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WoW Armory Guide

World of Warcraft was released in 2004 with major success all over the world, taking the MMORPG genre by storm and gaining millions of loyal fans for years to come. WoW has many traditional MMO elements such as races, classes and even a profession system, that allows players to forge powerful gear from different materials, gather herbs for beneficial consumables and much more! The seemingly endless world of Azeroth is filled with ancient mysteries and unknown enemies, just waiting for a fight! There are also a lot of references to Blizzard Entertainment’s old RTS games: Warcraft 2: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft 3, which can be seen throughout the whole game and the lore of the game is what intrigues many players to try it out. Others are drawn in by the cartoony and colorful art style, as well as the smooth gameplay, which surpasses most other MMOs even today! Along with the Battle For Azeroth expansion, WoW Classic was also released, allowing players to experience the game in its early days!

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In this guide, we’ll talk about the WoW Armory for Retail WoW, which is quite useful for every player, not only for keeping track of personal stats, but also checking out other players and seeing how they’re competing against them!

Table of Content:

5. World of Warcraft Armory Collections.
6. WoW Armory Reputations Tab.
3. WoW PvP Benefits Of The Armory.
7. Achievements Section In The World of Warcraft Armory.
4. WoW PvE Benefits Of The Armory.
8. Boosting Ground And It’s Benefits To World of Warcraft.

WoW Armory - A Short Summary

The Armory is on the World of Warcraft official site and is a database of players’ stats, gear, completed dungeons, raids, achievements, pets and mounts owned, reputations and more! Here you can check out every player’s stats, which include - their current gear, talents, specializations. You can view characters from any realm, without restrictions! It’s a great way to check out other people’s gear, especially pro players that have a high PvP or PvE rank, so you get an idea of which items they’re using. This way you’ll be sure to have the best set, while honing your skill in the battlefield, out in the world or in the toughest dungeons and raids! This is particularly useful in PvP if you’re facing off certain teams and just need to know their player stats!

World of Warcraft Retail Armory - Player Stats

WoW Armory Stats When we talk about players stats, we have to mention that the armory is a convenient way of keeping track of your character’s personal data which includes PvE (dungeons, raids, world content) and PvP (battlegrounds, arenas, honorable kills), as well as achievements, collections and reputations. This will prove useful for competitive players, who like to keep track of their kill score or arena stats but also for PvE enthusiasts, who enjoy seeing their progress in that part of the game! An interesting way to use the armory is by looking at other people’s gear, dungeons, raids, PvP progression and professions. By comparing your own character to theirs, you can become better at dungeons, raids and in PvP as well, because you’ll be able to see what itemsthe best players on your server are using! Aside from that, there is PvE item sets you could compare as well! That will help you stay competitive in the raiding scene, especially against the top tier guilds, that sometimes steal tactics from each other, including armor set build strategies! Back in Vanilla WoW, the game was at the start of its growth and people who want to experience those classic raids were looking at what the pros are using, can do so in the best possible way!

WoW PvP Benefits Of The Armory

If you’ve ever played seriously in PvP against other players, then you know how frustrating it can be when you’ve improved your skills but you still don’t seem to do the needed damage output. This could be because of a lack of appropriate gear for your character, which is an essential part of your DPS and survivability. The WoW Armory is actually a clever way for players to keep track of each other’s item choices, which makes them even more willing and focused to go for that top rank! This is especially true if you’re playing a specific class and you see many people using the same sets, with the same stats but only the best can truly utilize those items! There is something called a meta and it’s prevalent in every game but stands especially true in World of Warcraft! A meta can be considered the best class to play or profession to level and what’s the best gear for your class, sometimes against other certain classes. This changes based on how the developers are balancing the classes in the game but there always seems to be a very popular and quite unpopular class because there can never be a true balance in WoW. You can also view what the top arena teams are using for their matches and try to replicate those exact armor sets. Although the talents and spell rotations play a big part on the outcomes of your fights! Your Honor Level is also visible in the Armory, along with your Honorable Kills, matches in 2v2, 3v3 and 10v10 Battlegrounds, as well as your wins/losses and the percent of win rates on each Battleground!

WoW Armory PvP benefits

WoW PvE Benefits Of The Armory

All players in World of Warcraft can enjoy the practical benefits of having their stats recorded and being able to follow their progress and that of their allies! Paying attention to what gear the top raiders are using is essential for making good progress in dungeons and raids, as well as open-world PvE events! This part of the game is as competitive as the previous one and requires real skill, focus and team coordination to overcome certain obstacles and you’d want to solidify that by having the proper gear for the job! In a raid, one wrong move could wipe your entire team, which may result in many stressful attempts and failures. This could be made easier if you have the proper item set, so it’s best to do your research on players from the top PvE guilds on your server! Being geared properly can be the difference between night and day in the raiding scene and most raid groups won’t even take you in if you don’t have a high enough item level, which may seem unfair but it’s reasonable. A boss may have many diverse mechanics and it’s entirely up to you and your team to survive and defeat each boss but without the necessary equipment, you’d just be wasting your time, as a simple DoT (damage over time) ability could take you out easily. Making sure you have the right gear for the job is essential for every role (Tank, DPS, Healer), every member of your team should be properly geared because if you’re lacking in one area, the whole group just falls apart! If your tank isn’t strong enough to take a beating, he/she might die too quickly, thus making your entire raid go straight to the Spirit Healer! WoW’s bosses are notoriously known to have an enrage timer and once you get them below a certain health percentage, they suddenly start to deal a lot more damage, often times faster than before, which will be problematic if you don’t have enough damage! This will of course, inevitably result in yet another wipe. The same can be said for the healers because if you lack enough healing and sustain, you won’t be able to withstand a barrage of bursty spells or unexpected damage from the boss. Overall, The WoW Armory is a good starting point for you to familiarize yourself with the best possible PvE gear for different occasions!

WoW Armory PvE benefits

World of Warcraft Armory Collections

We talked about PvP and PvE but now it’s time to take a look at the collections tab that would be interesting to all the completionists out there! Apart from the stats we mentioned, you can also see the Pet Journal, in which it’s displayed how many pets you’ve collected, which ones you’ve unlocked and which ones you still have to collect! Their pet battle level is displayed and you can browse and check out other players’ collections to see how much they’ve progressed as well! Another cool feature here is the Mounts tab and we’re pretty sure a lot of WoW players are interested in collecting them all, so this is a pretty useful thing you can check out! Here we can also see the mounts that a player owns, unowned ones or you can just view them all!

WoW Armory Reputations Tab

Another unique addition in the World of Warcraft Armory is the Reputations Tab, which allows you to view how much Reputation you’ve earned with all factions, whether you’re hated, neutral or exalted! Of course, it goes without saying, that you can view other people’s reputations and how much progress they’ve earned over the years and compare it to your own! Some people find this to be another competitive aspect of the game and knowingly or unknowingly compete against others in the race to get exalted with them all! There are a few sections here that display your reputation with factions from BFA, Legion, Warlords of Draenor, Mists of Pandaria, Cataclysm, Wotlk, The Burning Crusade and Classic. It doesn’t matter what faction you are, or whether you’re playing from Europe or the US, you can view any character from any WoW realm here!

Achievements Section In The World of Warcraft Armory

This is particularly useful in order to keep track of your achievements and see how far you’ve come, which includes all of them and they’re conveniently separated into several small tabs that include - your character, quests, PvP, Exploration, World Events, Dungeons and Raids, Professions, Reputation, Pet Battles, Collections, Expansion Features and Feats of Strenght. They are included for all expansion, for which there are additional filters you can use, making it easier to track down certain achievements! By seeing other people’s progress and comparing it to your own, you can see just how far you’ve gone and set up new goals for the future!

WoW Armory Achievements

Boosting And It’s Benefits To World of Warcraft

Boosting Ground LogoBoosting has been a thing ever since games were invented and it comes in many different forms, some of which include level boosting, farming out specific gear or getting a player through a tough challenge (dungeons and raids). Of course, all of this depends on the game itself but in WoW’s case boosters help out the community by getting people through tough challenges and helping them to keep up to date with the current content! That way, they won’t feel like they’re left behind, playing a game of catch-up and they’ll be able to experience the latest content that World of Warcraft has to offer! Of course, this stands true for other games as well, not just WoW but we’re giving it as a prime example of its boosters and the benefits they bring. These pro players provide a unique service, which may come in the form of coaching or just helping out another person’s character in terms of leveling, ranks, professions, dungeons and raids, achievements, mounts and much more! Boosters also benefit the economy, as they sometimes charge gold for their services gear up and boost many players to their desired state and in turn, those same players might start grinding and providing items and materials for the Auction House! Overall, as long as there are games, there will always be boosters available to help out people in need and they will continue being a positive part of the gaming community!

Boosting Ground And Its Benefits To Gaming

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