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Things you should know about our WoW Classic Gold Boost Service 

 We have gold on almost all US/EU servers and on both the Alliance/Horde side. Gold prices change every day, stock and availability too. We can't offer any stable prices and direct purchase, thus we'd have to ask you to make a request to our Live Chat Support 24/7, he will be able to check the current availability/stock and price per gold for the needed realm/faction!

WoW Classic Gold Boosting Service - Description

In WoW Classic, the gold has a major role and gives you many opportunities. If you don't have the right amount of currency, you won't be able to buy essential items, different loot, reputation, level professions, weapons, equipment and more, and all these things will slow down your progress. Farming takes a lot of time and because of that, this Service is suitable for beginners, who don't have an inability to earn gold quickly yet and also for advanced players, who want to use their time for more challenging things. Don't bother about money, visit our Gold Market and choose your wanted WoW Classic Gold quantity. Order our WoW Classic Gold Boost service and get all the gold you need to achieve your goals.

 Our WoW Classic Gold Farming Service - What do you get?

  • The exact amount of gold you purchase.
  • Option to choose the delivery method - through mail or in trade.
  • The completion of the service is 100% guaranteed.
  • The estimated time is from 10 minutes to 1 hour if the currency you are looking for is in-stock.
  • No programs or bots are involved in our services, only work by professional boosters.

Is This Boost Safe?

  • We are 100% transparent with you and we want to make sure that you understand all the risks before you make any decision. We will often warn you even after making a purchase!
  • Logging during the boost provides a higher risk for suspension. We will not offer refunds to players logging in during the boost.

Order your WoW Classic Gold Boosting today!

 Here at Boosting Ground, our prices are affordable for everyone. With our WoW Classic Gold Farming Service, you get cheap and reliable service from a high-quality provider. On top of our low prices, you can apply various discounts earned throughout the Boosting Ground's Account Leveling & Rewards system.