Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Flawless Solo Guide

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Destiny 2 is a sci-fi shooter, that was released in 2017 and it quickly became popular with players from all over the world, following of course the success of its predecessor Destiny. It’s available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and later in 2019 it was released for Google Stadia and on Steam.

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Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawless Guide Overview

 Prophecy is a dungeon that was released during Season of Arrivals and can be accessed through the Tower top map. Inside you’ll fight deadly armies of simulated Taken and eventually you’ll defeat Kell Echo - the final boss who commands them all! 

 Various different triumphs can be earned by clearing it, especially on flawless and solo completion! And those triumphs will get you the Cottontail Ghost Shell and Of Ten Suns Sparrow. But the most desired reward will be the Prophetic Visionary Emblem. This one is earned by completing the dungeon Flawless Solo, and it’s one of the hardest to get at the moment. Only handful of guardians have it, and by having it you will earn the respect of the community!

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 In this guide, we’ll talk about the best tips and tricks that will help you complete a flawless solo Prophecy run and get the most out of it! We’ll talk about practical routes you can take, in what order to kill the enemies and other similar strategies that will help you complete it in the fastest and most practical way possible.

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Overall Mindset

 No matter what class you play, expect to change your loadout a lot when you’re in the dungeon in order to keep your damage optimal. You shouldn’t try to brute out every single encounter with only one set of weapons and expect it to work every time. Your Guardian is like a swiss army knife with many different tools for many different jobs and is very adaptable, so with that mentality, you should be able to adapt to every fight in there! One more thing we should mention here is that RNG. The randomness of the encounter is always a factor that will make the battles more difficult.

Prophecy Dungeon Weapons You Should Run With

In terms of weapons, The Risk Runner in combination with Devour is a pretty solid duo and it will help you burn through the enemies fast, which will keep you alive. Weapons that many people have succeeded with are Mountaintop, Witherhoard, Recluse, Riskrunner, Falling Guillotine and Anarchy. Remember, you’re going to switch between gear a lot in the dungeon, so keep an open mind and try out different combinations!

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon guide - strategy

Taken Knights And How to Deal With Them

 Another thing we have to mention here is that a really big threat you need to worry about here are the Taken knights! These unpredictable and powerful enemies can hit you with solar and void strikes, which are both very deadly. They are aggressive and can mess you up way worse than any of the bosses. The RNG applies to them as well, which makes their damage unpredictable. Make sure you have weapons like Mountaintop, which is very effective against them.

Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawless - The Entrance Encounter

 This first battle teaches you the essential mechanic for this dungeon - Light and Darkness. There are two pillars at the end of the hallway, which you need to cleanse. For the Light pillar - you need to get five motes of light and activate the trigger at the top of the Light pillar and do the same with motes of dark for the Darkness pillar. 

 Taken knights drop these motes but they change depending on whether you stand in light or shadow when you are killing them. Your screen border will show a notification whenever this happens, so it’s easy to track. Stand in one place and get five orbs of one type, then cleanse one pillar and do the same thing with the other types of motes for the second pillar.

Phalanx Echo Encounter

 This is the first big encounter in the dungeon. This boss area is quite small, so you need to use the cover carefully. Take advantage of it whenever you need to regenerate some health. The boss is actually a Phalanx Taken with a strong immunity barrier. 

 There are four pillars around him, which you need to cleanse in order to bring the shield down. You’ll have to check and see which types of pillars will spawn and again collect Motes by positioning yourself in either light or darkness, after which cleanse each pillar. When activating and cleansing each of the four plates remember, that you don’t need to be standing on them in order to cleanse it! 

 When jumping nearby and while in the air you can interact with them and as long as you’re near, it will count as an activation. We recommend that you go for the two lower plates first because they’re harder and then leaving the easier, higher ones for last. When you destroy the pillars, the Phalanx’s shield will be gone and you can engage him with all the damage you’ve got while being careful not to die. 

 The boss area is really small, so keep that in mind when fighting in. Going with the Falling Guillotine sword when facing the boss is optimal because all classes can one-phase the Phalanx boss with it. A sword with whirlwind blade is preferable for extra damage as well. Anarchy combined with Mountaintop is another strong set against the boss.

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon The Wasteland

 When you defeat the first boss, stand on the sand with your team to sink down into the Wasteland. It should be fairly straightforward here - you have 3 different areas with taken blights to kill while staying alive. The good thing here is that if you’re low on health, you can get out of the area, regenerate and go back in. You can use a bow there because it’s easier to kill the snipers while kiting them away. Anarchy is also a good option to one-shot the blights from the inside but really you can beat this encounter with any gear set as long as you’re patient. Jump into the bright flowing light and go to the next area.

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon guide - playing

Prophecy Dungeon The Cube Room

 This challenge is more of a puzzle than a battle, as you’ll need more strategic thinking here. You’ll be on the bottom of a giant cube, with Darkness or Light pillars on each of its four sides. There are circles of sand in the middle of the floor, ceiling and walls. Look in the direction of the walls to find Toland, which is known as the little light wisp you’ve already encountered in the Wasteland. 

 The cube will teleport you in the direction of a pillar you cleansed. For example, if Toland is on the east wall, you should cleanse the east pillar first in order to go there. If he happens to be on the ceiling, you should go east twice so you can reach him. 

 You’ll have to tag Toland like this five times until eventually two giant Centurion Echoes spawn and you’ll have to fight them. They go down quite fast, so don’t worry and play it safe. After the fight ends, you should climb up, then around the room, so you can find the glowing exit.

Prophecy Dungeon Singularity

 After the Cube Room, you’ll be back out in the Wasteland again and there’s no need to fight any taken knights here, so take out your Sparrow and travel to the right and you’ll go straight to the Singularity, also known as the Rainbow Road! On this part, it’s a good idea to use a bow to take out the taken snipers and don’t take out your Sparrow even once in the entire area! 

 There are just too many sharp turns and corners, which require boosts and if you mess up just once, even a little bit, you could easily fall off, so don’t risk it! There are times in this run when you’ll need to take a breather! Take it slow here and make your way down, taking out far-away snipers when you can. If you want to take the route when you jump down from a platform to platform, bring a close-range weapon that isn’t the Mountaintop because as you descend on the platform route, taken will spawn on those spots with you, so you’ll need something to kill them without ending up hurting yourself. 

 That’s why many players take the ribbon path and there’s one really long jump you’ll have to make. Every class can make that really long jump, Warlocks have Heat Rising, Hunters have triple jump STOMP-EE5 and Titans have the Lion Rampants.

Prophecy Dungeon Singularity Boss Fight Kell Echo

The boss fight is separated into two main rooms - the Trash room and the DPS room. You’ll start off in the triangle-shaped Trash room and in the beginning of it, you will notice three energy beams in each of the three corners of the room - they will be either of Light or Dark energy. Kell Echo will spawn in all three corners of the room, right behind the beams, along with some taken trash mobs. Kill the taken snipers first, then the knights in either the light or darkness, in order to collect the motes they drop, after which, you need to place 5 motes in front of either a light or dark pillar, whichever is there at the time. 

 Depositing motes in front of a pillar will cause Kell Echo to disappear and spawn a taken Ogre in his place, which you must kill. Once you’ve done that, repeat the process for the other 2 pillars of the room, collecting motes, depositing them and clearing the Ogres once again. After you’ve defeated all of them, you can have a short break to regenerate health and charge your super because there’s no time limit before you go through the purple teleporter into the next room. Taken enemies will spawn occasionally into the trash room while you wait so be careful while waiting! 

 A good choice of weapons to have here is Anarchy, which is very favorable since you can shoot at enemies while moving and coupling it with a Wendigo is a solid option. Also, Grenade launchers and Xenophage are good here as well, especially combined with Divinity

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon guide - win

DPS Room

 When you get to this room, you’ll see that it’s a very long hallway with floating platforms and the boss will be in front of you. The boss will be teleporting down the hall on the middle platforms, so you’ll need to move towards him. In addition to that, you’ll start to get a debuff called Dark Entropy, which will kill you when it reaches 10 stacks. 

 In order to remove the debuff, you need to get close to the boss, so any platform that is right next to the one he’s standing on would be a good place to go. Be careful and watch out for the giant blinding shroud that he’ll occasionally throw at you, which will teleport you back to the start of the hallway. This can be fatal if you have a lot of stacks of Dark Entropy because you’ll need to rush close to him in order to remove the debuff and if you’re not fast, you could easily die. Make sure to kill the Taken Hobgoblins because they can snipe you mid-air and take you out really quickly. Always make sure you take care of the adds around the boss first, like the taken snipers and knights. 

 After that you should focus on the boss, shooting him with everything you’ve got while making sure to take your time and hide behind objects to regenerate if the fight gets too heated! Eventually, you’ll defeat this last boss and with that, you’ll clear the Prophecy Dungeon Solo Flawless run successfully!

 With this Prophecy Dungeong Flawless Solo Guide, you’ll clear the dungeon in the most efficient way possible, of course, you’ll need to practice these strategies and you’ll most likely have failed attempts in the beginning but being persistent is the key to success! You’ll obtain the awesome gear this dungeon offers and stand out from the rest of the Guardians!

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