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Castle Nathria Raid Carry Services

WoW Castle Nathria Raid Services

Shadowlands is the latest expansion released in the World of Warcraft franchise and Castle Nathria is the first officially announced raid in the 9.0 version of the game. This old Gothic mansion, haunted by strange creatures, will give you many opportunities to gear up your characters. Every player will experience one entirely new story, which developers declare will be remembered for a long time. According to them, you will even confront some of the old bosses, reborn and reworked, especially for this raid. You can find Everything related to this raid, at all of its difficulties, here on our WoW Castle Narthria Raid Services at low and affordable prices.

Our Castle Nathria Raid Carry Services - What Do You Get?

  • We offer a wide array of options to choose from, specifically for raiding - the difficulty, items, achievements, and more!
  • The completion of these services is 100% guaranteed.
  • All of the items dropped while playing will remain for you!
  • We don’t use programs or bots, all WoW Raid Carries are provided by real players!


  • These depend on the type of service you select - gear, specific achievements, unlocked dungeons.
  • For some services that include Piloted mode, using a VPN is mandatory!
  • There may be some specific times where raids start, so there will be a schedule to pick from!