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Classic WoW vs Current WoW - Which version is better?

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

There is a lot of fuss around the subject of which version of World of Warcraft is better – Classic WoW vs Current WoW. Was the Classic really THAT good? Was it THAT fun? Is this all nostalgia talking? We decided to find out.

In this article, we will compare an hour of WoW: Classic gameplay to an hour of WoW: BFA. The comparison will be made on a few main aspects and it is only our opinion, and nobody is entitled to agree with it. 

We created an Undead Priest in both games and played each game for around 1 hour. We experienced what we could and summarized our thoughts in an Overview.

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The Starting Experience

In Classic your character literally emerges from a crypt. You find yourself in an unknown world with no direction, no details about where to go or what to do. You must explore it by yourself and discover your purpose.

In BFA this feeling does exist of sorts. However, Blizzard introduces you to Darnell, whose job is to guide you through the process. He shows you where to go and what to get.

Killing Mobs In Classic WoW vs Current WoW

In Classic mobs take time to kill. Enemies have a lot of health and you run out of mana pretty quickly. You are forced to beat them up with your mace and ensure your water supply. This leads to one of the major differences – your weapon quickly becomes your friend in Classic.

In BFA it is almost impossible to run out of mana at the early stages of the game. In this game, your weapon is almost as useless as your equipped gear.

Vanilla Wow Armor vs BFA

In Classic the armor actually feels like it does something. It impacts your character and how much damage you are taking/doing. You might be wearing a crappy-looking forged gear set, but getting a new pair of shoes, gloves, or a cape really feels like an upgrade. The armor count going up is a satisfying experience.

In BFA many of the quest rewards offer the same armor amount as the previous ones. The feeling of progression is missing here. The armor you got in an early quest is the same as the armor you receive for a previous quest.

WoW Gold Then & Now

In Classic money is very important. As you explore, you are trying to pick up everything that you can, in order to sell it to be able to afford your spells. Here, money has real value.

In BFA things are quite different. Your spells are free of charge to learn and come automatically. The only place where you need money is when you start farming professions later in the game. Even then you won’t struggle to afford the skills as you level up.

Purpose Of Quests

In Classic quests encourage players to go out and explore the world. While they do, they find weapons and armor, which are useful to them. You are rewarded relevant and awesome gear, level up, and unlock new skills, all thanks to the quests. Nothing in the game is pointlessly placed. This points to good game design!

In BFA players will wonder why they need better gear when they can stand up against more than 3 enemies without dying.

Interaction With Other Players

In Classic people are encouraged to interact with each other, group up, help each other, trade, exchange buffs, etc.

In BFA despite all the cross-server technology, players roam through a seemingly empty world. If they happen to interact with each other, it is often in a competitive manner.

Weapon Stats

In Classic weapons and other gear usually, have a more balanced stat progression. Items come along the way and make you feel like you deserved them. The sense of accomplishment is imminent.

In BFA even a low-level staff stands out with its insane stats. For example, such a staff not only increases damage but also intelligence and stamina along with it. And where comes the even more confusing part? You get a pair of gloves later with only a 3-point increase to stamina only. It is imbalanced and puzzling.

When Professions Meant Something

In Classic, professions are a cool addition to the usual gameplay. They offer powerful gear and need a lot of work to master. However, they are really, really rewarding.

In BFA professions are a lot of fun to play. Doing enchanting or tailoring can be very entertaining. The profession gear can get a lot more powerful than the quest rewards you are getting. However, even if you are able to craft yourself an awesome and powerful robe, do you really need it, when you can still manage against 3 or 4 enemies at once? This makes professions look a bit like a waste of time.

Classic WoW vs Current WoW - Overview 

In the end, both games have their pros and cons, and players should try them out for themselves. WoW: Classic is more challenging, while BFA is friendlier towards the player and offers a lot of assistance. Everyone has more fun in a different way and should pick their way of playing themselves.

Author Joy
Published 2019-06-25
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