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WoW Classic Engineering: PvP Leveling

Engineering is a crafting profession in World of Warcraft Classic. What's so special about this profession is that it's the only one that can improve your combat skills.

Engineers can create some useful items, and even though you can easily find those items in the Auction House (AH), it's always a good thing to be able to gather them all by yourself. 

As an engineer, it is a good idea to have the Mining Profession as well, because a lot of the materials you need are brought by miners (or the AH haha).

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WoW Classic Engineering: PvP Leveling  

There are two types of Engineering: Goblin and Gnomish.

Specifically for PvP, Gnomish Engineering is a better choice. It produces items like:

  •  Gnomish Death Ray (a level 48 Trinket);
  • Gnomish Rocket Boots (they increase your run speed for twenty seconds);
  • Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt (when using this item, a shield of force protects you from the next 500 damage done over the next ten minutes);
  • Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector (it captures your target in a net for ten seconds, and it has ten minutes cooldown);
  • Gnomish Mind Control Cap (you can control the mind of a humanoid target for twenty seconds, by engaging in, and winning mental combat)

There are few items that you can buy from Engineers and use without actually being one. Those items are Goblin Rocket Boots, Discombobulator Ray, Flash Bomb and Gnomish Death Ray.

So let's start with the Engineering PvP leveling advises for level 1 to 75:  

  • To make it to level 40, you simply need to create sixty Rough Blasting Powder, and for them, you'll need sixty Rough Stones (this is where you will need the Mining profession). After you create them, you can sell them all, keep them or sell half of them and keep the rest for future use because you'll need them after level 60 of Engineering.  
  • From 40 to level 60 – simply create thirty Handful of Copper Bolts. To do so, you'll need thirty Copper Bars. Again, you can keep or sell/vendor the Bolts, but it would be more useful if you save them.  

  • After you reach level 50 of Engineering, you will be able to create a tool that will be needed later on in your leveling journey. This tool is called the Arclight Spanner. It can be made with only six Copper Bars. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  

  • To reach level 75 of Engineering, you have to create fifteen Rough Copper Bombs. The materials you need for that are fifteen Copper Bars, fifteen Handful of Copper Bars, thirty Rough Blasting Powder, and fifteen Linen Cloth. Those bombs do up to 28 fire damage, and they stun targets for one second. After you reach level 75, you need to train Journeyman Engineering.  

Journeyman PvP Engineering from level 75 to 150 (if you have free bags or space in the bank, you might want to keep the items you create – they will be useful for your specialization quests):  

  • Make 120 Coarse Blasting Powder to reach level 95 easily. For that, you will need 120 Coarse Stone. If you decide to sell the Powder, you can fish it out later in Ashenvale and Stonetalon Mountains (I call them Sylvester Stallone’s Mountains. Smart, ha?).  

  • To reach level 105, create ten Silver Contacts. Of course, you'll need ten Silver Bars to craft the Silver Contacts. Save those for future use!

  • The next item you have to create can also be fished in Ashenvale and some mobs drop it too. This item is called Bronze Tube, and you need two of those. They will take you to level 107, and we recommend saving them for later.

  • Creating 25 Large Copper Bombs will take you to level 125. To make them, you need 75 Copper Bars, 120 Coarse Blasting Powder (the one you made between level 75 and 95), 25 Silver Contacts (you have ten so you need to gather/buy only fifteen more). The Large Copper Bombs do up to 57 fire damage and stun enemies up to 5 yards radius for one second.  

  • If you create sixty Heavy Blasting Powders with sixty Heavy Stones, you will reach level 145. The Heavy Blasting Powder is dropped by some mobs, and it can also be fished in Ashenvale.  

  • This next item will take you to level 155, but keep in mind that when you reach level 150, you have to go train Expert Engineering first. So the item is Whirring Bronze Gizmo, and you need fifteen of those. Mats needed: thirty Bronze Bars and fifteen Wool Cloth. If you have Skinning Profession, you can skin sheep to get the wool.    

Expert PvP Engineering from level 150 to 200:  

  • So you are already at level 155, and after creating three Gold Power Cores with three Golden Bars, you'll get to level 158. The Gold Power Core is a level 30 item.  

  • After reaching level 160, you will finally be able to create the Discombobulator Ray. To create it, you’ll need three Whirring Bronze Gizmos, one Bronze Tube, one Jade, and two Silk Cloths. The Discombobulato r Ray transforms the target into a Leper Gnome while reducing its melee attack and spell damage by 40 and it's a movement by twenty percent for twelve seconds.  

  • Creating fifteen Bronze Frameworks will help you level up to 170. To make the Bronze Frameworks, you’ll need 45 Bronze Bars, fifteen Wool Cloth, fifteen Medium Leather (you can get that for free if you have Skinning Profession). Keep the Bronze Frameworks. You can use them to create Mechanical Dragonling, Explosive Sheep, Compact Harvest Reaper Kit, and Advanced Target Dummy.

  • The next item you have to create is Iron Strut. You need two of them. To craft them you’ll need to have four Iron Bars. This will take you to level 172. The Iron Strut is a reagent for Compact Harvest Reaper Kit; Advanced Target Dummy; Compact Harvest Reaper Kit and Portable Bronze Mortar.

  • Create ten Explosive Sheep to reach level 180. If you choose the Goblin Engineering, save the Explosive Sheep for later (you'll need them for a questline).  

  • The next item is just a tool (like the one you had at level 61). This one is called Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor. The good news is you have sacrificed only four Silver Bars to create it. After making it, you'll be at level 181.

  • The next 7 levels of Engineering you'll gain by creating seven Gyrochronatoms. This item is a reagent for Snow Master 9000; Advanced Target Dummy; Lil' Smoky; Compact Harvest Reaper Kit; Goblin Land Mine; Gnomish Rocket Boots; Goblin Radio; Compact Harvest Reaper Kit; Gnomish Ham Radio; Gnomish Cloaking Device. Also, you'll need one Gyrochronatom for a quest called "Gyro... What?" in Badlands. So to create seven of those, you’ll need seven Iron Bars and seven Gold Power Cores. Done? Congratulations, you are at level 188!  

  • Make seventy Solid Blasting Powder to reach level 195. For them, you'll need 140 Solid Stones. The Solid Blasting Powder can be fished out in Azshara.  

  • Get fifteen Iron Bars, fifteen Heavy Blasting Powder, and five Silver Contacts to create five Big Iron Bombs. That will help you level up your Engineering profession to level 200. Save the bombs for future use!

After you reach level 200 of Engineering and your character is at least level 30, you have to decide if you want to specialize in either Goblin Engineering or Gnomish Engineering. 

Since we've mentioned that the Gnomish Engineering is a better choice for PvP, we're going to give you more information about it. 

So you have to pick up a quest in Iron Forge (for Alliance players), to become a Gnome Engineer. The quest is called The Pledge of Secrecy. Horde players can find this quest in Stranglethorn Vale. After this quest, you'll get another one called Show Your Work. The location for this quest is the same as the previous one. For this quest, you’ll need to create these items:

  • Accurate Scope – you need one Bronze Tube, one Jade, and one Citrine to create it. The Accurate Scope attaches a permanent scope to a bow or gun that increases its damage by three. After creating it, you'll be level 201.

  • Advanced Target Dummy is the second item you need for the quest and you have to create two of them. Boom – you'relevel is 203!

  • The last item for the quest “Show Your Work” is Mithril Tube (eleven of those). Use 33 Mithril Bars to create the Tubes. You only need six for the quest, so you'll have five more for future use. You have reached the Engineering level 214. Now you are all set, and you can turn in the quest!  

  • To level 215: All you have to do is to create the Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector. You need one Mithril Tube; four Mithril Bars; two Solid Blasting Powders; two  Shadow Silk; and four of the Thick Spider's Silk.  

  • Next ten levels (to level 225) you'll gain by creating ten Mithril Casings. This item is one of the reagents for Deepdive Helmet; Gnomish Battle Chicken; Goblin “Boom” Box; World Enlarger; Thorium Rifle; Hi-Explosive Bomb and few more. Training Artisan Engineering is required after you reach level 225.  

Artisan PvP Engineering from level 225 to 300

  There you go – the final chapter of your profession leveling. This is where you get the fruit of your hard work.    

  • At level 225 you can finally craft the Gnomish Rocket Boots with four Heavy Leather; two Mithril Tubes; a pair of Black Mageweave Boots (you can ask a friend who does Tailoring to make them for you if your other profession isn't Tailoring); eight Solid Blasting Powder and four Gyrochronatoms.  

  • To level up to 235, create thirteen Unstable Triggers. This item is a reagent for multiple other items, so make sure you keep it. When you reach 235, you'll be able to make: Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt (a leather item that you can actually create at level 215, but it's placed here because you had to create the mats for it first) and Gnomish Mind Control Cap. This item is already familiar to you – Mithril Casing (make fourteen of those to get to level 242). You will also need it as a material for the next levels. Also, at level 240, you can create the one and only – Gnomish Death Ray.  

  • To get to level 250 all you have to do is make ten Hi-Explosive Bombs. You already have all the mats for that!

  • Up to level 260 – make 75 Dense Blasting Powder. At some point, you’ll stop leveling by making the items, but you will definitely need them, so make all 75.

  • For the next thirty levels (to 290), simply create thirty Thorium Widgets. You'll need thirty pieces of Runecloth and ninety Thorium Bars. Thorium Widget is an item that is used for creating Alarm-O-Bot, which can detect a nearby stealthy or invisible enemies for ten minutes. We all know that Rogues love to hide somewhere close in Stealth mode, so the Alarm-O-Bot is definitely a useful PvP tool. Another thing you can create with Thorium Widget (plus Runecloth, Dense Blasting Powder, and Thorium Bar) is the Thorium Grenade. Make 25 of those grenades, and you're done! You are finally level 300, and you have tons of items that are handy in every PvP situation.    

As you already figured it out, this is not the regular Engineer leveling guide, but the one that will make you level up in order to be a better PvP player. Now go throw some bombs!

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