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Valorant Agent Killjoy Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

Valorant was officially released on June 2nd, 2020 and it took a solid stand in the FPS genre. Since then it’s amassed millions of fans and players all over the world, with streamers playing the game even before that, when it was still in beta. It’s considered a 5v5 tactical shooter with an emphasis on methodical strategies and careful planning. Lore wise, the story is set in a near-future Earth where a big technological boom known as the First Light happened, which gave rise to massive life and technological advancements. There were many individuals who had benefit from that event, now known as Radiants. An unknown organization formed the Valorant protocol, which pulled many different Valorant agents from all over the world to battle it out! These agents have four unique abilities in addition to their normal weapons, which makes the gameplay really diverse and different every time! Another interesting thing is the map design, it’s made to be camper-friendly and the whole aesthetic makes it easier to see the agents compared to the background.

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Valorant Agent Killjoy

Valorant Agent Killjoy Overview

Valorant Agent Killjoy is the newest addition to the Valorant agents and she has a really interesting background! So far, we know she hails from the country of Germany and has an affinity for turrets and mini-robots, that she can send out to shoot down and trap her enemies! Some of her other abilities include a forcefield that can hold her enemies on place, grenades and other traps that her opponents can easily fall victim to! Her abilities will be really useful for locking down an area and especially defending a point, with her nano-grenades and turrets, she’ll have one strong defensive line! Not to mention that she can take advantage of all the different angles and corners that each map has to offer, making her gameplay even more diverse, making her a difficult agent to play against! It seems like so far, she is the agent with most crowd control among all Valorant agents. She is scheduled to be released on August 4th, with the content update called Act II (updates in Valorant are divided into Acts). Valorant Agent Killjoy will be unlockable by completing missions and players won’t have to spend real-world money to get her!

Valorant Agent Killjoy - personality

Valorant Agent Killjoy Abilities Preview


Valorant Agent Killjoy - Alarmbot ability Deploys a bot that leaps on and hunts down enemies that get within its range. Once on its target, the Alarmbot makes them vulnerable, which makes them take double damage from all damaging sources! After setting it down, you can hold the ability to recall it, which you can do with all of Killjoy’s abilities. Out of all Valorant agents, she is quite similar to how Cypher can pick up his own traps. The damage on this little bot might not seem that much but combined with the double-damage debuff, one shot from the Classic will finish off your target, which is even shown in Killjoy’s leaked abilities clip. This little ability will be quite potent, because if one bullet from the Classic can finish you off, then any other gun would one-shot you as well! With our Valorant agent Killjoy guide, you’ll quickly learn all the basic tips and tricks you’ll need to get started off with her and go toe to toe with other Valorant agents!


Valorant Agent Killjoy - Turret ability Killjoy equips a turret, Use fire to deploy the turret that shoots enemies in a 180 wide cone. You can also hold equip to recall it back. When setting up it has a short delay before it actually starts firing. Watch out for other Valorant agents trying to stop you, because if you’re out on the open, you’d be an easy target! The damage on it isn’t that much, so you’ll have to shoot the final bullets in order for this to be effective, it’s just there as a mini-support tool to help you gun down enemies! Also, consider that it fires at a close range, so far away opponents may be able to shoot it down, so be careful where you set it up. A practical place to lay it down would be behind an angle, corner or somewhere similar, where it’s hard for the enemy to shoot it, preferably around some tight spots, which will be quite convenient for Killjoy’s playstyle! This ability is actually quite overpowered because it targets opponents automatically and an extra gun helping you, which is a unique ability, compared to the spells of other Valorant agents’! In this Valorant Agent Killjoy guide we’ll also take a look at how to combo her abilities, including this one, so keep an eye out for that as well! 


Valorant Agent Killjoy - Nanoswarm ability Killjoy equips a Nanoswarm grenade, fire to toss the grenade and upon landing it will go invisible. When you activate it, you deploy a deadly swarm of damaging nanobots to destroy your enemies! It’s similar to throwing a grenade but it sets up a trap, very similar to Cypher’s cage. This one seems to do a lot of damage as seen in the leaked video clip of her abilities. It looks like it instantly deletes the enemy hero, after a short delay. It actually has a pretty big area of effect similar to Raze’s Paint Shells, which also do a great amount of damage. It’ll trap most Valorant agents who are still unaware of her kit. Now this will come very handy when defending Spike plants, particularly in small, tight areas with lots of corners, that the enemy won’t have time to check one by one. In Valorant agent Killjoy is a tactical defender that excels at stalling and tactically taking out her enemies one by one. Her kit is really favorable for defending and it seems like it won’t be a problem even if she’s solo at some point. Her team can always come in to help her, as she can stall the opponents for long enough with her abilities! 

Lockdown (Ultimate)

Valorant Agent Killjoy - Lockdown abilityKilljoy equips the Lockdown ability. Use fire to deploy it and after a long load time, it will Detain all enemies caught within its radius for 8 seconds. It can also be destroyed by enemies, but it’ll hold down Valorant agents in place long enough for you to kill, flee or disarm the bomb. You’ll need to adjust your timing to the windup, so you don’t get hit by enemies while setting it up and also there’s quite a delay before it activates. It seems to be an extreme version of a slow effect and also applies a disorienting effect, similar to a Breach stun and maybe your fire-rate goes down as well but it’s unclear for now. It’s still too early to say for sure, but you’re certainly screwed if this thing actually hits you. You might think it’ll be hard to deploy and activate but if you’re defending a bomb site, it’ll be the perfect defense tool against rushing enemies, especially coupled with her Turret and Nanoswarm abilities. These spells can actually help trigger your ultimate if combined properly. Even if you set it up and just got killed, it’ll inevitably slow down enemies, buying enough time for allied Valorant agents to come rushing in, guns blazing to secure that Spike plant! So far in Valorant agent Killjoy seems to have crowd control only rivaling that of Cypher and it’ll be interesting to see them go head to head or even better - on the same team!

Valorant Agent Killjoy - in game

Valorant Agent Killjoy Ability Strategies And Tips

Well, when we look at Killjoy’s kit we can clearly see that she’s more of a tactical defense type when we compare her to other Valorant agents and she will heavily rely on her abilities in order to make big plays. That being said, she’ll be effective on the offense as well, just maybe not as much. It all depends on how she’ll perform upon release, as all we can do right now is speculate but judging on her abilities preview, she does seem to be similar to Cypher in some ways. For some of her abilities, you have to think carefully about how you place them as they are stationary, meaning they’re great for defending Spike plants or just areas in general from other Valorant agents. It’ll be really interesting to see what strategies players will come up with while playing Valorant agent Killjoy. 

Alarmbot is really useful when setting up in a corner or angle that other Valorant agents have to take in order to get to a certain site, so keep that in mind when laying it down. You can set it up and wait from an angle when waiting for some unsuspecting opponent to pass by, getting trapped by it and being vulnerable and dying from a few shots. For this to work though you need to know your maps pretty well, so you know where to expect enemies to come from. A good idea would be to practice in custom games, as getting to know Valorant agent Killjoy won’t be an easy task. Try out different paths and places and build up your own strategies from there and this stands true for any Valorant agents.

Valorant Agent Killjoy - robot

Turret can be really useful for defending but also attacking from the backside of the push. As the Valorant agent Killjoy, you can rush in with a group but it’s a good idea to let them go in first, then you go as additional pushing force and leave them to distract the enemy, which will allow you to set up your turret safely, adding to that already dealt damage. For defending it’s pretty clear that it’d be useful to be set up at an unexpected angle. This means that if enemy Valorant agents are coming in from a hallway and are suddenly surprised when it starts shooting at them right around the corner, you can swoop in and add to those shots, finishing them off! Another cool use for it would be to distract the enemy Valorant agents - you set it up at a certain location, then go the opposite way, in another direction, so when they see and attack it, they’ll think you’re nearby and you can take them out from behind! Another practical use for it would be setting it up as a cover and distraction, while you go to another site, leaving the opponent on edge and looking for you, while you’ve basically ghosted them! Valorant Agent Killjoy is definitely worth learning and once you do, you’ll be the master of defense!

Nanoswarm is really useful because of its huge area of effect range and the damage it deals. Although it activates after a short delay, when an enemy Valorant agent steps on it, it’s still really effective and does massive damage. This is best when set up right on entrances and like her other abilities right around corners or angles. You’d be surprised how effective Valorant agent Killjoy’s kit can be if you try out some unexpected things. Especially coupled with Alarmbot this can be really powerful as it does an almost one-shot burst and Alarmbot leaves the target vulnerable, which guarantees a kill! You can cover yourself with this ability and hide in a convenient spot, waiting for the activation and swooping in for a fast kill. An interesting tactic when you’re attacking would actually be to cover your team’s backside. While they push forward, you’ll go with them, but also cover the entrance where you came in from, that way if the opposing Valorant agents decide to rotate around and flank your team, they’ll be blown to bits! Valorant agent Killjoy has all the tools you need, you just have to use them!

Valorant Agent Killjoy - in game

Lockdown is a very powerful ability of Valorant agent Killjoy’s kit that stops enemies in their tracks, quite literally! This ability has a long windup time but once set up, you’re guaranteed to catch opposing Valorant agents off-guard, as it has a huge effect radius and it greatly slows them and maybe disorients them, it’s not clear yet, as we’ve only gotten some leaked footage of her abilities. An obvious way to use this would be to set it up in narrow entryways, hallways, turns and angles, her entire kit is set up that way after all. You can also combine this with her other abilities, especially if you’re covering one particular point, you can just lay Alarmbot, Nanoswarm and Lockdown all at once, which will guarantee you a kill. Most importantly is to set it up when you’re sure the enemy will rush you and wasting time is not an option! Many different combo tactics can be employed with Valorant agent Killjoy as long as you’re open to experimenting and trying things out! Another interesting way to use it would be to bait enemies towards you! This also includes Alarmbot and Nanoswarm as well, shooting a bit then hiding, forcing the enemy to either attack you head-on and get trapped or waste time and be really careful and checking every nook and cranny! Either way, it’s beneficial to you and your team!

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