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Valorant Agent Kay/o Guide

Valorant Kay/o Agent Guide

After, what seems like a long four months, Valerian has finally blessed us with a new agent and his name is Kay/o. He has shown a lot of promise in the game's meta, as the suppression mechanic looks like it's here to stay, and Kay/O might not be the only agent with this type of crowd control in the future. Kay/o is still a very new agent in the game, so his playstyle and how he is used in game, could drastically change the longer the community experiments with him over time.

Everything You Need To Know About Valorant’s Agent Kay/o

In this guide, we will briefly go over his abilities and facts to know about them. Also, we will be going over how he will change the game and the meta. We will explain his unique style of play, and we will wrap it up with ideal team comps, what he works well with and final thoughts on the agent. Let’s start!


Frag/Ment (C)

Kay/o “C” ability is Frag/Ment, it costs 200 credits, and he has one charge of this ability. This is a grenade, but it functions like a molotov instead. This ability is very powerful for area control, because although it does not do amazing damage, it has a relatively large radius that makes it dangerous to cross. With that being said this ability is great for securing post plants, and it is great for cutting off chokepoints around the map. Frag/Ment is a nice ability to have, but it is not the main reason you will be picking Kay/o for the most part. If you are short on cash and you only need to buy a few of his abilities, you should prioritize buying both of his flashes first, and then consider buying this grenade, they will give you a lot more consistent value.

Flash/Drive (Q)

Kay/o “Q” ability is Flash/Drive, it costs 250 credits each, and he can holds two charges of it. This ability can be used normally with a left click throw at a distance, and then it explodes in 1.6 seconds. You can also underhand this flash with the right click, and it will explode in a shorter one second period. This ability in our opinion is the bread and butter of his kit, as it is so consistent, and it works like a traditional flashbang from other fps games. Flash drive is why Kay/o has the option to be a pseudo-duelist, and why he can entry frag at the front of a stack comfortably. Proficiency with this ability will be the difference between a good Kay/o player and an amazing Kay/o player, as his flash has hold a lot of potential in the form of enabling himself and also his teammates. Chaos flashes give him a lot of versatility in how he chooses his own playstyle for that match. He can be a support player and use left click to pop flash his enemies into a bomb site from a distance, or he can take matters into his own hands and become an entry, and use the right click to pop flash himself into areas around the map. This is a nice feature riot added to this ability because it gives Kay/o a lot more options in every situation.

Zero/Point (E)

Kay/o’s “E” and signature ability is Zero/Point. Zero/Point is Kay/o's signature ability and this suppression knife will be the reason 99 of players pick him in games. Basically, you equip a knife that you can throw that sticks to whatever target it hits, and then detonates in a radius around it, suppressing enemies and notifying Kay/o of their suppression. This ability recharges every 40 seconds, so you can use this multiple times throughout a round. A lot can be said about this ability, and it will definitely change how defense and offenses will be played when Kay/o is in game. Zero/Point has two main uses and that is info gathering and suppressing enemies. Whether you are attacking or defending, this ability is a reliable info-gathering tool or a side execution tool. You can use it to get info on where the enemies are, or are not around the map. The reason it is so reliable is because it detonates so quickly and it is difficult to dodge or destroy. The radius is also relatively big, so the coverage you have with the well-placed knife is very large. Zero/Point will suppress someone for 8 seconds, and that is a very long time for someone to not be able to use their abilities, so take advantage of that window of opportunity. Suppress can also cancel out some powerful ultimates, if you hit the enemy in question. For example, you can cancel out Raze’s, Jett’s and Sova’s ultimate, if you land the Zero/Point suppression on them. That makes Zero/Point a very high value tool that could come in clutch in very high stake situations.

Null/CMD (ULT)

Let us get into his ultimate - Null/CMD. Kay/o’s ultimate costs 7 points and it will give him a buff, that is very similar to Reyna's ultimate, and Brimstone’s Stim Beacon. The ultimate pulsates a large radius suppression that lasts 4 seconds each time, and then Kay/o pulses out every 3 seconds for 15 seconds long. This ultimate has a very wide range and will be able to cover up most bomb sites in Valorant. Kay/o's ultimate is nice to entry with, because not only is he suppressing everyone around him, but he can also use his firework buff to gun people down, as he runs at them around the map. Additionally, when Kay/o is killed during his ultimate, he actually becomes knocked down, and is able to be picked up by his teammates like in a battle royale. However, he can only stay down for 15 seconds before dying, and he also has about 800 hp, which enemies can shoot through to kill him, before his time is up.

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How He Will Change The Game?

So Kay/o is a revolutionary agent to be added into Valorant, mainly because he is introducing a new crowd control mechanic into the game, which is suppression. The game's meta has been trending towards a post plant meta for several months now. With agents like Viper and Killjoy leading the pack in post-plant dominance. Along with Riot’s nerfs and balances, Kay/o is the first form of a counter that we have that can deal with a large amount of utility showing up in games, and he can counter the post plant meta as well. Simply put, Kay/o’s introduction of suppression into the game will change how site takes and site retakes are approached. Suppression is going to force a lot of players to put away their abilities, and possibly be forced to take aim duels to secure control, rather than rely on utilities like in past metas.

What Is His Style Of Play?

Kay/o is as close to a traditional CSGO experience, as we will probably get in Valorant, because of how well he can use his grenades, flashes and suppress fluidly, he has a lot of versatility in choosing his role on a team. Just like in CSGO, where everyone has the same utility, his flashes are insanely versatile allowing for a lot more new support flash plays. If you are able to learn some Kay/o flash lineups, you will be able to potentially set up your teammates to grab some easy kills, on attacker and defender's side. In general Kay/o's game plan is to use his abilities to support his teammates, or support himself to take aggressive fights. For example, let us talk about how Kay/o can use the Zero/Point ability in two different ways to support his team. First, he can use his “E” aggressively to get info on where the enemy players are on the map, and since this recharges in 40 seconds it is pretty worthwhile to use it for early information. At the start of a round you can throw your Zero/Point at an area that enemies are usually expected to hide in, to see if they are playing close or if they are not. Getting this kind of crucial info will allow you to make better informed decisions on rotations, or areas to contest. He can also use this ability passively and throw Zero/Point in to nullify enemies when he knows they are close. If you are on defense and you hear a ton of footsteps coming towards your bomb site, throw Zero/Point at the front of the bomb site as enemies walk in, to sabotage their push and potentially stall for rotates, or force them to take dry peaks. Differentiating in game the best times to use Zero/Point aggressively or passively will be crucial for maximizing Kay/o's potential. Kay/o is well-rounded as an agent both on offense and defense.

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On offense he will be initiating the fight for his team, as he throws in his abilities before an execute or entering with his ultimate if necessary. He has the choice of playing as an entry that functions a lot like Phoenix, or plays a support that can empower his teammate's entry as well, due to how versatile his flashes are. One of the simplest but still effective strategies, a lot of running teams will do, is five man rushes sight when Kay/o has his ultimate, in order to use that 15 second window to completely take over a site. On defense, Kay/o has the option to place a site anchor and use his Zero/Point and flashbangs to counter and execute, or he can play as a solid rotator because his abilities have a lot of support capabilities built in, which means him supporting a sentinel could make an enemy's life miserable. Suppress in the clutch is extremely useful and should be safe for retakes, to coordinate with your teammates. With that being said, Kay/o counters sentinels and controllers, and since they are played so often in games, Kay/o will be a great pick for most situations. Maps like Breeze will be a bit difficult for Kay/o to get utility use out of, because his Zero/Point won't be able to suppress as much of a bomb site as usual. It is not uncommon on the bomb sites, like Breeze “A” site for Kay/o to throw a Zero/Point in and not hit enemies, despite there being hidden defenders on site. Be careful not to get a false sense of confidence when throwing his knife in for information. This also means that Kay/o will need info-gathering agents paired with him on big maps to cover the ground that his Zero/Point lacks, or the game plan needs to be changed to somehow split up the sites with agents like Viper or smoke agents.

Team Comps He Works Well With

Because Kay/o is such a well-rounded agent, you can run him into almost any team comp, and he will rarely feel out of place. Mobility-based agents work well with Kay/o, because they can quickly get in and kill people that he has suppressed or blinded, and he can also support very well. So that means he is able to keep up with the pace of high mobility agents as well. For example, agents like Jett and Raze are able to quickly get in and take advantage of enemies while they are blind or suppressed. Furthermore, Kay/o has a very strong ability set that is not really countered by any other agents. So he is able to consistently bring value to the team, regardless of the situation. He also works very well with utility-based agents such as Sage, Cypher, Killjoy, Astra, Breach and Viper, because he can suppress enemies and prevent them from using abilities to escape, when they are caught in his teammate fire. Another great pairing would be Reyna with Kay/o, because she can bait him as he runs in with his ultimate, and clean up the kills that he can not secure, enabling her own ability set without having to sacrifice Kay/o specifically.

Thoughts on Valorant Agent Kay/o

Honestly, there are just so many agents that Kay/o works well with, that the possibilities in game are endless. Whether it is to support duelists, or pair with controllers and sentinels, or even other initiators, Kay/o has enough versatility to fit into basically every situation, and he has some very powerful combinations. If you are having troubles mastering the agent but you want good stats with him, look through our Valorant Boosting catalog of services, and maybe we will have something that can help you.

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