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Buy New World Gear Score Boost

Stats and gear Tiers in New World are not the only stat your equipment will have. There is a secondary stat called Gear Score that will show roughly how good your gear is and this will be the main way you and your character will be judged by potential party and raid leaders. If you wanna get an easy way into every party and acquire better equipment at the same time you are at the right place. Our Gear Score service will help you get new and better equipment and increase your overall Gear Score level. Order now, and our team of professional players will help you get new and shiny armor and weapons and increase your gear score up to the desired levels!

New World Gear Score Boost - What Do You Get?

  • Your overall Gear Score will be increased to the selected level
  • ETA for the service can be from 1 to 7 days, depending on the levels required and orders in queue!
  • Many items and other loot!
  • Unlock Expeditions, Wars, and more!
  • Coins, Azoth, and other goodies
  • Achievements & Titles specific to the boost!
  • Option to select a specific booster

Additional Options Explained:

  • Appear Offline - is a service we usually provide by default. We will play while "'offline" or "invisible", and we will never reply back to any messages. Note that when playing in a party, the "offline" status will have to be temporarily disabled.
  • Stream - For a flat tax of 10$ you will get a private stream link from Youtube, Twitch, or another service provider. The link will be provided by your booster in your order chat (only for registered users). The order chat can be easily found in your Order Panel in your Boosting Ground Profile!
  • Region - this option allows you to select the region your character is on so we can find you a booster faster!


  • Owning an original copy of New World
  • Character Created
  • At least level 30 for Gear Score 0-400
  • At least level 50 for Gear Score 400 or better
  • At least level 60 for Gear Score 580 or better
  • If you don't meet the requirements, check out our New World Leveling Boost service

Things You Should Know

  • IMPORTANT: Completing a boost for 500+ Gear Score will greatly depend on the condition of your realm!