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Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Flawless Solo Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is a dungeon in Destiny 2 that has been first introduced in the Season of Arrivals DLC. Since the Pyramids have invaded the Solar system, our Guardians searched for any information about the Darkness. The Nine have it, but first, we would need to pass the trials they have prepared for us. Your goal is to use both Light and Darkness throughout the dungeon, defeat the final boss, the Kell Echo, and receive our answer.

Why Should I Do a Solo Flawless Run?

The reward for completing a solo flawless run is a wonderful emblem, Prophetic Visionary. The amount of players who can achieve this is pretty small, so it could be both a big milestone for you personally and a thing to flaunt in your raid and crucible groups. 

Prophecy Core Mechanics

The Prophecy has one core mechanic that you will be playing around with through the whole dungeon. Depending on where you're standing, either in lit-up areas or in places covered in shadows, you will receive a Light buff or a Darkness buff. You should be able to see which buff you currently have visually - if the border around your screen is white, you have a Light buff, and if it's black, you have a Darkness buff. This is key to understanding every dungeon encounter.

There's a type of mobs you will see from the very beginning, Taken Knights. On death, they drop three motes of Light or Dark. The type of motes dropping is under your control. You have to collect five motes of the same type - you will see how many you currently have on the lower left side of the screen. After you collect 5 of them, you will be carrying a big mote in your hands. You will need to put it in a giant pillar of Light or Dark, depending on which type of a mote you have. To activate the big mote, you should press the shoot button (R2/RT/LMB by default on Playstation/Xbox/PC). After you activate the appropriate mote near a pillar, it will disappear.

The Entrance

You will be introduced to this mechanic at the beginning of the dungeon. After jumping into the portal, you will see a big tunnel. The knights will be standing in smaller tunnels to your right. The main tunnel has easily identifiable dark and light places, which will allow you to test how the core mechanic works. You will need to cleanse two rooms with two pillars. After you are done with this tutorial level, follow the Kell Echo at the end of the tunnel, and you will see the arena where you're going to battle the first boss of Prophecy dungeon, Taken Phalanx.

Taken Phalanx

The first thing you will see in the arena is Toland, a floating orb in the room's center. To start the boss fight, you should come close to the orb. You're also going to see four pillars, two white and two black ones. After you start the encounter, 3 Taken Knights, two packs of Taken Psions, and the boss himself will spawn. The boss will be immune, so you will need to cleanse all four pillars to start the DPS phase.

Like in the previous encounter, you will need to kill Knights to get either Light or Dark motes. If you're all out of Knights, don't worry, they reappear after you clear all of them. After cleansing two pillars, two more packs of Psions will spawn. Use a Seventh Seraph weapon and the Global Reach mod to clear Psions if you have that combination, otherwise, try to clear all of them with any possible source of damage. Psions should be dead to guarantee your safety. They also won't disappear at the start of the DPS phase, so make sure you clean all Psions before cleansing the last pillar. Though, at least all remaining knights are going to disappear.

After approximately 30 seconds into DPS, Taken Goblins will spawn, shielding the boss from damage. This is going to happen twice during a phase. Try to kill only the goblin that is currently covering the boss. If you are playing as Titan or Warlock, using a sword with a Bubble (Sentinel upper tree) or Well (Dawnblade middle tree), can guarantee a one-phase kill. For Hunters, I would personally recommend playing it slow and two-phase the boss, dealing 50-70% of his HP per try. After you finish off the boss, take your loot and proceed to the middle of the room to teleport to the next encounter.

Phalanx Tips

  • Keep in mind Knights will follow you around for a few seconds if you come too close to them, so keep your distance.
  • You can cleanse two pillars with one orb. For that, you have to jump between 2 pillars and immediately activate the mote. It's pretty hard to execute consistently and risky for a flawless run, but it's something you might be able to use.
  • Try not to be in the middle of the room unless you have to pick up the motes. As you might know, Taken Phalanx's ability is that he can push you with their shield, which may put you in a dangerous situation with very low hp or even meet you from the arena. If you still got thrown away from the platform by Phalanx, try to jump as far as you can. The game should teleport you back into the arena in 5 seconds, so it's not going to break your flawless run and will save you from certain death.


Congratulations, you've nailed the first encounter! After taking the teleport, you'll be teleported to Wasteland. This is a big, fogged, almost empty area with multiple red lamps. 3 Taken blights and a bunch of adds are going to spawn on a random lamp, which you'll need to find. Be careful moving around, though, as there are also invisible Minotaurs who can shoot at you. They're just a distraction so that you can move past them on your sparrow. As soon as you destroy the blights and trigger the Toland orb by being near it, that will make the blights spawn on another lamp. The easiest way to clear blights is to drop a single Anarchy grenade under a blight. The damage will leave the blight low HP regardless of where you're standing. You can also jump on the blight as there's a spot of relative safety that leaves you immune to the overtime damage from the blight. Clear three blights three times, and you're done, you may now proceed to the Hexahedron!


Your next challenge will be to rotate this cube to the boss room, and the core mechanic of Light and Dark motes will return to help you with that. You will see Toland floating in a big circle in the middle of the room, and once again, coming close to him should start the encounter, but this time he's going to stick around to help us. Pillars of Light or Dark will spawn on each side of the room. Toland will be floating above the pillar you will need to cleanse. Take note which type of a pillar it is, as you will need the appropriate type of motes to use on it.

At the start of the encounter, two Taken Hobgoblins will spawn on the upper levels of the room and two packs of 4 Taken Acolytes on the main floor. You should take down the Acolytes first. While killing them, try to stay out of sight of the Hobgoblin snipers - they can do a significant amount of damage and barely miss. After dealing with Acolytes, kill both Hobgoblins with a long-range weapon. Killing a Hobgoblin spawns a Taken Knight, and vice versa; killing a Knight will spawn a Hopgoblin. Burst down the Knights while paying attention to where you stand to make them drop the motes you need. As usual, collect five motes so that you would be able to put them in a pillar with Toland above it. After that, you should run to the middle of the room to take a teleport to the next room. Using this strategy, you'll need to clear six rooms until you are teleported to the final one with two squishy Taken Centurions. Take them down and get out of the Hexahedron.

Hexahedron Tips 

  • Sometimes Toland might spawn on the ceiling of the room, not on a wall, meaning you can cleanse any pillar, Light or Dark, of your choice. You should usually choose whichever is more comfortable to do in that room. For example, if there's a lot of shadows in that room, go for Dark motes. 
  • After cleansing a pillar, you can slide through the middle of the room and hide. That will prevent a long floating teleport animation, which can get you killed in a very unlucky scenario.
  • As a Hunter, always go invisible before grabbing all five motes. Alternatively, as a Warlock or Titan, make sure you're full HP before grabbing motes. Don't forget to utilize your healing rift and big barricade, they'll save you many times! 

Wasteland 2: Electric Bungaloo

You don't have to do anything here. Follow the Kell Echo, and she will lead you to the next encounter.


You're going to see a huge area filled with ribbons and floating shapes. You can ride a sparrow or take a walk through these shapes and on ribbons till you get to the end of the encounter. You don't need to execute any mechanics here, but don't relax just yet - there is a lot of stuff here that can ruin your flawless run. When you see snipers ahead of you, try to clear them out with a long-range weapon because they're capable of breaking your sparrow quickly and finishing you off after that. You should watch out for the Taken blights on the walls as well; they can push you out to certain death or one-shot your sparrow, which will also most likely kill you. Jump into the teleport at the end of the encounter, and proceed to the dungeon boss.

The Kell Echo

The final boss arena is a room similar to the Hexahedron but in a triangular form. As soon as you start the encounter, a lot of things are going to happen. Three Kell Echo copies will appear in the corners of the room, with a pillar of Light or Dark in front of each of them. They don't do anything except occasionally shoot you. Two Taken Knights and three packs of Taken Psions are also going to spawn. Clear all Psions as fast as possible, then check the pillars, kill the Knights from either lighter or darker areas and take the motes, just like in the previous encounters. The twist is that after you cleanse any pillar, its copy of the Kell Echo will disappear, and a Taken Ogre is going to spawn instead. Kill the ogre as soon as possible and proceed to cleanse the next pillar. After cleansing all three pillars, you will have to go to the middle of the room to teleport to the boss DPS phase.

This phase has a lot of mechanics that you should be mindful of. You are going to see a large corridor with a lot of platforms. At first, the boss will stand on a platform close to you, but it will teleport on another platform further into the corridor after some time. Each teleport is a window of opportunity to do some damage. Eventually, it will hop on the last platform, giving you some more time to DPS, and disappear regardless of its current health. It will also occasionally cast waves, which will throw you back to the beginning of the corridor. This could be more than just a minor inconvenience to you, as there is also a debuff you should pay attention to. It gains stacks if you're not staying near the boss and wipes you out on ten stacks, so being teleported definitely won't help. If that's not enough, Taken Hobgoblins will spawn on some platforms as you and the boss move through the corridor. You should clear them as soon as possible and instantly get back to doing damage to the boss. After the boss disappears, you should jump into the same hole, which will bring you back to a triangular room. Repeat this as many times as you need to finish the boss, and you will complete the Prophecy dungeon!

The Kell Echo Tips:

  • After cleansing a pillar and killing an ogre, you can consider that part of the arena as "safe", at least until adds will move to that area.
  • Don't be too greedy - never walk through the middle of the room, and don't prioritize taking the motes over finishing all Psions.
  • Always take cover and move from one place to another; you should not be standing in one spot unless you have cleared safe spots.
  • Once again, a Seraph weapon and Global Reach mod are your best friends to deal with Psions.
  • Remember that during the DPS phase, the first and last platforms where the boss spawns are where it's going to stay for the longest time compared to other platforms; consider it as your main opportunities to do damage
  • You only have 5 DPS phases, then the enrage phase will start

Class-specific strategies


Hunter is probably the easiest class to do a flawless run with. There are many equipment setups you can use on Hunter, but in all of them you'd want to use the bottom tree Nightstalker subclass for its permanent invisibility. Why so? Hunter's bottom dodge ability, Gambler's Dodge, recharges your melee ability if you use your dodge near an enemy. It can also be activated through walls if the enemies are within approximately 5 meters. It has a huge potential on the bottom tree Nightstalker, as its melee ability is a smoke bomb that you can use to make yourself or your allies invisible. It can give you a lot of freedom other classes won't be able to have. The smoke bomb also gives you three stacks of "Heart of the Pack" buff that increases your reload speed by a significant amount, making your weapon DPS bigger than any class during solo runs. In addition to that, this tree's Super provides a very high single-target DPS while increasing the damage of our other weapons and abilities for a small period of time.

The strategy while using this subclass is simple. You should have (not necessarily, but it helps) your mobility at 80+ to lower the cooldown on your dodge ability. Chain your invisibility by using the smoke bomb, dodging near an enemy while invisible, and then using the smoke bomb again. Try to always keep your Heart of the Pack stacks up. Keep in mind that the mote will disappear from your hands if you use dodge, so always recharge your melee ability and go stealth before grabbing all five motes. On DPS phases, to maintain the stacks of Heart of the Pack buff, throw both your grenade and the smoke bomb into the boss because they recharge each other when they hit an enemy. Your Super also does double damage if you use it on a boss that is shielded by a Goblin (why? because Bungie, of course!), use it for your advantage!

Possible equipment for Hunter:

  1. The Sixth Coyote Exotic chest armor, which allows you to have two charges for your dodge ability, is almost a must-have, but not necessary if you don't have it.
  2. Anarchy, Exotic Heavy grenade launcher
  3. The Mountaintop, Pinnacle Kinetic grenade launcher
  4. Ikelos SMG 1.0.2 with "Global Reach" armor mod
  5. Quick Charge Arc armor mod that allows you to gain "Charged with Light" buff for kills with SMG
  6. Protective Light Void armor mod to gain more survivability
  7. Exotic Heavy machine gun Xenophage is a decent replacement for Anarchy
  8. Heritage shotgun, or any other Kinetic special you're comfortable with, can also be used instead of the Mountaintop

Anarchy helps you use the full potential of your Nightstalker build, maintaining big DPS while safely invisible. It also allows you to do dungeon mechanics in a more consistent way - you don't need to risk and shoot the Knight from the only available Light spot when you can stand there and watch it melt from Anarchy. If you're running the Mountaintop instead of Heritage, use it with all three stacks of Heart of the Pack. Its direct hits will maintain huge DPS due to its very fast reload speed. Stacking Anarchy and the Mountaintop gives you almost the biggest passive damage you can wish for.

With Heritage, or any other Kinetic shotgun or sniper, as well as Xenophage, you will have to play more aggressively, and your DPS will be lower, but you should keep in mind that you have permanent invisibility and fast reload speed to your advantage. Do it slow, do it safely, and don't rush anything. 


With Warlock, we will be using two subclasses. On the Phalanx encounter, we are going to start with the Well of Radiance, the middle tree Dawnblade subclass. We will use it because it provides good survivability with its perks and grenade while giving us an opportunity to one-phase the boss without any additional tools but your Super. This subclass is pretty straightforward - leave your Well for the DPS phase and use everything else to stay alive before that. Don't forget about your melee for additional damage buff. On the Hexahedron and the Kell Echo, we are going to switch to the top tree Voidwalker Warlock to get more damage with its charged grenades. You want your discipline stat to be pretty high because you're going to spam those nades! You can use them both for the adds clear and for boss damage, which can be good in combination with Anarchy.

Possible equipment for Warlock:

  1. Exotic legs armor Transversive Steps for the Solar subclass.
  2. Exotic gauntlets "Contraverse Hold" for the Void subclass.
  3. The Lament, Exotic sword.
  4. Anarchy, Exotic Heavy grenade launcher.
  5. Lucent Blade Arc armor mod to potentially boost the Lament damage (not necessary)
  6. Ikelos SMG 1.0.2 with "Global Reach" and Quick Charge armor mods
  7. Protective Light Void armor mod to gain more survivability
  8. Xenophage as a replacement for Anarchy
  9. Heritage, the Mountaintop, or any other Kinetic special you're comfortable with, can be also used instead

You are going to need Transversive Steps to move faster on the Phalanx encounter and the Lament to one-phase the Phalanx while standing in the Well of Radiance. On the Hexahedron and further, switch to the Voidwalker and Contraverse Hold. You can use Anarchy or Xenophage for the Hexahedron, and the Kell Echo encounters. The Lament can also be used on the Kell Echo fight to do the greatest possible damage on the first and last platforms. Don't forget to use your rift to heal up; always place the rift under the Kell if you plan to use the Lament as your main DPS weapon there.


We are going to use the top tree Sentinel, with its Bubble Super. On the Phalanx part, it will provide you with high survivability and an opportunity to one-phase the boss by using the Super right on his head and cutting him down with the Lament! The subclass doesn't provide something unique on the further encounters, but if you're more used to it, it can give you extra "Weapons of Light" damage buff from the Bubble and also a shield for finishing an enemy with your melee, which can save your flawless run in some situations. Don't hesitate to use your Super in tough situations, but activating it at DPS phases will always be more useful.

You can also switch to the bottom tree Sunbreaker Titan after the Phalanx encounter. Your Solar ability kills will give you a much-needed source of healing, especially against Psions, and Hallowfire Heart Exotic chest piece will help to recharge your abilities if you have it.

Possible equipment for Titan:

1. You can use any Exotic armor piece of your choice for the Sentinel subclass

2. "Hallowfire Heart" Exotic chest armor for the Sunbreaker subclass

3. The Lament, Exotic sword

4. Anarchy, Exotic Heavy grenade launcher

5. "Lucent Blade" Arc armor mod to potentially boost the Lament damage (not necessary)

6. Ikelos SMG 1.0.2 with "Global Reach" and Quick Charge armor mods

7. "Protective Light" Void armor mod to gain more survivability

8. Xenophage as a decent replacement for Anarchy

9. Heritage, the Mountaintop, or any other Kinetic special you're comfortable with

Just like Warlock, Titan relies on his "safe" subclass, the top tree Sentinel. Don't forget you can finish a Psion with your melee to heal up to full HP and gain an over shield. Use the Bubble on a DPS phase to gain huge damage potential with the Lament. At the Hexahedron, you can use your Super at the very end to take both Phalanxes down quickly. On the last boss, you can use the Bubble at the beginning or end of the DPS phase to gain that sweet Weapons of Light buff, which combines perfectly with Anarchy or Xenophage!

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