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WoW Classic Hardcore Paladin Guide


Calling all adventurers seeking the ultimate challenge in World of Warcraft Classic! If you're bold enough to tackle the Hardcore leveling challenge and yearn for a class that combines survivability, devastating bursts of damage, and a touch of holy magic, then look no further than the Retribution Paladins. These shining warriors are the epitome of solo excellence, capable of conquering a myriad of challenges on their own.

Picture this: you're charging into battle, wielding a mighty weapon, clad in gleaming armor. With each swing of your blade, the enemies tremble before you. That's the power of the Retribution Paladin. They excel in dealing damage up close and personal, relying on their trusty melee attacks to unleash havoc upon their foes. But that's not all! They have a nifty trick up their holy sleeves—Seal and Judgement abilities. These divine powers enhance their damage and bring utility to the battlefield, making enemies cower in fear.

Now, let's talk survival. These valiant Paladins possess defensive abilities that would make even the mightiest warrior jealous. Divine Shield, a true trump card, grants them temporary invincibility, shielding them from harm and granting a moment of respite in the heat of battle. And let's not forget about Blessing of Sanctuary, a protective aura that spreads its comforting embrace to shield both the Paladin and their comrades from harm. When the going gets tough, these defensive maneuvers will be your saving grace.

Oh, did I mention healing? That's right! Retribution Paladins can mend wounds with the power of holy light. They not only have the means to heal themselves but also extend their benevolence to others, reducing the risk of untimely demise. It's like having a pocket healer with a righteous vengeance. No need to rely on others when you can be your own savior!

But wait, there's more! Retribution Paladins are not just solo wonders; they shine in group play as well. Their versatility and supportive abilities make them an asset to any team. They can provide healing, buffs, and righteous retribution all in one package. So, whether you're venturing into the treacherous dungeons or joining forces in epic raids, these holy warriors will have your back.

So, aspiring champions of the Hardcore leveling challenge, embrace the path of the Retribution Paladin. With their unparalleled survivability, devastating bursts of damage, and unwavering devotion to righteousness, they are the embodiment of true solo power. Venture forth, conquer the challenges that lie ahead, and let your enemies tremble in the face of your divine wrath. The path of the Paladin awaits you!


Level 1-4: The Netflix Warm-Up Seal of Righteousness and Blessing of Might are your trusty companions. Oh, and don't forget to apply Devotion Aura. Now, sit back, relax, and catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Who said leveling couldn't be entertaining?

Level 4-11: The Judgment Spam Party Hold your horses! Don't bother training Seal of Righteousness Rank 2 until level 11. Trust us, it's not worth the mana increase just yet. Instead, let loose the Judgment spam on cooldown. Your mana regen pre-level 10 is off the charts! Who needs a mana potion when you have such OP regen?

Level 12-20: A Ranks-Only Affair It's time to focus on those Seal of Righteousness ranks. Train them up until level 20, and then you can give it a break unless you stumble upon a snazzy Fast BoE Blue. But hey, be mindful of your Judgment spam now. Too much and you'll find yourself singing the OOM (Out of Mana) blues. Don't go overboard, my friend.

Oh, and say hello to Retribution Aura. It's your new best friend from now on. And if you want to prevent those pesky spellcasting knockbacks, grab Concentration Aura. Just remember to switch to it in those sticky situations. We don't want our righteous spells interrupted, do we?

Level 21-44: The Seals of Command Seal of Command takes the spotlight now, especially if you're following the standard weapon progression. It's like a dance of divine power. And hey, feel free to unleash Exorcism or Holy Wrath on Undead foes, but mind your mana. We don't want you running on empty.

When you encounter elites, give them a taste of Seal of the Crusader. It's like our way of saying, "Hey, we're here to smite you in style!"

Level 45-60: The Crusader's Seal of Approval Now, it's time to put that Seal of the Crusader to work on every mob you meet. Embrace the power of the Holy Light! And guess what? Your bigger mana pool means you can go back to your Judgment spamming ways. Let the divine reckoning rain upon your enemies!

But hold your horses once again. Hammer of Wrath is reserved for those pesky runners who might bring more trouble. Use it wisely, as its cast time and mana cost are both pepega (that's "crazy" in gamer speak).

So, fellow seekers of righteous vengeance, follow this guide and let your Retribution Paladin journey be filled with laughter, epic battles, and a sprinkle of divine intervention. Level up, smite the forces of evil, and show them what it truly means to be a holy badass!

Talent Builds:

Hey there, Hardcore Paladins! So, you've embarked on this daring journey of challenge and glory. Now, let's talk talent trees, shall we? There are two routes that I would deem ideal for your average Hardcore Paladin: "New to Hardcore" and "Experienced". Strap on your armor, and let's dive in!

"New to Hardcore" Build: A Safety Net for the Brave This build is perfect if you're new to the Hardcore scene. It prioritizes critical survivability talents, ensuring you have the best chance of making it through the treacherous leveling journey. Surviving is key, my friend! Take your time to soak up the defensive talents like a sponge in a healing pool. Trust me, you'll thank me later when you're still standing while others have fallen.

"Experienced" Build: For the Hardcore Veterans Now, this build is reserved for the battle-hardened, seasoned warriors of Hardcore who have already reached level 60 at least once. It's a high-risk, high-reward choice, as it sacrifices some of those precious survivability talents for the sake of more damage. It's like saying, "I've danced with death before, and I know how to make it grovel!"

But heed my warning, my fellow adventurers. Only choose the "Experienced" build if you're confident in your abilities and have mastered the art of staying alive amidst chaos. It's not for the faint of heart or the easily flustered. Remember, in Hardcore, every decision could be your last!

So, choose your talent path wisely, whether you're a newcomer or a battle-scarred champion. Embrace the talents that will keep you alive or go for broke with those that deliver more punishment. Just remember, surviving to fight another day is the ultimate victory in Hardcore. Now, go forth and show the world what a Hardcore Paladin is made of! May your talents guide you to glory and your humor shine bright on this epic journey.


Ah, fellow adventurers! Today, we embark on a thrilling journey through the realm of Paladin talents. But fear not, for I shall be your guide in this mystical realm of decision-making. So, let's dive right in and explore the talents that will shape your Hardcore experience!

Divine Intellect: Smarter Healing, Stronger Paladin Imagine being able to squeeze in one or two extra heals while your foes tremble in defeat. That's what Divine Intellect brings to the table. Meanwhile, Divine Strength might make you swing your weapon with a bit more oomph, but let's face it, it rarely makes a significant impact. Save that extra muscle for dungeons or when you reach the higher levels where it can flex its worth.

Spiritual Focus: Spell Pushback? Not for Me! Inexperienced in the treacherous realm of Hardcore? Fear not, for Spiritual Focus is your trusty sidekick. When things get sticky, you can plant your feet and heal away without a care while other healers suffer from pesky spell pushback. But hey, once you've mastered the art of avoiding those "scary" areas, this talent loses some of its appeal. Who needs a crutch when you can waltz through danger?

Consecration: Tanking Dreams or Mana Drain? Picture this: you're knee-deep in battle, and your mana reserves are precious. Consecration may seem enticing, but beware! Its high mana cost can drain your resources, leaving you with little for those crucial judgments and emergency heals. Sure, it adds a smidgen of extra damage, but in Hardcore, every drop of mana counts. Proceed with caution, my valiant Paladin.

Benediction: The Judgment Hour Cometh! One more Judgment before you go OOM? Yes, please! Benediction grants you that sweet bonus, ensuring you can deliver one final blow of justice. Improved Blessing of Might suffers from the same issue as Divine Strength—it doesn't quite pack a punch until the later levels. Unless you're frolicking alongside another melee DPS class, give it a pass for now.

Deflection: The Dance of Dodging and Hasting Imagine evading damage entirely with a 5% chance while gaining parry haste. It's like doing an intricate dance with danger and coming out unscathed. Deflection is a hidden gem that offers a significant DPS boost when paired with a slow, two-handed weapon. Improved Judgment may seem enticing, but be warned, it can lead to self-inflicted mana depletion. Ouch!

Seal of Command vs. Seal of Righteousness: Choose Your Weapon Wisely A rule of thumb for seal selection: if your weapon is slow (around 3.5 or slower), go for Seal of Command. If it's fast (around 3.4 or faster), opt for Seal of Righteousness. But wait! When you stumble upon a shiny "at level" weapon upgrade, throw caution to the wind and stick with Seal of Command until the weapon turns "green" to those pesky mobs. It's all about maximizing your potential, my blade-wielding comrades.

Pursuit of Justice: Zoom Zoom, Paladin on the Move! Speed is the name of the game, my friends. A significant chunk of your leveling time is spent traversing the vast lands of Azeroth. Pursuit of Justice turns you into a lightning-fast Paladin, allowing you to outrun most mobs and escape precarious situations with ease. Zoom away, my fleet-footed warriors!

Conviction: Crit Happens! Raw crit is a sweet treat, my fellow adventurers. The other options? Well, let's just say they leave much to be desired. Sometimes, simplicity is key.

Improved Retribution Aura: Unleash the Aura of Retribution! Prepare to unleash a devastating Retribution Aura! With this talent, your aura becomes a force to be reckoned with, dealing more damage with each blow you receive. Sanctity Aura may promise a holy damage boost, but let's do the math. Retribution Aura packs a more powerful punch, especially when the mob takes a swing at you. It's all about delivering the pain, my vengeance-seeking champions!

Vengeance: More DPS, More Glory! Looking for another DPS increase? Look no further than Vengeance. It's the icing on the cake, my friends. More damage means more glory for your Hardcore journey.

Repentance: CC to the Rescue! Oh, the beauty of crowd control! Repentance is a handy tool in your arsenal, providing a momentary respite when things get hairy. Perfect for newcomers to Hardcore, but if you're in a duo or trio planning on unleashing the power of AoE, feel free to skip this one. Choices, choices!

Redoubt: Shield Up, Damage Down! Ladies and gentlemen, behold the power of Redoubt! Grab that trusty shield, my fellow Paladins, and swap to it when you need to flee or face off against menacing elites. Redoubt's damage reduction is no joke—it can make a world of difference in your survivability. Shield up, and watch the damage crumble before you!

Precision: Every Little Bit Helps In the grand scheme of things, Precision might not be the most mind-blowing talent, but hey, every little bit counts when it comes to boosting your DPS. Embrace it, embrace the precision!

Guardian's Favor: It's Your Call, Paladin! At this point, my brave adventurers, it's all about personal preference. Guardian's Favor gives you a touch of flexibility, allowing you to choose any other talent that tickles your fancy. None are great, but hey, sometimes you've got to make do with what you've got.

There you have it, intrepid Paladins! A whirlwind tour of talent choices that will shape your Hardcore destiny. Choose wisely, for your decisions will determine the outcome of your grand adventure. May your talents shine bright, your humor stay sharp, and your journey be filled with epic triumphs! Onward, my valiant champions!


Benediction: Judging with Style Ah, Benediction, the talent that grants you one final Judgment before you go "oom" (out of mana, that is). It's like getting an extra slice of cake before the bakery closes. Improved Blessing of Might (BoM), on the other hand, suffers from the same issue as Divine Strength—it's just not worth it until you reach the lofty heights of level 44+. Unless you're gallivanting with another melee DPS class, let it sit on the bench for now.

Deflection: A Dodge Dance with Destiny Picture this: a 5% chance to avoid damage entirely and a generous serving of parry haste. It's like doing the dodging dance with Lady Luck herself. And when you're wielding a mighty, slow, two-handed weapon, parry haste becomes your best friend, speeding up your attack swing timer by a whopping 40%. But beware the trap of Improved Judgment—it may seem tempting, but its reduced cooldown can leave you thirsty for mana, missing out on that precious mana regeneration. Keep your eyes on the prize, my fellow Paladins!

Seal of Command: The Preferred Seal of Smashing Ah, the eternal question: Seal of Command or Seal of Righteousness? Here's a rough rule of thumb: if your weapon clocks in at 3.5 or slower, embrace the power of Seal of Command. If it's a nimble 3.4 or faster, go for Seal of Righteousness. But wait, there's more! When fate blesses you with a shiny "at level" weapon upgrade, stick to Seal of Command until the weapon turns "green" to those pesky mobs. It's all about maximizing your smiting potential, my friends. Let the seals guide your righteous path!

Pursuit of Justice: Zooming Through Adventure Prepare to break the speed limit, my friends! Nearly half of your leveling time is spent gallivanting through the vast lands of Azeroth. Pursuit of Justice is the key to warp-speed leveling, outrunning most mobs with ease. And when trouble comes knocking, you can bid it adieu and sprint away to safety. Zoom, zoom, my swift-footed warriors!

Conviction: Raw Crit Delight Raw crit is a sweet treat indeed, my fellow adventurers. The other options? Well, let's just say they leave much to be desired. Sometimes, simplicity is key. Crit your way to victory!

Improved Retribution Aura: A Smack of Retributive Power Get ready to unleash the might of Retribution Aura! With this talent, your aura packs an extra punch, dealing more damage each time a mob dares to strike you. Let's compare it to Sanctity Aura, shall we? Retribution Aura dishes out around 30 damage with each hit you receive, while Sanctity Aura merely adds a measly 10% holy damage. Meanwhile, Seal of Command typically hits for around 250 damage at this level, proccing every 3 swings. So, every 10 seconds or so, our trusty Seal of Command adds an extra 25 damage. And don't forget Judgment, dealing around 170 damage per use (let's be generous and call it 20). That's an additional 45 damage. So, even if the mob manages to land a couple of hits, Retribution Aura reigns supreme in the damage department. Smite away, my aura-wielding champions!

Conviction: Embracing the Final Crit Frontier Finishing off what we started, Conviction reaches its peak with a glorious display of raw crit power. Embrace the crit, and let it guide your every swing!

Two-Handed Weapon Spec: Because Bigger is Better Let's be honest, my valiant champions. When it comes to wielding a mighty two-handed weapon, no other option can match the sheer awesomeness. It's a simple truth—bigger is better!

Redoubt: Shield Up, Damage Down! Listen closely, my fellow Paladins! Redoubt is a shining example of point-for-point talent excellence. Embrace the shield and wield it proudly. Swap to it when you need to make a quick escape or face off against menacing elites. Redoubt's damage reduction is a true lifesaver, making those battles a whole lot more survivable. Shields up, and let the damage crumble before you!

Precision: Nailing the Art of DPS When it comes to boosting your DPS, Precision is the name of the game. It may not be the flashiest talent in the bunch, but it certainly gets the job done. Hone your skills, my diligent Paladins, and let precision guide your every strike. Rock Pulverizer, here we come!

Improved Judgment or Improved Seal of the Crusader: Choices, Choices! Ah, the moment has arrived—your mana reserves are more than sufficient, and the mobs have grown mightier. It's time to make a choice. Improved Judgment or Improved Seal of the Crusader? Both options have their merits. Improved Seal of the Crusader dishes out more raw damage, while Improved Judgment allows for faster re-application if the mob decides to resist your righteous judgment. Choose wisely, my discerning warriors!

Vengeance: The Final Frontier of DPS Yearning for one last DPS increase? Look no further than Vengeance, my friends. It's the ultimate cherry on top of your DPS sundae. Indulge and conquer!

Repentance: Handy CC for the Savvy Paladin Oh, the wonders of crowd control! Repentance is a handy tool in your arsenal, especially when dealing with formidable humanoid elites. However, if elite quests aren't on your to-do list, feel free to skip this one. Choices, choices!

Divine Intellect or Divine Strength: The Healer's Dilemma Ah, the eternal dilemma—Divine Intellect or Divine Strength? Both options have their merits at this level. If you plan to don the holy mantle of a dungeon healer, Divine Intellect is the way to go. But if you prefer pure DPS over survivability, Divine Strength finally starts to show its worth. Choose your path, my versatile Paladins!

The Great Dilemma: Spiritual Focus or Improved Blessing of Might

Ah, the moment of truth has arrived! Picture this: you're in the final levels of your Paladin journey, where danger lurks around every corner. It's easy to find yourself in a sticky situation, accidentally pulling a pack of 3-4 mobs. In those dire moments, my friends, Spiritual Focus is your knight in shining armor. It's like having a safety net to catch you when you stumble into trouble.

But hold on a second! If you're the kind of Paladin who values pure, unadulterated DPS over survivability, then Improved Blessing of Might enters the scene. It's like an all-you-can-eat buffet of damage output, tantalizing your taste buds for destruction.

Consecration: A Paladin's Last Resort

Amidst the talent choices, one stands tall—Consecration! It's the knight in shining armor of AoE damage, ready to lend a hand when you find yourself in the most precarious situation of all: accidentally pulling 3-4 mobs. With a swift activation, Consecration creates a holy ground that smites your foes and buys you precious time to regain control. It's the trump card of the Paladin, the ace up your sleeve when things take an unexpected turn.

So, my fellow adventurers, whether you're facing a toothy dilemma or surrounded by a horde of enemies, make your talent choices wisely. Embrace the power of Spiritual Focus or revel in the pure DPS might of Improved Blessing of Might. And when all else fails, unleash the holy fury of Consecration, turning the tide in your favor when you dentally pull 3-4 mobs. The Paladin's path is paved with choices, my friends, and it's up to you to forge your own destiny!


Engineering: The Safety Net You Need

In the realm of professions, there's one that shines as the beacon of safety: Engineering. Why, you may ask? Well, my dear adventurer, let me enlighten you. When it comes to those pesky split pulls, where you accidentally grab more enemies than you bargained for, Engineering has the answer—grenades! These little explosive wonders not only deal damage but also act as an extra interrupt. It's like having a pocket-sized chaos creator by your side.

But wait, there's more! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where time is of the essence? Leash timers tauntingly tick away, and you need just a little bit more breathing room. Fear not, for the Engineering wonders continue. Your trusty bubble already lasts almost as long as those leash timers, but if you crave even more precious seconds, behold the mighty Target Dummy! It's your instant ticket to extended safety, granting you that extra time you desperately need.

Alchemy: Potions, Potions Everywhere!

Ah, Alchemy, the profession of concoctions and elixirs. While its defensive merits may not match the safety net of Engineering, there is one shining upside—Swiftness Potions. These potions grant you a burst of speed, allowing you to dash away from danger with remarkable agility. But here's the thing, my friend. Even if you stumble upon a coveted swiftness potion recipe, it might be a bit overkill. When would you ever need that much of a swift getaway compared to the trusty combo of Dummy/Grenade Stun + Bubble? Alchemy, however, does have its shining moment in challenge runs, thanks to the extra stats it provides. It's like sipping a magical elixir that enhances your abilities and gives you an edge in the face of adversity.

The Need for Speed

Now, let's talk speed leveling, my fellow adventurers. When your main goal is to zoom through the levels with lightning speed, having no profession at all becomes a viable option. But fear not, there's a middle ground for those seeking a balance between safety and swiftness. Get Engineering up to a respectable level of 85, unlock the power of Dummys, and then move on with your questing. It's like having the best of both worlds, ensuring you have the tools for those sticky situations while maintaining a swift pace.

So, my friends, choose your profession wisely. Embrace the safety net of Engineering, where grenades and target dummies reign supreme. Or dive into the world of Alchemy, where potions and extra stats give you an edge in challenge runs. And if speed is your ultimate goal, consider the path of no profession or find solace in the Engineering middle ground. The choice is yours, dear adventurers, as you navigate the realms with wit, skill, and just a dash of explosive fun!


Strength, Agility, and Intellect—Oh My!

Let's dive into the fascinating world of stats in Hardcore mode, my daring paladin companions. Brace yourselves for some controversial opinions, because we're about to shake things up. Here's the rundown: Strength reigns supreme, followed closely by Agility, Intellect, Spirit, Armor, and Stamina. Buckle up, adventurers, it's going to be a wild ride.

Stamina: A Crutch or a Curse?

Now, this might raise a few eyebrows, but let's address the elephant in the room—Stamina. In the treacherous world of Hardcore, Stamina is often seen as a crutch, especially for us mighty paladins. Sure, there are a few formidable foes that can give us a run for our money, but fear not! We have a secret weapon: healing. With our divine prowess, we can tip the scales in our favor and emerge victorious, even in the face of overwhelming odds. So, my friends, let's bid farewell to the notion that Stamina is the be-all and end-all of survivability in Hardcore.

Let's Weigh Our Options

Now, let's talk about those juicy stats and their weight in our adventures. Here's the breakdown:

  1. Stamina: 10 Health per point. It's a good ol' health boost, but let's remember that outright 1v1 battles against mobs are rare. Healing comes to the rescue and allows us to reclaim our dominance.

  2. Intellect: 15 Mana per point. More Intellect means more heals, my faithful healers. But hold your holy horses! +Healing isn't worth using before hitting level 60. So save those mana points for the grand healing extravaganza that awaits.

  3. Strength: 2 Attack Power per point. Ah, Strength, the bread and butter of our mighty swings. As a rule of thumb, every point of Strength is worth three points of Agility. It's the key to unlocking your true power.

  4. Armor: 25 Armor equals 1 point of Stamina in Effective HP. Here's where things get interesting. Leather armor boasting 40 armor and 3 Stamina can provide more Effective HP than Mail armor with 75 armor and a mere 1 Stamina. It's all about maximizing your defenses, my friends.

Other Considerations

But wait, there's more! Let's not forget about our trusty companions, Agility and Spirit:

  • Agility: It brings a delightful mix of Critical Strike and Dodge to the table. The ratio of importance between the two depends on your level. It's like a dance of finesse and evasion.

  • Spirit: It's all about that sweet mana regeneration per tic. Ah, the joy of having a full mana pool when you need it most. Keep an eye on this one as you level up.

Unveiling the Hidden Truths

Now, let's unveil a few intriguing secrets hidden within the numbers:

  • 7 Stamina grants you a whopping 70 health, while 7 Intellect bestows upon you a grand total of 105 mana. Picture this: Using Holy Light (Rank 3), which heals for 170 at the cost of 105 mana, effectively grants you an additional 100 HP. It's like a magical boost to your vitality.

  • Brace yourselves, my mighty warriors, for 14 Attack Power equals 1 Weapon DPS. This means that a weapon with 32.5 DPS and 7 Strength is no ordinary weapon—it's actually a mighty 33.5 DPS weapon. Prepare to wield your true power with style!

So, my fellow adventurers, let's embrace the true strength of our paladin souls. Make way for Strength, Agility, Intellect, and the tactical dance of stats. Keep your eyes on the prize, be strategic in your choices, and may your adventures be filled with humor, excitement, and the triumph of numbers!

Weapons Farming

Weapons to Conquer the World!

Hold on to your hammers, fellow adventurers, because we've got a legendary list of weapons that will make you feel like the king or queen of the realm. Prepare for a journey through the realms of weapon mastery, where every swing brings you closer to victory. Here are the prized weapons to aim for as you level up:

  1. BiS World Drop: Cracked Sledge - Oh, what a magnificent weapon! It deserves to be legendary, my friends. Seek it out and wield its power with pride. Prepare for jaws to drop and enemies to tremble!

  2. Level 4: Wooden Mallet - Ah, the humble beginnings. Fear not, for this trusty Wooden Mallet can be found at Weapon Merchants in starting areas. It may not be flashy, but it gets the job done. Recommended for all aspiring heroes!

  3. Level 10: Coldridge Hammer - The Vagash Quest in Dun Morogh holds the key to this hammer's might. Seek it out and crush your enemies with frosty determination. A chilly delight for your leveling journey. Recommended, indeed!

  4. Level 14: Heavy Spiked Mace - Find solace in the arms of the weapon vendors, my brave warriors. This Heavy Spiked Mace delivers a satisfying punch to your foes. Strike fear into their hearts as you wield this mighty weapon. Recommended for those who seek a formidable choice.

  5. Level 18-22: Taskmaster’s Axe - The Deadmines is where the treasures lie, my friends. Within its depths, you'll discover the Taskmaster's Axe. It's a drop worth fighting for, so gear up and face the challenge head-on.

  6. Level 18-22: Smite’s Mighty Hammer - Ah, the Deadmines once again graces us with its riches. But here's a tip: if there's a warrior or druid in your group, be a noble soul and pass this mighty hammer to them. Fear not, Verigan's Fist awaits us soon!

  7. Level 19: Executioner’s Sword - Should Lady Luck abandon you in the Deadmines, worry not, for the weapon vendors have your back. If you find yourself empty-handed, consider investing in this sword. A decent alternative for the unlucky souls.

  8. Level 21: Dacian Falx - When the Executioner's Sword eludes your grasp, fret not! The weapon vendors offer the Dacian Falx as a worthy substitute. It may not be as sharp, but it still packs a punch. An option to consider when all else fails.

  9. Level 20-30: Verigan’s Fist - Brace yourselves, my comrades, for this is one of the most rewarding weapons in Hardcore mode. Obtainable as early as level 20, but recommended to acquire at least by level 24. Seek it out and feel the true power of the fist. Highly recommended!

  10. Level 26: Merciless Axe - Ah, the choices we must make on our quest. If the paths to Verigan's Fist or Archeus seem impassable, then consider this Merciless Axe. Sometimes, a warrior's journey takes unexpected turns. Adapt and conquer!

  11. Level 28: Archeus - A weapon worth fencing for, my friends. Lure Mor'ladim into a merry chase and claim this prize as your own. A true testament to your resourcefulness. Recommended for those seeking an exciting challenge.

  12. Level 29: Corpsemaker - Venture into the depths of Razorfen Kraul and claim the Corpsemaker as your own. It's a drop worth fighting for, so assemble your party and march boldly into the fray.

  13. Level 32: Thermaplugg’s Left Arm - Gnomer, the labyrinthine realm of gnomish wonder. Within its metallic heart, you shall find Thermaplugg's Left Arm. Embrace its mechanical might and show your enemies who's in charge. A drop to look out for!

  14. Level 36-42: Rock Pulverizer - Need a weapon fix? The Murdaloc Quest holds the key to your desires. Get your hands on the Rock Pulverizer and unleash its crushing power. If you're hungry for weapons, tackle this quest as early as level 36. Recommended for those in dire need of a solid weapon upgrade.

  15. Level 40-44: Bonebiter - The Scarlet Monastery quest unveils the Bonebiter, a weapon that beckons to your heroic soul. Do yourself a favor, my friends, and acquire this weapon. Trust me, it's worth it. Highly recommended!

  16. Level 50-55: Beastslayer - Un'goro Crater, a land teeming with ancient mysteries and dangers. Seek out the Un'goro Quest and claim the Beastslayer as your trophy. It's time to prove your worth against the beasts of the wild. Recommended for those seeking a thrilling challenge.

There you have it, brave adventurers! A collection of weapons that will guide you through your leveling journey. Seek them out, wield them with pride, and let your enemies quiver in fear. May your path be filled with exciting battles, unexpected treasures, and the joy of wielding the mightiest weapons in Azeroth!

Tips and Tricks

Swing, Heal, Repeat: Paladin Pro Tips!

Greetings, aspiring paladins! Grab your hammers and prepare for a lesson in divine combat. We've got some crucial tips to help you navigate the battlefield with finesse, humor, and, of course, a touch of holy light. Let's dive right in:

  1. Potions and Heals Reset Your Swing Timer - Ah, the delicate dance of timing! If you find yourself in need of a potion or a healing spell, try to squeeze in a swing before reaching for that sweet rejuvenation. Maximizing your damage output is key, my friends.

  2. Mind the "5 Second Rule" - No, we're not talking about dropping the mic after a stunning victory. When it comes to mana regeneration, remember that the clock starts ticking after 5 seconds of not casting. So, unleash a judgment or two, then give your mana a chance to recharge. Patience is a virtue, especially for mana-tic moments!

  3. Always Have Enough Mana for a Holy Light - Picture this: you're in the heat of battle, your comrades' health dwindling. Don't let your mana pool run dry! Keep a reserve of mana tucked away for that crucial Holy Light spell. You'll be the savior they need when the shadows loom.

  4. Aggressive Bubbling? More Like Dangerous Bubble Bath - Oh, the allure of defensive bubbles. But beware, my fellow paladins! Using bubbles aggressively may seem tempting, but it's a sure path to the graveyard. Let those bubbles shield you wisely, not recklessly.

  5. Bandages While Bubbled? Who Knew! - Need a mana boost while safely encased in your bubble? Reach for your trusty bandages, my friends! Regenerate mana while cocooned in protective magic. It's multitasking at its finest.

  6. Seal Twisting: Swinging and Twirling, But at What Cost? - While leveling, Seal Twisting might not be the mana-saving miracle you imagine. Consider the value it truly brings before diving headfirst into the twisting whirlpool. Choose your seals wisely, young padawans.

  7. Shield Up, Weapon Swap! - The versatile paladin's secret weapon: the shield! Keep one handy, along with a weapon swap macro. When facing mighty elites or hordes of aggressive mobs, whip out that shield and bask in the glory of damage reduction. Safety first, my friends.

  8. Cooldowns and Judgment: A Balancing Act - Ah, the temptation to unleash Judgment on cooldown. But beware, dear paladins, for it guzzles mana like a parched adventurer at an oasis. Save your mana reserves for healing emergencies, and use Judgment sparingly. Quality over quantity, they say.

  9. Seal of Command: Choose Wisely, My Friend - Let's talk seals, shall we? When it comes to Seal of Command, don't get caught in the mana-costing trap of every rank. Instead, opt for every 2nd or 3rd rank. The minimal increase in judgment damage isn't worth draining your mana pool. Reserve the higher ranks for when Hammer of Justice is off cooldown.

There you have it, brave paladins! Armed with these tips, you'll face the challenges of Azeroth with a newfound swagger. Swing your mighty weapons, heal your comrades, and bask in the holy light that guides your path. May your mana pool be deep, your bubbles be strategic, and your judgments be true. Now, go forth and bring righteous justice to the world!


1-Button Judgement/Seal

/cast Judgement


/cast Seal of Command

/cast Judgement


/cast Seal of Righteousness

Weapon Swap Macro

/equip [noequipped:shields] One Hander Name;

Two Handed Weapon Name

/equip [noequipped:shields] Shield Name

Bubble Cancel

This is helpful if you’re in an immunity and want to be able to attack quicker

/cancelaura Divine Shield

Final Thoughts And Conclusions Of Our Paladin Guide

Well, thank you for reaching the end of our guide. To sum it up - there are many things you will need to learn but if you manage to push through you will be a viable part of your guild, raid, or PVP team. You can visit our boosting page to find useful services or our guide page for other tips for your leveling journey.

Also, a quick tip, be a nice guy. Good luck in the fields of battle!

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