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WoW Classic Beginner Viewpoint

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

World of Warcraft is an iconic game for a time when PC gaming was establishing itself as its own entity. It broke the pattern of the console and arcade games. WoW influenced gaming in many different ways – the approaches, the systems, the progression, the development of skill trees. It wasn’t the first game to do that, but it was the one, which influenced all gaming genres. So, what is the WoW Classic Beginner Viewpoint?

World of Warcraft helped gaming evolve. However, WoW Classic is the opposite of the modern gaming experience. All progress, every accomplishment, every piece of gear in the game you must earn yourself through hard work! On Boosting Ground, there are many WoW Classic Boosting Services, which will ensure your excellent game performance at any time!

You do not have the luxury of micro-transactions or skins to make you look cooler. In order to make your playing experience better, you must work for it. You can’t find convenient loot boxes, season passes for extra experience points or bonus drops.

And this is the most remarkable thing about the original WoW. Every single subscriber subscribed for the experience of playing itself. The game was fun to play and rewarding enough to get players hooked. 

The sense of earning everything yourself gave players a sense of accomplishment, which current games rarely succeed to do anymore. And that’s why the point of view of a newbie is probably the most objective one. A player, who hasn’t played the original game or the expansions, doesn’t have any nostalgia for it. The progress and the rewarding experience is all such player can judge upon.

Of course, a beginner should do a bit of research and find out which class to play, which alignment, what role within the class, what race they want to be, etc.

The experience of WoW Classic is a pure one compared to all current games mainly because it comes from a “simpler” time. In fact, the developers have deliberately coded in some of the bugs from the original one. This is done to make the experience even more authentic. 

The UI is somewhat modernized but many of the modern features have been left out. For example, if you have forgotten any details about the quest, you will have to open and read the quest again, you will have to trace it yourself, since there are no flying mounts, so you will have to walk through every single environment and explore it. This makes for the most immersive experience and players essentially become part of the world of the game. 

Moreover, the class system requires you to work with other people as well. You can’t solo it; you need to work together as a team. Plus, when you are on a certain server, you remain on that server and don’t mix them up. This way you will most certainly meet somebody over and over again and establish some sort of connection. When you play like that, you will definitely get some reputation. It can be good or bad, depending on how you play. This provides for the sense of community, often missing in modern gaming, because of the possibility to jump through different servers all the time.

WoW Classic is going to gather a huge playing community. Part of the people will play for nostalgia's sake, others because of curiosity, all the current subscribers will get to play it without an additional fee, too. 

The question is, who is going to stay? The current players will most likely stay for a few weeks just to check it out. Some of the old players’ nostalgia might wear off. 

The newcomers will play an interesting role in the whole thing. If the game satisfies the gameplay they desire and provide a good and rewarding experience, WoW: Classic will definitely gather some new fan base. 

Author Joy
Published 2019-06-25
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