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United Kingdom





About me

DESTINY 2 PVE COACHING & SHERPARING________ CURRENT GAMEPLAY ANALYSIS: - Taking information from client on their current favoured class, weaponry and game modes. - Watching client gameplay to analyse strengths and weaknesses, then providing feedback on potential improvements. - Advice on ways in which gameplay can be altered, and game sense improved. - Aspects to be scrutinised: positioning, movement, use of abilities, dealing with different enemy types, combining these skills, and much more.________ WEAPONRY ADVICE: Providing information on which weapons match best to particular game modes, taking into account client preferences and access to weaponry. Providing information on how perks can alter weaponry performance and whether there are particular ways to use weaponry to become more proficient. Cooldown management, hot-swapping, reloading for optimal damage output (DPS).________ ARMOUR MANAGMENT: - Getting the most out of stats (building) - Using appropriate mods for armour, depending on game mode and specific classes - How to build and mod to be part of a useful team, as well as an effective individual________ COMMUNICATION: - Efficient, clear and concise team communication. How teams organise for specific game modes, with decisions on common call-outs (potential pros and cons) - Leadership of teams, including organisation for specific encounters and situations. - Keeping calm, adapting and reacting appropriately to unforeseen/unwanted circumstances.________ IN GAME MECHANICS: - How to execute mechanics optimally as an individual and as part of a team. - Procedures for learning mechanics of new encounters from first principles, without the need for a tutorial.________ SHERPARING SERVICES: - Sherpas can also be provided for any Raid, Grandmaster Nightfall, Dungeon, Exotic Quest, or any other PVE content you desire. - You will be a part of a friendly and relaxed team, to assist, guide, support and provide advice through the entire experience.