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Valorant Split Map Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

Officially released on June 2nd, 2020, this hot new FPS took the gaming scene by storm and amassed millions of fans worldwide! Riot has definitely outdone themselves with this one, as critics praise it and some have even deemed it as the next big game in the genre. We can describe it as a 5v5 tactical shooter, in which two teams of 5 players face off against each other. The setting is in the near future, with each character being an agent that comes from a different real-world country. All agents have different unique abilities along with the normal guns, to spice things up and make the gameplay relevant and fresh. Usually there’s a bomb to plant, referred to as the Spike, one team plants it and defends it, the other one tries to defuse it. This is very similar to terrorists and counter-terrorists in CS:GO and in gameplay terms it’s closer to CS than Overwatch, although it has elements from both. The muted color palette of the Valorat map backgrounds creates a visible and understandable contrast between the agents and the environment setting behind them.

Valorant Split Map

General advice and map tips

We’ll mention a few things first, before we get into this specific Valorant map. It’s important to note that communication is key in any genre of online gaming and that stands especially true here. You should always pay attention to whereyour team is at all times, as well as stay alert for any potential enemies popping up unexpectedly. Learning to use callouts will be useful as well, because you can quickly respond to a call for help from an ally or similarly, your team can do the same for you. Remember, this is a team game, so you need to rely on your teammates, as you won’t always be able to carry alone. When we talk about maps, it’s useful to be familiar with the layout, so it’s a good idea to practice in custom games, until you get used to all the hallways, angles and turns it has to offer! Of course this is relevant for all Valorant maps, so feel free to try them out on every map!

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Valorant Split Map Overview

When we talk about the Split map, it’s good to point out that it’s generally favorable for the defensive side. There are many tight corners and angles in the defending part, which makes it easier to either camp it or rotate a lot and try to surprise them by flanking from the back. Here’s it’s important to stick to a plan or if you’re planning as you go, to play it cool from the beginning just so you gain some solid ground first. In Split, there are 3 general bottlenecks you can take advantage of as an attacker. Bottlenecks are typically long, narrow spaces like alleyways, corridors or hallways after which are more wide-open areas.The attackers actually need to rush in and break through these 3 tough bottlenecks in order to A, B or Mid. If they successfully overtake these tight points, the Split map will really open up for them, giving them the upper hand.

Valorant Split Map - overview

Split map B Site Defenders Tactics

A really stable tactic on the Split map would be to leave one player defending on B Site and have two players go to mid and two charge at A Site. This is a commonly used tactic on all Valorant maps, because players at Middle can quickly rotate back to B Site if necessary and can counter any attackers that decide to poke their heads in there! Another thing is that B Site has a lot of hiding places, so you can easily camp from there, because let’s face it, it’s designed for camping! There are a lot of crates you can take cover behind and the cool thing here is that there’s too much for attackers to check them all on time! You can buy time for your team, the more you stall the attackers there, the more time you’ll buy for your team to counter them and even surprise them from behind! Remember, you don’t have to go all Rambo and try to solo everything, so ask for help when you need it! You need to focus on covering the bottleneck from B Main to B Site and you can do that from almost any cover you’ve got there. On the Split map, you can even take cover B Rafter or B Heaven, which would be somewhat unexpected and may surprise your opponents! It’s good to know the covers here, so you can quickly rotate if you do get rushed suddenly. Playing the Valorant maps requires planning and constant communication with your team, in order to be most successful!

Split map B Site Attackers Tips

Attacking B Site would be a challenge and kind of difficult because the only way in there is through the bottleneck. Out of all Valorant maps, this one is by far the most favorable for defenders. As we mentioned above, there are a lot of angles to check and if you’re being too careful you might end up wasting a lot of time or if you’re reckless you can rush to a quick death, which is not what you want! Instead, a solid tactic would be to block the right side that leads to B Heaven, which removes some angles the defense can shoot you from. Any agent with a smoke ability or spells that go through walls will be useful here and can get this done quickly. This would make the job a whole lot easier! Once you do get a hold of the site and have planted  the bomb, you can use those pesky covers to your own advantage and pick off enemies one by one. Although, you have to be really careful on the Split map, as in all Valorant maps, because the defense can rush you from other entrances, not just the bottleneck - they can get to you from Heaven or B alley, which is a very commonly used tactic. A good way to stop the defense from rotating around and getting to you would be to send in some teammates to meet the enemy at Middle Mail instead of waiting for them to get to B.

Valorant Split Map - picture

Split map Mid Defense Guide

The most important thing about Mid is actually holding it and not letting attackers advance at all costs! This is a crucial part of the map and if you lose it you risk letting the whole map open up for the attackers, which would be a huge disadvantage. In all Valorant maps, there are some areas that are crucial to control, that will allow your team to dominate early on. Delay them as long as possible, if possible kill them, but in most cases it’s gonna turn into a short skirmish. An interesting tactic you can try is to use your abilities to confuse the enemy, rather than to charge them. That may be smokes, walls, damaging abilities, anything that will slow them down and make them think twice before rushing in blindly! A commonly used tactic on the Split map would be to make use of some covers at Mid Mail or Mid Vent and keep the opponents far away in Bottom Mid. A nice little tip would be to buy a shotgun in eco rounds and get wait to the left side of the bottleneck Top-Mid. Get your back to the wall and wait for unsuspecting players to stroll by and pick them off with a surprise blast! To get the most of all Valorant maps, you should pay attention to what other players are using as well, like for example if they’re taking advantage of specific angles and/or covers.

Split map Mid Attackers Guide

The defenders are going to be mostly on Mid and that’s what any competent defending team would do on the Split map. The best thing you can do here is contest Mid as much as you can, keep the defenders occupied with yourself, so you keep them off other teammates who might be planting the bomb. This is a commonly used strategy on most Valorant maps. Use your abilities to force the enemy out of cover, because they’ll mostly be waiting for you to rush them, hiding and lying in wait. Something like a smoke or damage ability will easily force them out so you can eliminate them quickly. Ideally, you’d want to force the defenders out early and not waste any time. An interesting tactic would be a teammate to go for the ultimate orb on Bottom Mid, making some greedy defenders to peek their heads out or even fully reveal themselves and once they do, your ally can shoot them down! Of course, this only works if you communicate properly and your teammate has a good aim and can quickly pick them off. It’s good practice to have at least two attackers charging on Mid - one coming from B Link and one from Sewer. One of them can peek out from Mid Vent and the other from Mid Mail, if all is clear on one side or the other, you can group and pick a side to go together. Peeking is a nice and safe thing to do on all Valorant maps but don’t overdo it, because you can get a quick shot to the head!

Valorant Split Map - picture 1

Split map A site Defenders Guide

There are two main ways of defending A site on the Split map - it’s either very aggressively and not letting the enemy get to you at all or more passively. The more aggressive approach is to contest the corners that lead into the site by advancing on A Ramp and staying more on A Main. There is an alternative play-style you can try, which is playing it more safe and waiting for the enemy to make the first move. Try to use the angles that are already on the site like those from Screens in order to contest this area. Being on Screens gives you a viewpoint from both entryways - A Main and Heaven. There is almost no place you can take cover on A Site, so staying at Screens and setting yourself up there is the safest thing you can do in the situation. A really sleazy thing you can do is to hide behind the sign at the back of A Spike, so you can surprise overconfident bomb planters! You have to keep in mind that the sign is bangable and it doesn’t provide you with any covers or escape routes, so do this at your own risk! Some enemies might even test it out and shoot a full clip at the sign, without thinking about it too much, so it’s always a gamble. All Valorant maps have favorable positions for both teams, so make sure to practice using them in custom matches!

Split map A site  Attackers Guide

As you make your way to A site, you have to keep in mind that defenders might already be there and waiting for you to come from A Lobby. Campers will be taking advantage of all Valorant maps so be mindful of that and expect them! So you need to take careful peeks and once you’ve cleared that area, take a look at Ramps. If they’re having a good economy round, they’ll most likely have someone there with Operator, waiting to surprise you! It’s a good strategy to try and block off vision from Ramps to A Main, that way you can secure yourself a quick rush in. The real dangerous place is the open zone on A Site which is under Rafters. You need to communicate with your team clearly here in order to provide good cover and make sure your team goes through safely. Be really careful of campers sitting on Screens, as they’ll have a very clear shot at you unless you use some smoke ability or something similar to provide cover. There isn’t much cover on A site and because of that you’ll need to make a quick push and plant the bomb swiftly. Once the defenders rotate around and catch you there, they’ll pretty much have open season because it’s a wide clear area. Once the bomb is planted you can use the same covers the defense used against you. A Screen is a solid cover to take while waiting for them to rotate around and come from B or Mid. Executing a well thought out strategy is key to playing all Valorant maps well!

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