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WoW Classic: Molten Core Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

The Molten Core (MC) is a level 60 raid, located in the home of Ragnaros (Firelord) – the final boss of the raid. The location we are talking about is called Blackrock Mountains, which is between Burning Steppers and The Searing Gorge, and it is pretty much linking those two regions. 

Put your diaper on before you go there because even the music will creep you out. It is time to meet that handsome dude you see every time you click on World of Warcraft Classic on your Blizzard app.

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WoW Classic Molten Core Guide - The Ten Bosses You Have To Manage With:

1. The first one you need to get rid of is Lucifron. His signature ability is called Lucifron's Curse. The cast time is instant, and it curses nearby enemies, increasing the costs of their spells and abilities by 100% for 5 minutes. This cost increase applies to all spells and abilities, whether they cost mana, rage, or energy. The icon is purple, and it has some skulls on it. He is joined by Flamewalker Protectors. They have two different abilities: Cleave and Dominate mind. As a part of a strategy, you can use two tanks – one of them will take Lucifron, and the other will take care of the Flamewalker Protector, so the main tank would avoid Cleave (which inflicts weapon damage plus 30 to an enemy and its nearest allies, affecting up to 3 targets). This fight is all about decursing when it comes to Druids, and all about healing when it comes to Priests. Lucifron drops Tome of Tranquilizing shot for Hunters, which is required to defeat the second boss of Molten Core – Magmadar. Other cool drops from Lucifron are Arcanist Boots for Mage, Cenarion Boots for Druid, Choker of Enlightenment, Earthfury Boots for Shaman, Felheart Gloves for Warlock, Heavy Dark Iron Ring, Lawbringer Boots for Paladin, Essence of Fire, Ring Of Spell Power and many more.

2. As we already mentioned, Magmadar is the second boss at the Molten Core raid. He is one of Ragnaros's favorite pets. But of course! How could you possibly skip petting a two-headed dog with a horn on each head and lava pouring out of each mouth?! Just adorable! "Panic"(panics nearby enemies for 8 seconds) and "Frenzy"(increases attack speed by 150 %)  are the two signature abilities of this boss. Also, this cute pet drops some good stuff, here are some of them: Tier 1 Pants for all classes, Core Leather, Plans: Elemental Sharpening Stone, Talisman of Ephemeral Power, Eskhandar's Right Claw, Quick Strike Ring, a bunch of weapons like Obsidian Edged Blade and Striker's Mark. He guards one of the runes required to summon Ragnaros. Magmadar spits out "globs" of fire at random people throughout the fight so you will definitely need to be extra careful. 

3. The third boss at MC – Gehennas (and the second of four reptile bosses). He is joined by two Flamewalkers Elite (level 62). Like all the other bosses, Gehennas has a signature ability as well. It is called "Gehenna's Curse" (reduces healing effects on the target by 75% for 5 minutes), so make sure there is someone to remove it as soon as possible. Like Magmadar, Gehenna guards one of the runes required to summon Ragnaros. This boss drops Tier 1 Gloves and Boots for most classes, of course, Essence of Fire (because he is made of fire and blood), Hand of Gehennas (which you will need for a quest), Heavy Dark Iron Ring, Crimson Shocker (wand), Ring of Spell Power (this one has a selling price of  9 gold) and other items. 

4. The fourth boss of Molten Core is Garr. He is joined by 8 Firesworns Elite (level 60). He guards one of the runes required to summon Ragnaros too.  He drops Tier 1 Helms for all classes, Obsidian Edged Blade (which is probably the item with highest sell price he drops – almost 13 gold), Bindings of the Windseeker (this one is one of the pieces needed to create Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, which has a selling price of almost 26 gold), Aurastone Hammer, Lava Core and much more. Every time an add (in this case Firesworns Elite) dies, Garr gets a buff to his attack speed and damage, so you can kill half of the adds, then kill Garr and after that do the rest of the Firesworns. 

5. The next boss is Shazzrah (third reptile boss and fifth boss at Molten Core). We are only halfway there, and it's getting harder and harder. Shazzrah's signature ability is called Shazzrah's Curse, and it doubles the magical damage taken for 5 minutes. You will need someone that can remove it as soon as possible. He is a rune guardian as well. Anyway, let's keep it positive and mention the good stuff he drops, such as Tier 1 Boots and Gloves for most classes, Hand of Shazzrah (which is a quest item), Ring of Spell Power, again Crimson Shocker (just in case you couldn't get it from Gehennas, you can get it from Shazzrah), Essence of Fire and Elemental Fire. 

6. Baron Geddon is the sixth boss of Molten Core. Again a guardian of a rune that you will need to summon Ragnaros. He kind of looks like the mini Firelord and his signature attack is Living Bomb (it transforms a target into a bomb that explodes and damages nearby targets for a few seconds) – literally making you explode. Are you ready to loot? Here are the goods you can get from Mr. Geddon -Tier 1 Shoulders for most classes, Bindings of The Windseeker again, Essence of Fire, Plans: Elemental Sharpening Stone, Pattern: Core Armor Kit, Seal of the Archmagus ring, Talisman of Ephemeral Power and other interesting drops. 

7. The Seventh boss is Golemagg the Incinerator. He is pretty badass with his two pets - Core Ragers Elite (level 62) and, check this out, they won't die until their master stands still, so the "adds first" tactic won't help you here. Oh, and by the way – he has a lot of health so be prepared for a long battle. Golemagg drops: Tier 1 Chests for all classes, mighty weapons with very nice sell price (Azuresong Mageblade, Staff of Dominance and Obsidian Edged Blade), Essence of Earth, Lava Core, Sulfuron Ingot and many more.   

8. Sulfuron Harbinger is the eight (fourth reptile) boss in Molten Core. He is joined by four Flamewaker Priests. He is guarding a rune you will need to summon the last boss. Okay, here is a little difference – he doesn't have a signature ability, but the four Flamewalker  Priests are healing him all the time, so this might give you a hint where to start from with this boss. You will probably need an extra tank or two for this one. Be careful because during the fight Sulfuron can do an AoE Knockdown to all those in range of 10 yards. Sulfuron drops Tier 1 Shoulders for all classes, Essence of Fire, Shadowstrike, Ring of Spell Power and few more. Let's move to the next one! 

9. Joined by four Flamewalker Healers and Flamewalker Elites, the ninth boss of Molten Core - Majordomo Executus. Pretty terrifying name. When you defeat all his guards he will submit and retreat to the lair of his master and the Cache of the Firelord (a lootable chest that spawns upon the defeat of Executus) will then spawn, containing the encounter's loot. As you can guess he will provide you with some good pieces of loot, such as Ancient Petrified Leaf (for Hunters), The Eye of Divinity (for Priests), Core Hound Tooth, Finkle's Lava Dredger and some more. 

10. Ladies and gentlemen, the star of this article, the tenth and final boss of Molten Core, the only true Firelord – Ragnaros. Get prepared with a huge amount of Fire Resistance for this one. He summons a countless amount of Sons of Fire (level 60 Elites) while retreating to the lava and you need to defeat them all before he comes back. He drops Tier 2 Pants for all classes, Band of Sulfuras, Eye of Sulfuras, Shard of The Flame Trinket, Band of Accuria, Essence of Fire and of course so much more.

Tips From Our Molten Core Guide

  • Fill up your gear set – this one is a long term preparation. You need to do it while still leveling up. 
  • You can not just simply walk into a raid. There is a quest or a quest line that you will have to complete before that. The quest itself is called  "Attunement to the Core" (the required level is 55) and is picked from Lothos Riftwaker, right outside of the Blackrock Depths. If you are having a hard time discovering him, you can always get an add-on that will help you with the location of the quest. For this quest, you simply need to do a lava run. Jumping through the lava is the fastest and easiest way to do the lava run. If you time your jumps right, you will be able to avoid the fire damage or at least a considerable amount of it. Fire protection potions are really handy in this case too. You don't have to complete the lava jump at once. There are some safe spots that you can recover and then finish it off. Keep in mind that there are some Fire Elementals roaming around under the lava. Pull them at a safe spot, kill them, and then run through. This run is very quick, but there is an alternative – working your way through the entire dungeon. 
  • You need to be prepared with consumables like stocked potions and buffs. The ones you will need for sure are Fire Protection Potion and Greater Fire Protection Potion. 
  • Have a strategy in your mind for each boss based on the information provided. 
  • Repair gear! 
  • If you are a new guild just entering Molten Core you should be focusing all of the healing on the Main Tank. 
  • You don't need to be exactly level 60 to go through the raid. It depends on your class, gear, resistance and etc.

Molten Core is not the hardest raid ever, but it is fun, and you can get some unique items at the end of the day. Also, the sale prices of the items are high so you can use it as a gold farming idea too. 

Playing in a big party is also one of the positive sides of MC, so all you have to do is just to enjoy it!

Author Joy
Published 2019-10-01
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