WoW Classic Leveling Mistakes

Author: Joy

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In this article, you will find out what are the most common WoW Classic Leveling Mistakes. Whenever you have problems with your character leveling, try our reliable WoW Classic Leveling Service, which guarantees perfect results in a short time!

  • Professions

The first common mistake relates to professions. In case you plan to level mining or herbalism, make sure that you keep up with it while leveling up. Oftentimes people neglect it or just don’t go out of their way to do it. This leads to falling behind and going back in order to catch up. Skinning is one of the preferred professions because it is one of the fastest and supplements your gold gaining, as well. If you want to speed-level, you better not take up any profession at all.

  • First-Aid

Another thing is to make sure to pick up first-aid. Even healers shouldn’t dismiss it, although they have healing spells. Everyone should have first-aid maxed at level 60 because it is just so good in World of Warcraft: Classic.

  • Mob Grinding

Do not avoid mob grinding! In Classic, you can complete an entire zone of quests and still feel sort of under-leveled. This is going to force you to travel across the world and do quests in another zone before being ready to move on. So, our tip is to mob grind and kill everything in your path. Even more – avoid safe paths! Sometimes you can mob grind for an entire level, or, if you have the patience, for a couple of levels. This is great to do in your 30-40 level range, especially on the new server launch. You can obtain massive amounts of gold just from killing beasts around a zone.

Another thing is when you have handed in a bunch of quests, or you have a bunch of quests completed and ready to hand in and are 3 or 4 bars away from leveling up, you just grind that last bit and then continue on.

  • Dungeons

Dungeons are so much fun in WoW Classic. The whole process in an adventure – from finding heroes to fight alongside you, to reach the dungeon as a team, to even getting lost at times, to finding your way through the dungeon itself. Dungeons in Classic are not exactly linear, and people often make mistakes when taking them up. The first mistake is to do too many dungeons, while you level up. Traveling time to get to specific dungeons can totally slow down your leveling process. However, the biggest mistake, which people usually make in relation to dungeons are the dungeon quests. Of course, there are quests for most of the dungeons, but it not that clear where exactly do you get them. They are generally obtained from random quest areas in surrounding zones, and some even require you to make a certain chain, in order to get access. Other times the quests are at the other side of the world for no apparent reason. If you decide to go in anyway, we advise you to first be well-informed about the quests and their locations.

  • Getting Too Caught Up In PvP

Stranglethorn Vale is the first truly neutral zone in a way and the first Horde vs. Alliance contested area. It has neutral quest zones and camps, which makes it more attractive to the players. The quests and quest rewards there are great, but on the other hand, it can turn into a complete mess. On a fresh launch, it can get flooded with level 30s to 40s. On a PvP server, you can easily get lost into endless battles and camping for the longest time.

This majorly slows down your leveling pace. Stranglethorn is a place, which brings out the most competitive aspects of a player, and one can even start brawls for no reason if they get too invested.

  • Good-Weapon Zones

If you have any clue where to find good weapons or good quest rewards for each level range, try not to skip these good-weapon zones. A strong weapon is the biggest boost that you can get in Wow: Classic, especially when you are a lower level. It speeds up your leveling process significantly.

  • Higher-Level Zones

Do not rush to get into a higher-level zone! When the mob’s level is a lot higher than yours in Classic, you are at a huge disadvantage due to the attack/defense stats you currently have compared to your opponent. The same applies to casters as well. In case you don’t manage to level up in one zone, always visit the same or lower level zones to grind.

  • Discover New Flight Points

During your leveling process, try to discover as many travel points as you can. For example, if you are Alliance, do not skip the Wetlands. Or when you are in your 30s, go to Stranglehorn and discover the Booty Bay Flight Path. The Flight Paths will open up the map for you early on and you will easily travel to zones, where you can level up.

  • Make Bank Alts!

When you begin, try to make 2 Bank Alts - one for general crafting and one for BoE. Send all of your green BoE items to the second one at a higher level. Sometimes green items are worth vendoring, when you can get more gold out of them, instead of disenchanting them. Or if they have good stats, you can sell them on the auction house. Always pay attention if the green items have a spell power, healing power, or simply really good stats!

  • Do Not Buy Useless Skills

During the leveling process do not go to your vendor and waste your gold on every useless skill you set your eyes upon! In Classic, it is expensive to train skills, especially early in the game. Instead, train those abilities, who are essential to your leveling experience.

  • Res Sickness

Dying can be used as a pseudo-Hearthstone, in order to get back to the quest and hand in or to the next spot. However, at levels 11-20 the res time applies but only 1 minute is added per each level. For example, at level 11 it is a 1 min debuff, at 12 – a 2 min debuff, etc. So, try to measure exactly how much time do you need, and if you judge that it makes sense for you to take a 3 min res sickness, then so be it.

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Published 2019-06-25
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