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New World Professions Boost

Profession and crafting skills are a big part of any MMORPG and New World is not an exception. Here they are one of the main ways of getting good quality items and build op on in-game currencies. Unlike the other similar games here the crafting system is a bit more complex. The crafting skills are divided into 3 main categories and in addition to the two standard Gathering and Crafting branches the third one - Refining is added that gives additional depth to the system. Each of the 3 main categories has specific skills that will require leveling. As you might have guessed the skills in the Gathering branch are Woodcutting, Minning, Fishing, Harvesting and Tracking, and Skinning. They will help you gather the raw ingredients needed for crafting items. However, you will need to refine them in order to actually create items. For that, you will need the second category - Refining Skills. For the first time, those skills are separated from the gathering ones and you will have to level up your Smelting, Woodworking, Leatherworking, Weaving, and Stonecutting separately. When you have high enough skills here you will then have to upgrade your Crafting professions. There is nothing shockingly new here but you will need your Weaponsmithing, Armor Crafting, Engineering, Alchemy, and  Cooking in order to craft equipment and consumables. However, leveling up all of those skills will require a massive amount of time and you will surely want to get them all maxed out if you want to be competitive in this amazing game. If you don't have the time or the nerves to grind, here you will find services for all the professional skills in New World. Our team of professional boosters with years of experience in MMORPG games will be happy to help you with this tedious endeavor with appropriate New World Boosting Service.

New World Professions Boost – What Do You Get?

  • Safe and efficient completion of the chosen service.
  • You keep all the loots obtained during the boost.
  • The service is completed by proven and skilled players, without using any programs or bots.
  • You can select a specific booster to complete the boost.
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  • Special rewards and account leveling system for loyal customers.

Requirements For New World Professions Boost

  • There might be specific requirements, depending on the selected service. Please, read all the information about it before ordering.