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WoW Classic Hardcore Priest Guide


The Resilient Holy Warriors: Priests in Classic Era Hardcore Adventures

Calling all aspiring Hardcore adventurers! If you're seeking a durable caster class to conquer the challenges of the Classic Era, look no further than the mighty Priest. Picture this: a versatile toolkit, an enormous mana pool, and defenses that could rival a fortress made of adamantium. Well, maybe not that strong, but you get the idea.

Now, let's not ignore the elephant in the room. While the Priest might not be the life of the party when it comes to crowd control and mobility, it more than compensates with its impressive array of abilities. Whether you're in desperate need of healing or looking to smite your enemies with the wrath of the divine, the Priest has got your back.

One of the Priest's greatest strengths lies in its remarkable durability. Think of it as having the resilience of a cactus in the scorching desert. With a robust toolkit at your disposal, you can weather the storm even in the direst situations. Need a quick heal to keep yourself standing? The Priest's got you covered. Facing down a fearsome foe and need some extra protection? Call upon the power of shields and defensive spells to bolster your defenses.

Ah, the mana pool! A Priest's mana is like a bottomless well of magical refreshment. It's so vast that you'll find yourself swimming in mana potions, chanting "Mana, mana, go away, come again another day." With this abundance of mana, you'll have the resources to keep your party alive, blast your enemies into oblivion, or simply show off your impressive collection of shiny spells.

Of course, we can't forget the Priest's exceptional defensive capabilities. When the going gets tough, the tough call upon the power of the divine. The Priest's defensive toolkit includes spells like Power Word: Shield, Renew, and the ever-reliable Fade. These tools will have your enemies scratching their heads, wondering if they accidentally stumbled into a battle with an invincible force of nature. Spoiler alert: they did.

So, my fellow adventurers, if you're seeking an A-tier pick for your Classic Era Hardcore playthrough, the Priest is the holy grail of durability. Embrace the versatility, relish the massive mana pool, and revel in the strength of your defenses. Just remember to pack your patience when it comes to crowd control and mobility. May the Light guide your path and shield you from harm as you embark on your epic Hardcore journey!

Talent Builds:

The Priest: Master of Light, Shadow, and the Art of Juggling Life and Death

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and behold the mystical mastery of the Priest! These versatile healers and damage dealers have a knack for playing with light and shadow, making them the ultimate multitaskers in the realm of Azeroth. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the intriguing world of the Discipline Priest and their uncanny ability to walk the fine line between giving life and taking it away.

When it comes to Discipline Priests, their chosen subspec is like their favorite flavor of ice cream—it defines their unique style and sets them apart from the crowd. Whether they lean more towards holy goodness or dabble in the shadows, these priests know how to make the most of their dual nature. They embrace the art of balancing light and dark, weaving intricate spells that can mend wounds or unleash devastating attacks with equal finesse.

In the world of healing, the Discipline Priest shines like a beacon of hope. With their ability to harness the power of light, they can mend even the most grievous injuries, leaving their allies in awe of their miraculous talents. But here's the kicker: they're not your typical goody-two-shoes healers. Oh no, these priests have a mischievous side. They understand that sometimes, in order to heal, one must also inflict pain. By utilizing their shadowy arsenal of spells, they can mend wounds by dealing damage. It's like the old saying goes: "Two birds with one holy-smite!"

Now, let's talk damage. When a Discipline Priest decides to unleash their shadowy side, you better believe things get interesting. They can tap into the abyss and dish out some serious pain to their foes. With a wave of their hand, they can conjure dark tendrils and unleash shadowy blasts that would make even the most battle-hardened warriors quake in their boots. It's like they're saying, "I can heal you, but I can also obliterate you. Your choice."

But wait, there's more! The true beauty of the Discipline Priest lies in their ability to push the limits of their class. They embrace the duality of their powers and use it to their advantage. They're not afraid to step outside the traditional healer or damage dealer role and create their own path. It's like they're saying, "Why settle for one when I can have it all? Healing, damage, and a dash of unpredictability. I'm the Swiss Army Knife of the Priest world!"

So, my friends, if you're looking for a class that can dance with light and shadow, heal with a mischievous grin, and dish out damage with a touch of flair, then the Discipline Priest is your ticket to a truly captivating experience. Embrace the duality, tap into the power of both life and death, and let your enemies tremble in awe. The world of Azeroth awaits your unique blend of healing and havoc. Step into the spotlight and show them what a true master of light and shadow can do!


We'll be exploring the wondrous talents that shape these holy heroes into the formidable forces they are. Grab your wands and get ready for a talent extravaganza that will leave you spellbound!

  1. Unbreakable Will (1/5): Let's kick things off with a filler talent, shall we? Unbreakable Will may not be the star of the show, but it opens the door to the coveted Mental Agility talent later on. Think of it as the trusty sidekick that clears the path for the real talents to shine.

  2. Wand Specialization (5/5): Move over, melee classes, because the Priest is about to show you how it's done! With Wand Specialization, our holy heroes turn their wands into instruments of destruction. Picture this: a Priest unleashing devastating wand attacks, obliterating enemies with each fiery blast. It's like a magical shootout, and the Priest is the fastest wand in the Wild West. Take this talent first and watch your early-game foes crumble before you.

  3. Improved Power Word: Fortitude (2/2): Ah, the art of buffing. While not as crucial as the next talent we'll discuss, Improved Power Word: Fortitude is still a helpful passive that boosts your party's stamina. It's like giving them an extra slice of virtual cake—a tasty treat, but not the main course.

  4. Improved Power Word: Shield (3/3): Brace yourselves, for here comes the star of the show! Improved Power Word: Shield is a must-have talent that will be your trusty companion in every battle. It's like having a personal force field that absorbs damage and keeps you standing tall. Cast it at the start of every skirmish and watch as your enemies futilely try to break through your divine defense. It's the ultimate "talk to the shield" moment.

  5. Inner Focus (1/1): Feeling daring? Inner Focus is for those bold souls who want to play aggressively with their mana pool. With this talent, you can reduce the mana cost of your next spell. It's like a mana-saving coupon, allowing you to splurge on bigger, badder spells. If you're up for a mana-manipulating adventure, Inner Focus is your ticket.

  6. Meditation (3/3): As the saying goes, "mana is the lifeblood of the Priest." That's where Meditation comes in, making sure your mana pool stays happy and plentiful. This talent scales with your Spirit, which means more Spirit equals more mana regeneration. It's like having a never-ending flow of mana potions, keeping you fueled and ready to cast spells all day long.

  7. Mental Agility (5/5): Saving mana is the name of the game, and Mental Agility is your secret weapon. With this talent, many of your spells become instant casts, conserving precious mana with each flick of your magical wrist. It's like having a spellcasting vending machine that gives you double the spells for half the mana.

  8. Mental Strength (5/5): When the going gets tough, the tough get...mana! Mental Strength is here to give you that extra boost when you need it most. With a glorious 10% bonus to your mana pool, those last few levels after the wand fireworks have faded will be a breeze. It's like having a secret stash of mana cookies hidden in your robe—just when you think you're running on empty, you take a bite and keep going.
  9. Divine Spirit (1/1): Prepare to embrace the divine! Divine Spirit is the key to unlocking the true potential of the Priest's spiritual prowess. You see, dear adventurers, Priests have a special relationship with Spirit. And let me tell you, they scale like nobody's business! With Divine Spirit, every 4 points of Spirit blesses you with a magical MP5 (mana per 5 seconds) bonus. It may seem modest on its own, like a sprinkle of holy water, but when combined with the right gear and other talents, it becomes a mighty wellspring of mana regeneration. It's like having a never-ending mana party that keeps you replenished and ready to cast spells until the sun rises.

So there you have it, folks! We've explored the talents that make a Priest truly shine. From wand-slinging to shield-bearing, mana-saving to spirit-empowering, this talent tree is a masterclass in holy versatility. Choose your talents wisely, and may the light guide you on your path to greatness!


 We've witnessed the defensive wonders of Holy specialization, and now it's time to dive into the realm of healing and offensive prowess. Prepare for an electrifying showcase of holy power!

  1. Improved Renew (3/3): Are you new to the Priestly ways or aiming to be a dungeon healing maestro? Improved Renew is here to save the day! This talent boosts the effectiveness of your trusty Renew spell, ensuring that your allies receive the healing they need. It's like sprinkling a little extra magic fairy dust on your Renew, making it work wonders in both the open world and the treacherous dungeons. Alternatively, if you're feeling bold and prefer a touch of magic resistance, you can invest these points in Spell Warding.

  2. Holy Specialization (5/5): Get ready to embrace the holy light with open arms! Holy Specialization is your ticket to doubling the fun of holy critical strikes while leveling. It may not be the flashiest talent out there, but it adds a little extra oomph to your offensive arsenal. Think of it as the holy version of a double espresso—it gives you that extra kick when you need it most.

  3. Spell Warding (2/5): Behold, the situational yet handy filler talent that grants you access to even greater powers! Spell Warding provides a much-needed shield against magical harm, ensuring your survival in the face of formidable foes. It's like having a magical forcefield that helps you resist harmful spells and keeps you in the fight. Plus, it opens the door to Searing Light and Divine Reach—talents that will truly light up your Priestly journey!

  4. Divine Fury (5/5): Need a little boost in your casting speed? Divine Fury is here to save the day! This talent reduces the cast time of your Holy Fire and Smite spells, making you a formidable force against enemies with high shadow resistance. It's like having lightning-fast fingers that unleash holy wrath upon your foes. So go ahead, cast with lightning speed and watch those shadows scatter!

  5. Holy Reach (2/2): In the Priest's repertoire, range is a valuable asset. Holy Reach grants you that extra reach you need to keep your allies safe and sound. It's like having stretchy arms that can extend to heal your comrades from a greater distance. No more awkward positioning or running around like a headless chicken—just glorious healing from a safe distance!

  6. Searing Light (2/2): Are you ready to turn up the heat? Searing Light is here to add some sizzle to your spells! This talent grants you a fantastic 10% bonus damage, which becomes a true game-changer in the late game when you rely less on your wand. It's like adding extra spice to your holy dishes, making them more flavorful and devastating to your enemies.

And that concludes our talent tour, my friends! We've explored the intricate art of holy healing, offensive power, and strategic spellcasting. Choose your talents wisely, and may your Priestly journey be filled with radiant light, awe-inspiring crits, and just the right amount of holy mischief!


In this final chapter of our Priest talent extravaganza, we'll unveil the secrets of the Shadow subspec. Get ready to sacrifice some defensive talents in exchange for unleashing devastating damage upon your enemies. It's time to tap into your shadowy potential and let the darkness take hold!

  1. Spirit Tap (5/5): Ah, Spirit Tap, the talent that scales like a champ! As you level up, this talent becomes your best friend, thriving on the essence of your spirit. With each victorious battle, it rewards you with a boost in mana regeneration, ensuring you're always fueled up and ready to unleash your shadowy wrath. It's like having an all-you-can-drink mana buffet that keeps you going even in the most intense battles.

  2. Shadow Focus (5/5): Let's talk about hitting the mark, my friends. Shadow Focus is here to ensure you don't miss a beat—or a hit! This talent enhances your hit chance, allowing you to take full advantage of its glorious 10% boost. With this talent in your arsenal, you'll become a reliable force, obliterating mobs that dare to stand in your shadowy path. Alternatively, if you're intrigued by the art of multi-pulling, you can divert two points to Improved Shadow Word: Pain and embrace the chaos of spreading your dark influence far and wide.

  3. Improved Psychic Scream (2/2): Are you ready to become the master of crowd control? Improved Psychic Scream is your ticket to chaos! This talent is perfect for those daring souls who revel in the art of multi-pulling, spreading fear and confusion among their foes. Alternatively, if you prefer a touch of magical resilience, you can allocate these talents to Spell Warding and/or Divine Spirit and fortify your defenses against the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

  4. Improved Mind Blast (2/5): Picture this: you're facing off against a formidable adversary, and you need your highest damaging ability to shine. Improved Mind Blast reduces the cooldown of this devastating spell, allowing you to unleash its power more frequently. It's like having a magical reset button for your most potent attacks—a sweet treat for those who crave a little extra burst of damage.

  5. Mind Flay (1/1): Behold, the shining star of your shadowy arsenal! Mind Flay is your go-to spell, bringing efficient damage to the table while conserving your precious mana. As you reach higher levels, this spell becomes a true gem in your rotation, ensuring your enemies feel the sting of your shadowy prowess. Aim to grab this talent when you're about to learn a new rank of Mind Flay (levels 28, 36, 44, and 52) for maximum impact right from the start.

And there you have it, my friends! The realm of shadows awaits your arrival, ready to be set ablaze with your offensive might. Embrace the darkness, tap into your spirit, and let the shadows dance to your command. May your journey as a Shadow Priest be filled with thrilling battles, hair-raising crits, and just the right amount of mischievous darkness!


Welcome, aspiring priests, to the wondrous world of leveling! Fear not, for I am here to guide you through the early stages of your divine journey. Grab your holy water and get ready to smite your enemies with style, wit, and a sprinkle of mana management. Let's dive into the spells and strategies that will carry you from level 1 to 43!

Level 1-9: Baby Steps of Smiting Glory

  1. Cast smite. Simple and straightforward, my friends. Embrace the power of smite and rain down holy damage upon your foes. After training rank 2 at level 6, keep rank 1 handy on your action bar. It'll come to your aid when your mana is running low or when you want to avoid unnecessary overkill damage. Efficient and practical—just like a priest should be.

Smite Smite Smite

Level 10-19: The Mindful Mage of the Cloth

In this stage of your leveling adventure, we must tread carefully. Smite takes on an optional status, as its casting time of 2.5 seconds and increased mana cost per encounter require a moment of contemplation. Assess your current mana levels before unleashing its divine wrath. Remember, dear priests, that Spirit Tap has reduced effectiveness while casting.

Power Word: Shield Smite (if mana permits) Mind Blast Shoot wand

Level 20-43: Unleashing the Holy Fire...or Not?

Ah, the mysteries of the holy fire await you, my comrades. But beware, for its casting time of 3.5 seconds (or 3 seconds with 5/5 Righteous Fury) demands careful consideration. Yes, it's marked as optional, for you must balance its power with the efficiency of your Spirit Tap. Choose wisely, young priests, as you continue to shape your leveling path.

Power Word: Shield Holy Fire (if time and mana allow) Mind Blast Shadow Word: Pain Shoot wand

And there you have it, my budding priests! These spell rotations shall carry you through the early stages of your adventure. Smiting, shielding, and managing your mana like a true cleric extraordinaire. Remember, each level brings new challenges and opportunities for growth. Stay vigilant, stay holy, and keep your wand ready for those special moments of divine punishment!

Join me next time as we unveil the secrets of leveling beyond 43, where even greater powers and spells await your divine touch. Until then, my fellow priests, may your smites be mighty, your shields unbreakable, and your holy fire...well, optional!


Level 44-60:

Greetings, intrepid priests, as we continue our epic leveling saga! In this chapter, we shall delve deeper into the art of spell sequencing, where the delicate balance of mana consumption and kill speed awaits. Get ready to juggle your holy arsenal like a master of the sacred dance floor. Let's groove!

Sequencing 101: Mind Over Mana

Now, dear disciples of the cloth, let us explore the realm of optional spell casts. These additional Smite and Mind Blast spells can amp up your kill speed but come at the cost of precious mana. As we priests are no strangers to resource management, it is crucial to assess your current mana level and regen rate before busting out these moves. Choose wisely and let the mana gods guide your decisions!

Power Word: Shield Holy Fire Mind Blast Shadow Word: Pain Smite (Optional) Mind Blast (Optional) Shoot wand

Picture this: you shield yourself with the protective might of Power Word, creating an impenetrable force field of divine defense. With the stage set, you unleash the fiery fury of Holy Fire upon your unsuspecting foes, followed by a mind-blowing Mind Blast that leaves them questioning their life choices.

But wait, there's more! You weave the intricate tapestry of Shadow Word: Pain, spreading the torment like a contagious dance move on the battlefield. Should you choose to indulge your thirst for maximum kill speed, a spicy serving of additional Smite and Mind Blast spells awaits, with cautionary notes on mana consumption. The choice is yours, O holy maestro!

And as the grand finale to this divine performance, you resort to the rhythmic swaying of your wand, a melodic symphony of pew-pews that adds a touch of elegance to the chaos. The crowd goes wild, the monsters tremble, and you, my friend, are the star of this celestial disco.

Remember, my fellow priests, that the art of sequencing is an ever-evolving dance. Adapt to your mana situation, read the energy of the battlefield, and let your instincts guide your spell choices. With each level gained, your repertoire expands, and new opportunities for creative chaos await.

Stay tuned for the next captivating chapter, where we uncover the secrets of higher levels and reveal the most electrifying spells in your arsenal. Until then, keep rocking the dance floor of divine destruction, and may your mana pool never run dry!


Level 44-60:

Greetings, mystical mind-weavers! As we journey deeper into the realm of shadowy spells, it's time to unravel the secrets of sequencing and discover the true power of your mind. Get ready to groove with your mana and dance your way to victory. Let's dive in!

Sequencing 101: Mana Management with Mind Melodies

In this chapter of our mystical symphony, we shall explore the art of optional spell casts. Prepare to embrace the sweet harmony of Mind Flay and the mind-blowing beats of Mind Blast. But beware, my fellow shadow dancers, for with great power comes great mana consumption. It is essential to heed the call of your current mana level and regen rate before unleashing these potent moves. Find the rhythm that suits your mystical needs!

Power Word: Shield Holy Fire Mind Blast Shadow Word: Pain Mind Flay (Optional) Mind Blast (Optional) Shoot wand

Imagine this enchanting scene: you shield yourself with the impenetrable fortress of Power Word, ensuring your safety on the cosmic dance floor. As the stage is set, you ignite the fiery passion of Holy Fire, engulfing your foes in flames of torment. And then, oh my, you release the explosive energy of Mind Blast, shattering their minds with a mesmerizing display of raw power.

But hold on to your robes, for there's more! You weave the intricate tapestry of Shadow Word: Pain, entangling your enemies in a web of eternal suffering. And should you feel the desire to embrace the full potential of your shadowy groove, you have the option to delve into the hypnotic melodies of Mind Flay and unleash additional Mind Blasts. However, heed the warning signs of dwindling mana reserves, for dancing on empty is never a pleasant experience.

As you revel in the rhythm of your shadowy symphony, remember to stay attuned to the ebb and flow of mana. Your choices shape the dance, and finding the delicate balance between power and conservation is key. Trust your instincts, gauge your mana reserves, and let the cosmic beats guide your spellcasting steps.

Stay tuned for the next captivating chapter, where we ascend to higher levels of mastery and uncover even more mind-altering spells. Until then, my mystical maestros, keep grooving, keep casting, and may your mana pool never run dry on this extraordinary dance of shadows!

The Art of Multi-Pulling: Fear, Foes, and Fantastic Escapes

Welcome, daring disciples of the shadows! Today, we delve into the thrilling world of multi-pulls, where the art of fear and finesse intertwine. Brace yourselves for an adventure that will test your mettle, your strategy, and your ability to dance with danger. Let the shadows guide you!

Unleashing the Fear: Psychic Scream's Multi-Pull Potential

Once a Priest reaches the hallowed halls of level 14, a powerful spell known as Psychic Scream enters their arsenal. This spell holds the key to unlocking the exhilarating realm of multi-pulls. Picture this: a brave Priest fearlessly pulling a group of enemies, not just one or two, but a whole pack! The number of foes that can be fearfully embraced depends on the Priest's Psychic Scream fear cap.

Here's the lowdown: The Priest can fear up to a number of mobs equal to their Psychic Scream fear cap plus one, with a maximum of five mobs at a time. For instance, at level 14, when the Priest first obtains Psychic Scream Rank 1 with a fear cap of 2 targets, they can boldly pull up to 3 mobs at once. It's like herding wayward sheep, but with more chaos and impending danger!

Mastering the Multi-Pull: Three Essential Elements

Before venturing into the realm of multi-pulls, wise Priests must heed the three sacred principles of success:

  1. Exit Strategy: Just like a grand heist, a successful multi-pull requires a clear escape plan. Ensure there's a path to safety, lest you find yourself trapped in a vortex of shadowy doom. Remember, disappearing in a puff of smoke is not just for rogues.

  2. Cleared Space: When conducting your fear-infused symphony, make sure the stage is set. Clear the area of potential troublemakers who might inadvertently join the party. You don't want uninvited guests gatecrashing your meticulously planned performance!

  3. Resources at the Ready: Multi-pulls demand more than raw courage. Check your mana reserves, your health bar, and your inventory of consumables. Prepare for the long haul, for battles of grand magnitude require stamina, focus, and perhaps a stash of delicious pastries for that extra boost.

The Dance of Shadows: Mind Flay and the Art of Selective Fear

Ah, here's a delightful trick for the seasoned practitioners of the shadow arts. With clever use of Mind Flay, it is possible to manipulate Psychic Scream's fearsome nature. Imagine this: an entire group of enemies, trembling in fear, their eyes wide with terror...except for one. With a deft touch and a cunning mind, a Priest can strategically spare a specific target from the clutches of fear. It's like being the puppet master of fear itself, pulling the strings to your advantage.

So, my intrepid shadow dancers, embrace the power of multi-pulls with caution and courage. Let your Psychic Scream echo through the halls of darkness, and watch as your enemies cower before your might. Remember, a successful multi-pull requires careful planning, quick reflexes, and a dash of audacity.

Go forth, fearless Priests, and may the shadows guide you on this thrilling journey of multi-pulling mastery. Unleash your fearsome spells, savor the chaos, and dance your way to victory!

The Magnificent Multi-Pull Performance: Dance of Destruction

Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the multi-pull rotation! We shall embark on a daring adventure, juggling multiple foes like circus performers on a tightrope. Prepare to be amazed as we navigate the kill order with finesse and a touch of mayhem. Let's break it down step by step, shall we?

Introducing our Stars: Skull, Cross, Square, Triangle, and Diamond

In this grand production, each target in the kill order has a name, a symbol, and a destiny. Behold the cast of characters:

  • Skull: The grand protagonist, the first target in our kill order. The star of the show, if you will.
  • Cross: The bold supporting actor, ready to make its mark as the second target.
  • Square: The third target, bringing its angular charm to the performance.
  • Triangle: The fourth target, adding a touch of geometric intrigue.
  • Diamond: The final act, the last target standing before our glorious victory.

Now, let the performance begin!

  1. Power Word: Shield: We begin with a shield of protection, fortifying our resolve as we step into the fray.

  2. Holy Fire Skull: Our opening act, a burst of divine flames unleashed upon Skull. Feel the heat!

  3. Mind Blast Skull: A powerful mental assault to Skull's very core. We're getting inside their heads!

  4. Shadow Word: Pain Skull: Weaving words of darkness, cursing Skull with lingering torment. Take that, Skull!

  5. Strafe Away: Time to show off our nimble footwork. Strafe away, avoiding their grasp and maintaining our distance.

  6. Shadow Word: Pain Cross Square Triangle Diamond: With swift precision, we cast our wicked words upon the remaining targets. Cross, Square, Triangle, and Diamond, you're all marked for doom!

  7. Mind Flay Skull: Embracing the dance of shadows, we channel our energy into Skull, siphoning their very essence. It's like a creepy, yet oddly satisfying, embrace.

  8. Psychic Scream (While Strafing Away) Cross Square Triangle Diamond: Ah, the moment of chaos! We unleash the piercing scream, sending Cross, Square, Triangle, and Diamond into a frenzy of fear. Keep strafing, my friends, keep strafing!

  9. Mind Blast Skull: Just when Skull thought they were safe, we hit them with another mind-blowing blast. Surprise!

  10. Mind Flay Skull: We return to our dark dance partner, Skull, swirling in a whirlwind of shadowy energy. Can you feel the goosebumps?

  11. Strafe Away and Repeat: Like a never-ending performance, we repeat the sequence, strafing away to safety and unleashing Psychic Scream as needed. The show must go on!

  12. Shadow Word: Pain (As Needed) Cross Square Triangle Diamond: Should any of our targets dare to survive, we reapply our dark whispers to ensure their demise. No escape, Cross, Square, Triangle, or Diamond!

  13. Power Word: Shield: A momentary respite, a shield to fortify our strength as the performance intensifies.

  14. Mind Blast Cross: Cross takes the spotlight once again as we deliver a mind-shattering blast. Take a bow, Cross!

  15. Shoot Wand Cross: And now, a little interlude with our trusty wand. Pew pew! A taste of ranged weaponry to keep Cross on their toes.

And thus, dear audience, the performance continues in a mesmerizing cycle of destruction. We dance with shadows, strafe with grace, and unleash spells with a touch of flair. With each repetition, our enemies tremble, and our victory draws near.

Witness the Multi-Pull Rotation, an intricate masterpiece of chaos and calculated moves. Let it guide you through the realm of multiple foes, where skill, timing, and a touch of showmanship lead to triumph. Now, my fellow performers, go forth and conquer with style!


Ah, professions, those little endeavors that can bring both joy and headaches to our priestly souls. While professions may not be an absolute necessity for our cloth-clad healers, there are a couple of options that can add a sprinkle of convenience, survival, and even a touch of mischief to our adventures. Let's explore the possibilities, shall we?

Alchemy: Brewing Potions and Embracing Time

Ah, the art of alchemy! It may not be your typical priestly pursuit, but it can certainly offer some enticing benefits. The shining star of Alchemy for priests is the mana potion. Yes, those magical elixirs that can instantly replenish our precious mana reserves. And when you gain access to the glorious Superior Mana Potions, leveling becomes a breeze. Chug those potions like there's no tomorrow!

But wait, there's more! The Nifty Stop Watch is a nifty little trinket that provides a much-needed burst of mobility. Need to make a swift escape or catch up to a wandering party member? Just activate the stopwatch and zoom away. It's like being a time-traveling priest, minus the fancy DeLorean.

Oh, and let's not forget about Elixirs. Grab yourself some Elixir of Greater Intellect and Troll's Blood Elixirs to give your stats a little boost and reduce pesky downtime. Who says priests can't dabble in the elixir business?

And if you're the foresighted type, Free Action Potions can be a true lifesaver. Stuck in a tricky situation? Just pop one of those babies and dance your way out of trouble. It's like a temporary shield against the woes of crowd control.

Engineering: Gadgets, Explosions, and a Dash of Insanity

Now, here's where things get a bit... explosive. Engineering, my dear priests, is where you embrace your inner tinkerer and let the mayhem unfold. What can Engineering offer us? Oh, just a few things:

Grenades, my friends! These delightful little devices provide us with much-needed crowd control and a way to interrupt our enemies' plans. Toss a grenade into the mix, watch the chaos ensue, and enjoy the show as your foes scramble to regain their composure.

But wait, there's more! The wonders of Engineering extend to the art of distraction. Ever wanted a safe getaway when things get a little too hairy? Say hello to the Target Dummy. Toss it out, and your enemies will be none the wiser as you slip away to safety. Alternatively, you can use them as decoy targets in Mind Control multi-pulls. Confuse your enemies, control their minds, and revel in the glorious chaos!

And let's not forget those Gnomish Rocket Boots. Yes, my fellow priests, you can strut your stuff with these handy little contraptions. Need to cover ground quickly? Strap on those boots and zoom across the landscape with a smile on your face. Just be careful not to crash into any unsuspecting party members. Safety first!

So, my fellow priests, while professions may not be the ultimate game-changer for us, they can add a dash of flair, survival, and outright silliness to our journey. Whether you're brewing potions, tossing grenades, or strutting with rocket boots, embrace the quirks that come with your chosen path. And remember, as priests, we're always prepared for the unexpected. Cheers to the adventurers who dare to walk the path less traveled!

Wand Farming

Ah, the thrilling journey of a priest, where quests await, dungeons beckon, and wands... well, wands have a mind of their own. As you venture forth, my fellow adventurers, keep in mind that the levels listed below are mere suggestions, guiding you towards the content you can tackle. But remember, exercise caution and good judgment before diving headfirst into specific quests. Safety first, my friends!

Now, let's talk wands. Ah, those magical instruments of destruction and salvation. But hold your horses! This list doesn't include those wands that drop from dungeon bosses. Oh no, we're talking about the likes of Cookie's Stirring Rod and Noxious Shooter, which have a flair for dropping surprises when you least expect it. And let's not forget about those wands from Dungeon Quests, like the infamous Gravestone Scepter. These elusive wands have a knack for hiding in the depths of dungeons, teasing you with their power.

But here's the thing, my dear priests: you don't need to chase after every single upgrade on the list below. Some of those fancy DPS upgrades may not be worth your time or hard-earned gold. Exercise caution, weigh your options, and choose wisely. It's like a shopping spree where you have to resist the temptation of every shiny item on the rack. Restraint, my friends, restraint!

So, as you embark on your quest for upgrades and weave through the tapestry of levels, remember to keep an eye on the suggested minimums, use your judgment wisely, and don't let those elusive wands drive you insane. After all, it's the journey that matters, not just the destination. May your quests be rewarding, your upgrades be worthy, and your adventures be filled with laughter and epic tales to tell. Onward, brave priests, for the world awaits!


Ah, the mystical world of wands! As an Alliance Priest, you have the privilege of wielding these enchanting instruments of destruction. Let's take a whimsical journey through the realms of wand progression, where each level brings you a new wand and a whole lot of damage potential. Brace yourselves, fellow adventurers, for we're about to dive into the magical arsenal of the priesthood!

Level 10: Elven Wand - Arcane Delights (DPS: 9.38) A humble beginning, but fear not! This wand will shoot magical Arcane bolts, leaving your enemies in awe of your spellcasting prowess.

Level 15: Smoldering Wand - Fiery Fling (DPS: 13.44) Things are heating up! This wand channels the power of Fire, scorching your foes with its fiery blasts. Burn, baby, burn!

Level 16: Gloom Wand - Shadows Unleashed (DPS: 14.44) Welcome to the dark side! Embrace the shadows and wield this wand to send chilling vibes down your enemies' spines. Shadows never looked so appealing!

Level 16: Torchlight Wand - Fire and Flicker (DPS: 15.77) Brighten up the darkness with this wand that radiates the warmth of Fire. Illuminate your path and incinerate anything in your way!

Level 20: Dusk Wand - Embrace the Twilight (DPS: 17.65) As the sun sets, the shadows grow stronger. This wand taps into the powers of twilight, harnessing the dark energies to vanquish your foes. Prepare for a mesmerizing display of power!

Level 20: Spellcrafter Wand - Arcane Brilliance (DPS: 20.29) Become a true maestro of Arcane magic with this wand. Its intricate craftsmanship enhances your spellcasting abilities, dazzling all who witness your arcane mastery.

Level 25: Charred Wand - Burning Inferno (DPS: 22.22) Behold the flames! This wand becomes a fiery inferno, scorching your enemies with its intense heat. Fire and fury, Priest-style!

Level 25: Excavation Rod - Unearthed Power (DPS: 24.21) Tap into the elemental forces of Fire with this mighty wand. Unleash explosive spells that will make your enemies tremble in fear. Dig deep and unleash your fiery wrath!

Level 29: Combustible Wand - Fiery Explosion (DPS: 25.94) Fireworks, anyone? This wand is a literal explosion of fire, delivering devastating damage to your foes. Watch them go up in flames, leaving nothing but ashes behind.

Level 30: Pestilent Wand - Shadow's Embrace (DPS: 27.00) Step into the realm of shadows with this wand. Its dark energy inflicts pestilence upon your enemies, corrupting them from within. Embrace the darkness and become a harbinger of doom!

Level 30: Flash Wand - Nature's Spark (DPS: 30.38) Nature calls! This wand harnesses the power of nature, sending forth dazzling sparks that shock your foes. Embrace the wild side and let nature's fury guide your path.

Level 35: Fizzle’s Zippy Lighter - Fire with a Spark (DPS: 31.00) Who needs a mere wand when you have a zippy lighter? This whimsical contraption shoots forth flames with a playful touch. Watch out for those surprise firecrackers!

Level 38: Goblin Igniter - Explosive Delights (DPS: 32.75) Courtesy of our mischievous Goblin friends, this wand is pure explosive fun. Unleash chaotic fireworks and watch your enemies scramble for cover. Ka-boom!

Level 40: Pitchwood Wand - Fire's Symphony (DPS: 34.71) As the flames dance, so does this wand. Its smooth wooden exterior hides immense power within. Let the fiery symphony play, as you scorch your enemies to a crisp.

Level 41: Blackbone Wand - Shadows Unbound (DPS: 35.31) From the depths of darkness comes this wicked wand. Its blackbone design channels the very essence of shadows, granting you the power to inflict nightmarish torment upon your foes.

Level 43: Charged Lightning Rod - Nature's Wrath (DPS: 37.33) Unleash the fury of thunder and lightning with this electrifying wand. Nature's wrath shall be your weapon, crackling with raw power. Let the storms rage!

Level 45: Cairnstone Sliver - Arcane Brilliance (DPS: 41.39) At the peak of your power, embrace the arcane brilliance of this precious sliver. It radiates arcane energy, empowering your spells to awe-inspiring levels. Feel the might of the arcane coursing through your veins!

So, my fellow wand-wielders, there you have it—a whimsical journey through the Alliance Priest Wand Progression. May your spells hit their mark, may your enemies cower before your magical might, and may your adventures be filled with laughter and enchantment. Onward, brave priests, for the power of wands is in your hands!


Greetings, brave Horde Priests! It's time to delve into the mystical world of wand progression. These enchanting instruments will be your trusty companions on your journey to power and glory. Get ready for a wild ride filled with flames, shadows, and the untamed forces of nature. Brace yourselves, for we're about to embark on a hilarious and informative adventure through the Horde Priest Wand Progression!

Level 14: Flaring Baton - A Baton of Blazing Fire (DPS: 13.68) Things are heating up right from the start! This wand unleashes fiery mayhem, scorching your enemies to a crisp. Watch out for the sizzle!

Level 15: Smoldering Wand - Fiery Flames Unleashed (DPS: 13.44) Embrace the inferno! This wand continues the fiery onslaught, casting flames that dance with delight. Burn, baby, burn!

Level 16: Gloom Wand - Shadows Creeping (DPS: 14.44) Step into the shadows and wield this wand of darkness. Its eerie power sends shivers down your enemies' spines. Embrace the gloom, and let the shadows guide your way.

Level 18: Wand of Decay - Embracing the Dark Side (DPS: 15.67) Darkness reigns supreme! This wand taps into the powers of decay and corruption. Watch your enemies wither and crumble before your malevolent might. Decay has never been so satisfying!

Level 20: Dusk Wand - Twilight's Embrace (DPS: 17.65) As twilight falls, this wand comes alive. It harnesses the ethereal powers of dusk, inflicting devastating damage upon your foes. Prepare for a dazzling display of twilight brilliance!

Level 23: Branding Rod - Burning Marks (DPS: 21.56) Brace yourselves for some scorching branding action! This wand leaves its mark, burning your enemies with its fiery essence. It's time to brand your foes with the mark of the Horde!

Level 25: Charred Wand - Flames Unleashed (DPS: 22.22) The flames continue to rage! This wand turns your enemies into charred husks with its intense fiery blasts. Roast 'em well, my fiery friends!

Level 29: Combustible Wand - Explosive Inferno (DPS: 25.94) Kaboom! This wand is pure explosive delight. Unleash a fiery inferno upon your enemies, leaving nothing but ashes in your wake. Time to make things go boom!

Level 30: Pestilent Wand - Infectious Shadows (DPS: 27.00) Darkness takes hold once again! This wand infects your enemies with the pestilence of shadows. Watch them suffer as darkness consumes their very souls. The shadows will be your allies!

Level 30: Flash Wand - Nature's Flicker (DPS: 30.38) Embrace the untamed forces of nature! This wand flickers with the essence of nature itself, releasing dazzling sparks that shock your foes. Nature's power is in your hands!

Level 35: Fizzle’s Zippy Lighter - Fire and Fun (DPS: 31.00) Who needs ordinary wands when you have a zippy lighter? This whimsical contraption shoots forth flames with a mischievous touch. Expect surprises and fiery fun!

Level 38: Goblin Igniter - Goblin's Delight (DPS: 32.75) Courtesy of our mischievous Goblin friends, this wand ignites fiery chaos. Let the goblin madness ensue as you set your enemies ablaze. It's time to unleash the goblin's delight!

Level 40: Pitchwood Wand - Fire's Symphony (DPS: 34.71) As the flames dance, so does this wand. Its smooth wooden exterior hides immense power within. Let the fiery symphony play as you scorch your enemies to a crisp.

Level 41: Blackbone Wand - Shadows Unbound (DPS: 35.31) From the depths of darkness comes this wicked wand. Its blackbone design channels the very essence of shadows, granting you the power to inflict nightmarish torment upon your foes.

Level 43: Charged Lightning Rod - Nature's Wrath (DPS: 37.33) Unleash the fury of thunder and lightning with this electrifying wand. Nature's wrath shall be your weapon, crackling with raw power. Let the storms rage!

Level 48: Nature's Breath - Embracing Nature's Essence (DPS: 41.07) At the peak of your power, embrace the essence of nature itself. This wand breathes life and vitality, empowering your spells to new heights. Feel the harmony of nature flow through your veins!

There you have it, fellow wand-wielders of the Horde! Prepare to unleash the power of fire, shadows, and nature upon your enemies. May your spells hit their mark, may your enemies cower in fear, and may your adventures be filled with laughter and mischief. Onward, brave Horde Priests, for the wands of Horde-om are in your hands!


The Priest's Stat Hierarchy: Unveiling the Secrets of Mana and Survival

Ah, the life of a Priest, where your mana pool is your precious lifeline and your healing prowess knows no bounds. As the tank of caster classes, you hold the power to convert mana into health, making you a formidable force on the battlefield. But how should you prioritize your stats to ensure your mana pool remains healthy and your survival is secured? Fear not, for we're about to dive into the intriguing world of Priest stat choices with a touch of humor and a sprinkle of wisdom.

  1. Intellect: The Mana Fountain (Weight: 15 Mana) Intellect takes the crown as the reigning stat of importance for any aspiring Priest. It fuels your mana pool, granting you the precious resource you need to keep your allies standing and your enemies quaking in fear. Remember, the higher your intellect, the more mana you'll have at your disposal. So let the mana flow!

  2. Spirit: The Serene Sustainer (Weight: 0.25 MP5 when not casting) While not as crucial as intellect, Spirit still plays a vital role in maintaining your mana reserves. When you're not busy casting spells, Spirit will gradually replenish your mana through its mystical MP5 (Mana Per 5 Seconds) properties. So, keep an eye on your spirit and find moments of serenity to rejuvenate your magical energies.

  3. MP5: The Steady Stream (Unaffected by casting; does not scale with talents) MP5, the unsung hero of mana sustainability, deserves some recognition. Unlike other stats, MP5 remains unaffected by your spellcasting activities. It provides a steady stream of mana regeneration, keeping your mana pool well-nourished even during intense battles. While it may not scale with talents, it's still a reliable ally to have by your side.

  4. Stamina: The Vitality Booster (+10 Health) As the tank of casters, you can't neglect your own survival. Stamina comes into play here, bolstering your health pool by +10 for each point invested. While not directly tied to mana, a healthy Priest is a formidable one. Plus, let's be honest, staying alive is pretty important, right?

Now, let's address some other stat considerations that may sway your decision-making:

Spell Power and Healing Power: Not Worth the Hype Despite the allure of spell power and healing power, they're not high on the priority list for Priests. Their low coefficients dampen their impact on overall spell performance. While they may seem tempting, it's best to focus your attention elsewhere to optimize your Priestly potential.

Multi-Pulling Mayhem: A Case for Stamina If you find yourself frequently engaging in the daring art of multi-pulling, it might be wise to give Stamina a bit more love. The extra health will serve as a cushion against the onslaught of enemies, ensuring you survive the chaos you unleash. After all, surviving to tell the tale of your multi-pulling escapades is half the fun!

So, my fellow Priests, keep your mana pool in check, prioritize intellect and spirit, and let the mana flow through your fingertips. Remember, a well-balanced Priest is a force to be reckoned with. May your heals be powerful, your mana abundant, and your adventures filled with laughter and triumphant battles. Onward, mighty healers of the realm!

Tips and Tricks

The Priest's Survival Guide: From Cloth Armor to Mind Control Shenanigans

Ah, cloth armor, the epitome of fashion-forward but sadly lacking in the damage mitigation department, especially at lower levels. Fear not, fellow Priests, for I bring you wisdom that will fatten your pockets and quench your thirst for water and shiny new abilities. Consider selling those lackluster gray and white armor pieces as you level up, and embrace the extra funds for your hydration and skill-acquiring endeavors. Who needs armor when you've got style, right?

Now, let's delve into the intricacies of wand attacks. Here's a fun fact: they actually adhere to the global cooldown. What does that mean? Well, while you're basking in the glory of your wand's power, any attacks made against you can cause annoying pushback on your wand attacks. It's like a cosmic game of tug-of-war, but with spells. Just keep that in mind and sway with the pushback, my wand-wielding comrades.

Ah, the notorious "5 Second Rule" of mana regeneration from Spirit. It's like a waiting game, my friends. Your mana will only start regenerating from Spirit five seconds after you've cast your last spell. So, strategize accordingly during combat and take advantage of the Spirit Tap talent between kills. Patience is key, and mana is precious. Embrace the rhythm of the 5 Second Rule!

Let's talk about overkill damage and overhealing. They're like the pesky siblings of mana efficiency. When casting spells, be mindful of how much damage you're dishing out or healing beyond what's actually necessary. We don't want any wasteful spells here. Mana efficiency is our holy grail, the treasure we strive for. So, keep an eye on those numbers and unleash your spells with precision!

Now, my fellow Priests, it's time to unleash the true power of your toolkit. Sure, you've got your healing spells down to a T, but did you know that spells like Mind Soothe, Levitate, Mana Burn, Dispel Magic, Mind Vision, and Mind Control can be your secret weapons? These babies are often overlooked and underestimated. Embrace the chaos and surprise your foes with unexpected maneuvers. Be the Priest of versatility and keep 'em guessing!

Last but not least, let's talk about downranking. No, it's not some fancy dance move, although it could be if you want to add some pizzazz to your gameplay. Downranking your heals and Psychic Scream is a smart move when the situation calls for it. Keep multiple ranks of your heals (excluding Renew) and all ranks of Psychic Scream within easy reach on your action bars. Adaptability is the name of the game, my friends. Stay flexible and be ready to unleash the perfect spell for every occasion.

So, my fellow cloth-clad miracle workers, remember these pearls of wisdom. Sell that lackluster armor, dance with the pushback, master the 5 Second Rule, be efficient with your spells, embrace your full toolkit, and become the downranking diva. May your mana be plentiful, your spells be powerful, and your Priestly adventures be filled with laughter and triumph! Onward, brave healers!

Final Thoughts And Conclusions Of Our Priest Guide

Well, thank you for reaching the end of our guide. To sum it up - there are many things you will need to learn but if you manage to push through you will be a viable part of your guild, raid, or PVP team. You can visit our boosting page to find useful services or our guide page for other tips for your leveling journey.

Also, a quick tip, be a nice guy. Good luck in the fields of battle!

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