recreating old Chinese culture with a dragon drawing above the doors, bonsai everywhere, this Valorant map is not like the other ones in the game. The difference here is that this zone doesn’t have two but three bomb planting sites or as they’re also called – spikes. It is the first introduction of this kind of object positioning for the players, which gives more opportunities for the attacking team to succeed in their attempts to blow everything up. There is more work for defenders as well, which ends up in a devastating clash of bullets and spells. Once agents start playing on this map, it is hard for them afterwards to stop looking for a third-place to leave the spike. It breaks the stereotype of the game and gives more options for moving around. It’s definitely an interesting addition to the Valorant maps so far.

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Spike Sites

As we mentioned earlier, Valorant’s Haven has three bombing sites, which are going to be A, B and C. This of course brings many problems to the defending team because they must split and defend all spots at once or to wait for some amount of time, which brings them a huge disadvantage on this Valorant Map. We are going to take a look at each and every one of them in a list below.

Spike Site B

We are going to start with site B, because as we are going to find out later, this is the most strategic point on the whole map. It is located in the middle part of the map. From there, both teams can go in any direction they want and reach any of the other two points easily. This gives a good opportunity to move quickly and provides a great time for reaction. On this Valorant Map, whoever holds this position has a huge disadvantage to the other team, this is exactly why most players are focusing on this point mostly.

Valorant Haven Map - in game

Spike Site C

Spike Site C is the point, which most attackers prefer for planting their bomb on this Valorant map. It is easy to reach and provides lots of places to hide. It’s a definite favorite for the snipers too. The bomb platform is one big space on the outside, with just a few boxes for cover. If you go there, you can be sure, you will be spotted right away. A good combination between covering and action is required.

Spike Site A

Spike site A is identical to Spike Site C. Big similarity, with just a small difference – it is further away from the attacker’s spawn point. It gives the same opportunities for sniper cover and has many open spaces around the bomb. This is where the Haven is – the top of a tower. Many interesting plays can be done on this spike site.

Over all, each Spike Site has its benefits and disadvantages. In this particular Valorant map, the trick is how you and your team are going to use them. It is all in your hands. Hope this guide will help you with your future endeavors in Valorant pro league. We are also going to talk a little bit about one of the boosting service providers out there.

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Thank you for reading this little guide.

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