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WoW Classic Hardcore Rogue Guide


Rogues: The Crafty Miscreants of WoW Classic Hardcore

Ah, the rogues! Sneaky, deadly, and bursting with mischief. If you're embarking on the treacherous journey of Hardcore in World of Warcraft Classic, these shadowy tricksters might just be your ticket to success. Why, you ask? Well, let me enlighten you.

Solo players, rejoice! Rogues are the masters of solitude. With their dexterous fingers and penchant for skulking about, they can stealth past enemies like a ghost in the night. No need to waste time on trivial battles when you can cherry-pick your engagements. It's like having an all-access backstage pass to the theater of WoW Classic. Leveling up becomes a breeze, with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency. Who needs a party when you can be a one-rogue wrecking crew?

But wait, there's more! These cunning cutthroats excel at taking on the big boys. Elites, you say? Pfft, child's play for a rogue. With their bag of tricks, they can solo those daunting quests and elites that make others quiver in their boots. It's like having a secret weapon up your sleeve, ready to be unleashed at just the right moment. So, if you fancy challenging content and proving your mettle, the rogue life is calling your name.

Now, let's talk crowd control. Rogues are masters of the art. Sap here, blind there — they've got an array of tools to keep their enemies in check. Why fight a swarm of foes when you can dance with them one at a time? It's like a strategic game of cat and mouse, where the rogue always holds the upper hand. So, embrace your inner puppeteer and make your enemies dance to your deadly tune.

Survivability is key, my friend, and rogues have it in spades. Evasion is their best friend, allowing them to gracefully sidestep damage and slip through the tightest of spots. Need a breather? Pop that evasion and watch as the enemies swing and miss, buying you precious time to heal up and reevaluate your wicked plans. It's like a game of dodgeball, but you're the untouchable rogue, and they're left wondering where you went.

So, fellow adventurers, if you crave stealth, burst damage, and a dash of mischievous charm, look no further than the rogues. They're your ticket to solo greatness and a thrilling ride through the Hardcore challenge. Embrace the shadows, embrace the thrill, and let the world bear witness to your rogueish prowess!

Best Races:

Alliance vs. Horde: Picking Your Rogue Race in WoW Classic Hardcore

Ah, the eternal question: Alliance or Horde? As a hardcore rogue in World of Warcraft Classic, choosing the right race can mean the difference between life and an embarrassing death. Let's take a closer look at the options and see which side has the edge.

Alliance-wise, we have our sturdy little friends, the Dwarves and Gnomes. Don't let their small stature fool you; they're the stealthy tanks of the Alliance. With Stoneform, they can shake off bleeds and poisons like a dog drying off after a dip in the river. And that's not all! Gnomes have their nifty Escape Artist, perfect for slipping out of roots and slows like a greased gnome through a gnome-sized pipe. Safety first, my friends!

Now, if you're eyeing the endgame and dreaming of swords, then humans are your go-to pick. Their Sword Specialization passive is a game-changer, making your blade dances even deadlier. But let's be honest, their leveling toolkit isn't the most exciting. They're like that reliable friend who always shows up on time but never brings anything fun to the party. Thanks for the punctuality, humans.

Ah, the Night Elves. Beautiful, mysterious, but sadly lacking in rogue-specific goodies. Sure, they have improved stealth, but in the grand scheme of hardcore leveling, it's as irrelevant as a flying cat in Orgrimmar. Sorry, Night Elves, you'll have to rely on your natural charm and grace to win hearts, not rogue supremacy.

Now, let's move on to the Horde, where things get a little wilder. Trolls, oh boy! They're the speed demons of leveling, thanks to their combat-regeneration passive. With their quick healing between pulls, you'll have less downtime than a cat chasing a laser pointer. And let's not forget about Berserking, the troll's secret weapon. Need a burst of power? Activate it and watch your enemies tremble like a pack of frightened kobolds.

Orcs, my green-skinned comrades, bring their own brand of brutality to the rogue table. Blood Fury is your ticket to a solid damage boost, especially when combined with your other cooldowns. It's like chugging a mug of adrenaline and going berserk on your enemies. Embrace your inner orcish rage!

Last but not least, the undead rogues. They have a neat trick up their decaying sleeves: Cannibalize. Picture this - you're in the middle of a fierce battle, health dwindling, and your foes closing in. Gouge them, quickly feast on the fallen, and watch your health soar. It's a bigger heal than a bandage and a real "bite me" moment for your enemies. But let's be honest, their other racials don't add much to your hardcore kit. Who needs to eat and drink underwater when you're busy being a sneaky rogue?

So, my fellow rogue enthusiasts, choose your race wisely. Whether you're a stout dwarf, a nimble gnome, a sword-swinging human, a graceful Night Elf, a speedy troll, a savage orc, or an undead trickster, embrace your rogue identity and conquer the Hardcore challenge like the sneaky, deadly hero you were born to be. Now, go forth and stab your way to victory!

Talent Builds:

10-30 LEVEL

A Slice of Rogue Talent: Leveling up with Combat

Welcome, fellow rogues! Today, we embark on a journey through the talents of the Combat specialization. Now, I know what you're thinking - Combat? That sounds like a bunch of bruisers swinging swords, not us sneaky rogues. But trust me, there's more to it than meets the eye.

First things first, let's talk about our dirty little secret. Even though we're labeled as Combat, we kick off our adventure with a little surprise from the Assassination tree. That's right, we start with a juicy 2 points in Remorseless Attacks. What does that mean? It means we have a massive chance to critically strike with our first ability on every single mob we encounter. Talk about making an entrance! Just make sure you're managing your downtime well, because timing is everything. This crit fest not only shaves off precious kill time but also reduces the damage we take. It's like hitting our enemies so hard that they forget how to hit us back. Sneaky and effective!

Now, let's take a sprint down the talent tree. Our first priority is getting our hands on Deflection and Riposte. Deflection is like a personal force field that increases our parry chance, making those enemy swings look like clumsy attempts at sword juggling. Riposte, on the other hand, is our secret weapon against melee attackers. It's like a well-timed counter-attack that leaves our foes reeling in pain and regret. It's all about turning the tables on our enemies, my friends.

As we make our way down the talent tree, we'll also snag Imp SS (Improved Sinister Strike) and Imp Gouge. These little gems provide us with some handy bonuses. The extra 1.5 seconds on Gouge can be a lifesaver when we need to make a quick escape or buy ourselves some quality time to patch up our wounds mid-fight. And let's not forget about Imp SS, which makes our signature move, Sinister Strike, even deadlier. It's like adding extra spice to our rogue recipe.

Now, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about the rest of the talent points. Fill them out according to the handy dandy guide shown to you. But keep in mind, we'll be respec'ing at either level 29 or 30 when we pay a visit to our beloved trainer. It's like giving our talents a fresh coat of paint, ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

So, my fellow combat connoisseurs, grab your daggers and polish your skills. With our Crit-tastic opener, Deflection and Riposte, the time-bending Gouge, and the mighty Sinister Strike, we'll dance through the shadows and leave a trail of bewildered enemies in our wake. Leveling up as a rogue has never been so satisfyingly sneaky and stylish. Get ready to respec, refine, and revel in the art of Combat. Let's show Azeroth what we're made of!

30-60 LEVEL

Respeccing: Talent Tricks and Flurry Frenzy

Hey there, fellow rogues! Today, we're diving into the intricate world of talent respeccing. Why, you ask? Well, buckle up, because we're about to unleash some serious rogue magic.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're looking at your talent choices and scratching your head, wondering why we're even considering a respec. After all, we've carefully selected our talents, and they seem to be working just fine. But fear not, my nimble friends, because there's a method to this madness.

The first order of business is reaching level 30. Why? Because that's when we unlock the ultimate rogue party trick: Blade Flurry. Trust me, this ability is a game-changer. It's like spinning into a whirlwind of steel, slashing through multiple enemies at once. It's the rogue equivalent of throwing a wild party and inviting every mob in town. Chaos? Yes. Epic? Absolutely.

But here's the catch: Blade Flurry comes at a cost. If we stick with our current talent setup, we'll have to wait until level 40 or even 42 to unleash another showstopper: Adrenaline Rush. And who wants to wait that long for some adrenaline-fueled rogue shenanigans? Not us!

So, here's the grand plan. We respec, my friends. Take those talent points and redistribute them like a sneaky magician with a deck of cards. This time, we're going all out in the Combat tree. No Remorseless Attacks this time, sorry crit lovers. We're prioritizing Blade Flurry like it's the last keg of ale at the Brewfest. Trust me, it's worth it.

Fill up those 31 points in the Combat tree, making sure to grab all the goodies along the way. Dual Specialization? Yeah, leave it at 4/5 for now, we've got bigger fish to fry. We want the full combat experience, every lethal trick in our arsenal.

Once we've had our fill of Combat goodness, we'll take a detour back to our old friend, Assassination. But fear not, we haven't forgotten about Dual Specialization. At level 57, we'll invest that final point and savor the sweet taste of versatility. Then, at levels 58 and 59, we'll snatch up the 2 points in Murder. Think of it as the icing on the cake, the extra sprinkle of poison on our blades.

So there you have it, my stealthy companions. The art of respeccing, talent trickery at its finest. We're dancing between the Combat and Assassination trees, grabbing all the essential skills, and ensuring we get our hands on Blade Flurry ASAP. It's like rearranging the furniture in our rogue den, creating the perfect setup for mayhem and mischief.

So, grab your daggers, adjust your talent points, and get ready to unleash a flurry of blades upon unsuspecting foes. The respec rollercoaster awaits, and we're in for a wild ride. Let's show Azeroth what happens when rogues mix and match their talents with style and finesse. It's time to respec, redefine, and wreak havoc like the masters of shadows we are!

Skills and Talents

The Rogue's Toolbox: Crafty, Cunning, and Deadly

Ah, the life of a rogue, my sneaky friend. We have an arsenal of tricks up our sleeves, a veritable smorgasbord of abilities to make our enemies tremble. In the realm of hardcore, our utility knows no bounds. So, let's delve into the art of rogue survival, with a dash of humor and a whole lot of finesse.

First things first, crowd control is our bread and butter. We excel at turning a chaotic battlefield into a carefully orchestrated symphony of pain. Picture this: you're facing a mob of enemies, ready to overwhelm you. But fear not, for you have the power of CC (crowd control) at your fingertips. Open with a Sap on one, Blind and/or Gouge on another, and suddenly you've turned a multipack into a series of 1v1 showdowns. It's like playing a game of rogue whack-a-mole, except the moles never see it coming.

And when things get hairy, and mistakes are made (hey, we're only human, well, mostly), we have a magical escape plan called Vanish. It's our get-out-of-jail-free card, our disappearing act that leaves our enemies scratching their heads. Vanish at level 22, and poof, you're gone, leaving your foes wondering where on Azeroth you vanished to.

Now, let's talk about Riposte, the hidden gem of solo rogue abilities. It's like a sassy slap in the face, dealing a hefty amount of damage for a mere 10 energy. The catch? You can only use it after parrying an attack. But fear not, my agile compatriots, because with 5 points in Deflection, you'll be parrying more often than a rogue dodges a question about their true profession. And guess what? It also disarms your foe for a glorious 6 seconds. So, go ahead, disarm those baddies and watch them flail around like fish out of water.

Oh, and don't forget about poisons! Once you hit level 22 or beyond, it's time to coat those blades with a touch of venomous delight. Double Instant Poison is a personal favorite, but if you're dealing with slippery mobs or planning to kite some beefy enemies, a stack of Crippling Poison in your inventory will save the day. Because nothing says "stop running, you scoundrel" like a crippling dose of poison.

Now, let's fast forward to level 30. That's when the real fun begins with Blade Flurry. It's like unleashing a whirlwind of destruction, striking multiple foes at once. Say goodbye to those pesky camps that once posed a challenge. And when combined with Evasion, you can waltz through a storm of blows, feeling as invincible as a rogue with a new pair of shiny daggers.

But wait, there's more! At level 40, Adrenaline Rush enters the scene, turning us into elite quest conquerors. Those dreaded elites that once made us tremble? Not anymore. With Adrenaline Rush, we become a blur of deadly efficiency, slicing through our enemies with unrivaled speed.

So, my stealthy comrades, remember to master the art of crowd control, utilize your Vanish wisely, embrace the power of Riposte, coat your blades with venom, dance with Blade Flurry, and revel in the rush of Adrenaline. As rogues, we are the embodiment of cunning and precision, striking fear into the hearts of our adversaries. Now go forth, my rogues, and make the shadows proud!


Secondary Professions: Unleashing the Rogue's Practical Side

Ah, my fellow rogues, let's delve into the world of secondary professions. These little gems can add a sprinkle of utility and flavor to our sneaky adventures. So, grab your bandages and strap on your chef's hat, because we're about to explore the rogue's practical side with a hint of humor.

First things first, let's address the essential secondary profession for any self-respecting rogue: First Aid. Trust me, you don't want to be caught in a sticky situation without a trusty bandage. First Aid is our safety net, our lifeline when things go awry. Not only is it handy between mob encounters, but you can even bandage yourself while your enemy is left in a dazed state from a well-executed Gouge. It's like rubbing salt in the wound, but in a good way.

Now, let's talk about Cooking. While it may not be as vital as First Aid, it's still worth pursuing. Get that skill up to at least 60, and you'll be rewarded with Thistle Tea. Ah, Thistle Tea, the rogue's ultimate pick-me-up, granting energy regeneration like a well-oiled machine. Plus, leveling up your cooking will unlock some entertaining cooking quests along the way. Who said rogues can't be culinary connoisseurs?

As for Fishing, well, let's just say it's not exactly our forte. Unless you have a secret desire to become a master angler, you can safely skip this one. After all, rogues prefer to spend their time with daggers, not fishing rods.

Now, let's dive into the exciting world of profession combos. Herbalism/Alchemy takes the crown as the most popular choice among rogues, and for good reason. It provides us with a steady supply of rogue-specific goodies like Thistle Tea and Blinding Powder. Swiftthistle and Fadeleaf, the main ingredients for Blinding Powder, are the keys to our enemy's temporary blindness. Plus, as rogues, we know how to make the most of those stat buffs. Who said herbs were just for making potions? We turn them into tools of deception and destruction.

On the other hand, we have Mining/Engineering, which adds a delightful touch of chaos to our rogue lives. Not only does it grant us additional stun options and burst damage, but it also gifts us with the marvelous creation known as Target Dummy. It's like having a temporary decoy that taunts enemies and buys us precious time to strike. However, a word of caution: if you decide to lay a Dummy and then Vanish while the Dummy is still active, prepare yourself for a surprise. You'll be thrown back into combat, stealthed but not quite safe, as the mobs start running at you once the taunt wears off. So, while Target Dummies can save your skin, make sure you don't end up with a bigger mess on your hands.

Skinning/Leatherworking, well, it's not exactly the top choice for stats and utility. It's more of a personal preference, a hobby for those who want to embrace their inner leather enthusiasts. While it may not provide the same impact as Alchemy or Engineering, it can still have its moments of usefulness. Just don't expect it to make you an unstoppable force of nature.

And as for any other professions out there, let's just say they don't quite make the cut for us cunning rogues. We have our favorites, our go-to options that suit our playstyle and give us that extra edge. So, save yourself the trouble and stick to what truly complements your rogueish endeavors.

So, my fellow rogues, embrace the art of bandaging, whip up some delectable Thistle Tea, and choose your profession combo wisely. Whether you're a master of herbs and alchemy or a master of chaos and engineering, let your secondary professions be a testament to your rogueish prowess. After all, we're not just sneaky stabbers, we're practical and resourceful rogues.

Class Quests

Unleashing Your Rogue's Class Quest Adventures

Congratulations, fellow rogue! You've reached the glorious milestone of level 10, and with it comes a class quest that holds a shiny reward—a Dagger that will serve you well as you stab your way through your teenage years. Yes, that's right, you'll be wielding this trusty weapon with pride, sticking it to your foes and embracing the true spirit of the rogue.

But that's not all. Around level 20, another exciting class quest awaits you—lockpicking. Now, lockpicking is an essential skill for any self-respecting rogue, and this quest will unlock a world of opportunities for you. But before you embark on this daring adventure, make sure your lockpick skill is at least 70. You don't want to end up with broken lockpicks and a sense of frustration. Trust me, it's like trying to pick a lock with a banana—it just doesn't work.

Now, here's a little insider tip: Hold off on the poison questline until you reach level 22. Why, you ask? Well, my stealthy friend, at level 22, you'll have the chance to learn a magnificent skill called Vanish. And let me tell you, Vanish is like a magic trick that can save your sneaky behind in dire situations. So, before you embark on your poison quest, don't forget to visit your friendly neighborhood rogue trainer and learn the art of Vanish. Oh, and while you're at it, grab some Flash Powder from the vendor. It'll come in handy when things get a little too bright for your liking.

Now, let me warn you about the perils that await you on the poison questline. Those mobs hit harder than a freight train hauling critters on a rampage. If your Pickpocket or Sap ever decides to resist, you'll be feeling the pain in no time. So, it's wise to be a bit higher in level, around 22, to increase your chances of success. And remember, Vanish is your ultimate backup plan. It's like your trusty escape hatch, allowing you to disappear into thin air when things get too hairy.

Ah, but there's one more thing you need to keep in mind during this thrilling adventure. As you wrap up the poison questline, make sure your First Aid skill reaches 80. Trust me, you'll thank me later. Why? Because those sneaky enemies will unleash a 7-day duration poison on you. It's like having a pesky stain on your favorite rogue attire, except this stain lowers your agility and makes your stealth far less effective. But fear not, my friend, for there is a remedy. Get yourself a Small Venom Sac and use it to craft an Anti-Venom. It's the ultimate poison cleanser, wiping away the effects of that nefarious concoction and restoring you to your full rogue glory.

So, my fellow rogues, gear up, sharpen your blades, and embark on these exhilarating class quests. They will shape you into the rogue you were destined to be. Embrace the rewards, navigate the challenges, and remember, a little bit of stealth, a dash of cunning, and a pinch of humor will guide you through your rogueish adventures with style.

Weapons to Use

A Weapon-Wielding Adventure: Your Rogue's Arsenal

Ah, fellow rogues, let's delve into the world of weapons and arm ourselves with the finest tools for our dastardly deeds. Now, this here is a handy weapon list, filled with juicy options. But remember, we're focusing on dungeon quest rewards, not those elusive random drops or BoEs. In general, boss drops tend to be more enticing than level-equivalent quest rewards or BoEs. So keep your eyes peeled for those boss goodies.

When it comes to weapons, always aim for the highest top-end damage in your mainhand. Why, you ask? Because your abilities are like eager little puppies, wagging their tails and scaling off that sweet weapon damage. So, let's not disappoint them, shall we?

Now, for your offhand weapon, a fast one is ideal for applying those delicious poisons. But if you stumble upon a significant difference in dps between your options, don't fret. Just go ahead and equip the weapon with the highest dps and best stats. It may not have the speed, but trust me, it'll still deliver a solid punch and outshine that puny bit of extra poison damage.

Let's break it down by faction, my stealthy Alliance comrades. Here's your weapon progression guide:

Pre-10: Scrounge up some coins and head to your starting town vendor. Splurge on a Stiletto as soon as you can afford it. Trust me, it'll make you feel like a true rogue-in-training.

10-15: Now, things are getting serious. Make your way to Ironforge and learn the art of wielding 1H Maces. Then, embark on the quest A Pilot's Revenge (+Lost Pilot) in Dun Morogh. Choose the Compact Hammer as your reward. It boasts the highest top-end damage available for quite a while. As for your offhand, complete your class quest and earn the prestigious Blade of Cunning. You've earned it, my friend.

16-20: It's time to upgrade your mainhand weapon. Find yourself a sturdy Hammer. But don't stop there! Venture into Loch Modan and take on the challenge of A Hunter's Challenge. Complete this quest, and you'll be rewarded with Daryl's Shortsword for your offhand. Oh, and don't forget to learn 1H Swords in Stormwind before you head out on this adventure.

21-25: Get ready for some shopping, my fellow rogues. Acquire a Longsword for your mainhand and grab a Kris (if you're feeling feisty, snag it as early as level 19) for your offhand. It's all about the variety, you know.

25-30: Now, if you happen to be a herbalist, rejoice! Engage in the Greenwarden's Questline in Wetlands. Your endeavors will lead you to a grand finale with Rethiel, and your reward will be the illustrious Phytoblade. But fear not, non-herbalist rogues! Head on over to The Stockades and complete the quest What Comes Around. Your triumph will be rewarded with the mighty Lucine Longsword. It's all about making the most of your opportunities, my friends.

31-34: Time for another shopping spree. Treat yourself to a shiny Broadsword. Trust me, it'll make you feel like a true rogue of distinction.

35-39: Prepare for an adventure in the Badlands. Seek out the quest A Dwarf and His Tools and secure Ryedol's Hammer. It's the kind of weapon that'll make your enemies quiver in their boots.

39+: The journey continues, my friends. Now is the time to claim exceptional dungeon rewards. Pay a visit to both Scarlet Monastery (SM) and Razorfen Downs (RFD). In SM, complete the quest In the Name of the Light and earn the illustrious Sword of Serenity. In RFD, embark on the quest Bring the Light and acquire the formidable Vanquisher's Sword. These beauties will serve you well as you creep towards greatness.

48+: Oh, Maraudon, the treasure trove of delights. Seek out Corruption of Earth and Seed and claim the coveted Thrash Blade. It's a masterpiece, my rogues, and it shall be your Best-in-Slot weapon until you reach the glorious pinnacle of level 60.

55+: As you near level 60, don't miss the thrilling Jaedenar escort chain in Felwood. Your journey will culminate with The Remains of Trey Lightforge. Now, if for some unfathomable reason you haven't acquired a Thrash Blade, fear not. Choose the Tidecrest Blade for your mainhand. But if you've been a wise rogue and secured the Thrash Blade, opt for the Hunt Tracker Blade as your offhand. The choice is yours, my daring rogues.

And there you have it, a rogues' weapon progression guide fit for the stealthiest of heroes. So, sharpen those blades, polish those hilts, and embrace the power that lies within your arsenal. May your strikes be swift, your enemies be oblivious, and your adventures be filled with excitement and plenty of shiny loot. Happy hunting, my fellow rogues!

Danger Everywhere

Dancing with Danger: Handling Mobs Like a Rogue Maestro

Ah, the delicate art of engaging mobs without getting yourself into a pickle. Before you attain the glorious Blade Flurry ability, it's best to approach mobs one by one. Take it slow and steady, my fellow rogues. But hey, life isn't always a solo tango, right? Sometimes, you might find yourself face-to-face with a whole group of rambunctious enemies. Fear not! Your trusty crowd control abilities like Sap and Gouge are here to save the day. Give those baddies a taste of their own medicine. Show them what it means to be truly stunned!

Now, picture this: You're in the thick of it, surrounded by mobs that are just a tad too eager to make you their midnight snack. Panic starts to set in, but don't fret! Pre-22, when you feel overwhelmed, unleash the power of Gouge and Sprint. Make a swift escape, my nimble friends. But once you hit that glorious milestone of level 22 and Vanish becomes your ultimate getaway card, things get even more interesting.

Here's the plan: If you find yourself in a tight spot and a simple Sprint won't cut it, strategize, my sneaky comrades. Step one: Create some distance between you and your pursuers before vanishing into thin air. If you have the luxury of Sprint, make sure to activate it first. It's like a turbo boost for your vanishing act. Step two: Become a master observer. Watch those enemy swings like a hawk and time your Vanish right after you've received a nice, solid smack. It's all about precision and impeccable timing, my friends.

Now, let's debunk a common myth, shall we? There's been some talk about Vanish being resisted. But let me set the record straight. It's not about resistance, my rogues. It's about unfortunate timing. Sometimes, those crafty mobs manage to unleash their attacks in the exact window when you decide to Vanish. Talk about bad luck, right? It's like they have an innate sixth sense for rogues trying to pull off disappearing acts. So, remember, timing is everything. Don't let those pesky hits ruin your grand Vanish finale.

In this intricate dance of survival, embrace your skills, adapt to each situation, and always keep a few tricks up your sleeve. With cunning strategies and a dash of finesse, you'll conquer the mobs that dare to challenge you. So, my fellow rogues, may your CC be flawless, your escapes be epic, and your Vanishes be truly vanishing. Dance your way through the danger, my friends, and emerge victorious from every encounter.

Duo Team

Unleash the Dynamic Duo: Rogues and Paladins, a Match Made in Azeroth

Calling all rogues seeking the ultimate power combo! Prepare to join forces with the valiant Paladins and embark on a thrilling adventure of unparalleled might. While rogues possess the uncanny ability to adapt to any class partnership, if you're yearning for the pinnacle of power, then look no further than the holy embrace of a Paladin.

Picture this: You, the cunning rogue, with blades glinting in the moonlight, ready to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. And by your side, a noble Paladin, radiating divine strength, shielding you with blessings aplenty. It's a match made in Azeroth, my friends.

Now, let's talk about the magical synergy that exists between these two classes. As a rogue, you thrive on dealing devastating damage, swiftly dispatching foes with calculated precision. But what if I told you there's a way to maximize that power to an extraordinary level? Enter the Paladin's Blessing of Might, a gift that enhances your already formidable prowess. With this divine boon coursing through your veins, you'll cut through mobs like a hot knife through butter, leaving no room for doubt or hesitation.

But that's not all, my adventurous comrades! Both rogues and Paladins share a common bond—a bond of safety. It's like having your very own guardian angel, or in this case, a righteous warrior clad in shining armor. Paladins bring a plethora of defensive spells and abilities to the table, offering you an extra layer of protection as you traverse the treacherous lands of Azeroth. With your combined powers, downtime becomes a thing of the past, as you effortlessly tear apart mobs without skipping a beat.

So, if you're ready to reach new heights of power, embrace the divine synergy between rogues and Paladins. Unleash your full potential as a stealthy, lethal force, all while basking in the comforting glow of the Paladin's blessings. It's a dynamic duo that will leave your enemies quaking in their boots and your adventures filled with epic tales of triumph.

Remember, my daring rogues, the path to greatness is paved with strategic partnerships. Choose wisely, and let the harmonious dance of rogues and Paladins be your guiding light. Together, you'll carve your names into the annals of Azeroth's history, forever known as the unstoppable force that turned the tides of battle. So, grab your daggers, clasp hands with your Paladin ally, and prepare to conquer the world. Epic adventures await!


Unleashing Your Inner Rogue: Combo Point Shenanigans and Deadly Finales

Ah, the art of the rogue, where every strike counts and precision reigns supreme. As you traverse the treacherous lands of Azeroth, it's essential to master the delicate dance of combo points and devastating finishers. Fear not, my aspiring rogues, for I shall guide you through this intricate web of sinister strikes with a touch of humor and a dash of rogue-ish charm.

First things first, let's talk about the bread and butter of your combat repertoire: Sinister Strike. This trusty move will be your faithful companion on your journey to greatness. For most of your leveling experience, you can rely on Sinister Strike to carve through your foes like a hot knife through butter. But be mindful, my stealthy friends, for there comes a time when you must gauge the impending doom of your target.

When facing a lowly mob, a swift Eviscerate may be all it takes to send them to their doom. However, should you detect a hint of resilience in your adversary, it's time to bring out the big guns. Enter Slice and Dice, a skill that becomes particularly potent with its second rank at level 42. Prior to that, it's more of a "meh" situation, but don't fret if you haven't given it much love before then.

Ah, the sweet symphony of combo points and deadly finishes continues with the introduction of Garrote. When facing a mighty foe, one who can withstand the test of time, it's time to get sneaky. Sneakier than a goblin merchant with a bag full of goods. Activate your stealth mode, my shadowy companions, and open with a Garrote from the shadows. This tactic truly shines as you progress through the levels, where the longevity of your adversaries allows the full duration of Garrote to work its magic.

Now, let's address a little trickery for those moments when an enemy teeters on the brink of oblivion, and you find yourself with unused combo points. Fear not, for there's a clever move to make the most of this situation. Load up a Slice and Dice just before your trusty auto-attack delivers the final blow, and voila! You carry that boost of duration into your next encounter, without wasting a single precious combo point.

So, my daring rogues, remember these tips as you embark on your thrilling adventures. Sinister Strike will be your faithful companion, but keep an eye on the resilience of your foes. Slice and Dice becomes a force to be reckoned with at level 42, while Garrote shines against the mightiest of adversaries. And when opportunity knocks and combo points go unused, seize the moment and load up a Slice and Dice for the grand finale.

May your strikes be true, your combo points plentiful, and your enemies quaking in fear. The world of Azeroth is your stage, my rogues. It's time to unleash your inner trickster and dance your way to victory!

Tips and Tricks

Unleash the Rogue Within: Creative Carnage and Clever Escapes

Ah, the life of a rogue, where combat becomes an art form and enemies crumble before your cunning strategies. As you venture through the realms of Azeroth, it's time to embrace your inner rogue and unleash a torrent of one-sided battles. Prepare yourself, my stealthy comrades, for a guide that combines informative insights with a pinch of humor and a dash of rogue-ish charm.

Let's dive right in and explore the myriad ways you can transform combat into your personal playground. The key is to get creative and plan your approach before engaging formidable foes. Does your target boast impenetrable armor? Fear not, for you possess the power to tip the scales in your favor. Coat your weapons with Crippling Poison, then commence your assault with a devastating Garrote opener. Follow it up with a swift Rupture, allowing the bleeding effect to sap your enemy's strength while you artfully kite them. It's like a deadly dance, my friends.

But wait, there's more! Does your adversary go berserk when their health is low? Ah, the perfect opportunity to showcase your mastery of crowd control. Save those precious combo points for a grand finale—a mighty Kidney Shot when your foe hits the dreaded 30% mark. They'll be left reeling, unable to unleash their rage upon you. Remember, dear rogues, your entire arsenal is at your disposal. Embrace every tool in your spellbook (well, except maybe Feint) and adapt to every situation. You're a versatile force to be reckoned with, so don't hold back. Experiment, explore, and discover the most effective tactics for each encounter!

Now, let's delve into the art of kiting, a skill that separates the cunning rogues from the rest. Gouge and Thrown Weapons are your trusty companions in this dance of survival. Imagine this: You Gouge your adversary, swiftly retreat while keeping your distance, and unleash a barrage of Thrown Weapons upon them. Watch as their health dwindles while you accumulate those precious combo points, waiting for the perfect moment to deliver the finishing blow. Just be mindful of your surroundings, my nimble friends, to avoid inadvertently pulling additional foes.

Ah, Distract, the unsung hero of rogue utility. While its primary purpose is to save you from premature encounters in caves or dungeons, it holds untapped potential for the clever rogue. Imagine using Distract to disrupt a horde of mobs, like an ogre patrol in the Badlands during the Tremors of the Earth quest. With their ranks scattered, you can single out the boss without the pesky adds raining chaos upon you. It's a moment of triumph, my friends, where strategy triumphs over brute force.

Now, let's talk about the art of retreat and evasion. When fleeing from danger or engaged in a tactical kite, remember this golden rule: Never turn your back on your foes. Instead, employ the time-tested technique of strafing and jumping. Bound through the air, facing your adversaries with each leap, and only briefly shifting your gaze to ensure you're heading in the right direction upon landing. This nimble maneuver will prevent those pesky dazes and allow you to gracefully dodge incoming attacks, especially when coupled with the power of Evasion.

So, my audacious rogues, it's time to embrace your innate talents and forge a path of creative carnage. Plan your assaults, adapt to every situation, and make the battlefield your playground. Remember, the world of Azeroth is your canvas, and you, my rogue companions, are the artists of chaos and cunning. Unleash the rogue within, and let the enemies tremble in your wake!


Standard /startattack macros into most abilities:

#showtooltip Sinister Strike


/cast Sinister Strike

Stick Pick Pocket into all your stealth opening abilities (Garrote, Cheap Shot, Ambush). Be aware, you will have to loot mobs twice after they die - you don’t get the pick pocket loot right away with the macro:

#showtooltip Garrote

/cast Pick Pocket

/cast Garrote

Mouseover Kick, so you can interrupt spellcasts on another target. You can use the same macro for Blind too:

#showtooltip Kick

/cast [target=mouseover,exists,harm,nodead][harm,nodead] Kick

Poison macro to put on your bars. It allows you to left click the button to apply to mainhand, and right click to apply to offhand. Adjust the rank number each time you get an upgrade, and make a separate one (or modified one) for Crippling Poison too:

#showtooltip Instant Poison VI

/use Instant Poison VI;

/use [button:1] 16; [button:2] 17;

/click StaticPopup1Button1

Final Thoughts And Conclusions Of Our Rogue Guide

Well, thank you for reaching the end of our guide. To sum it up - there are many things you will need to learn but if you manage to push through you will be a viable part of your guild, raid, or PVP team. You can visit our boosting page to find useful services or our guide page for other tips for your leveling journey.

Also, a quick tip, be a nice guy. Good luck in the fields of battle!

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