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WoW Classic Honor System

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

There are two kinds of people – honorable and dishonorable. We are just kidding, but if you are one of those PvP seeking folks – your time has come. The Honor system in World of Warcraft Classic is now live, and it has multiple rewards waiting for you. If you want fast and efficient results, get our WoW Classic Honor Boost Service.

This System Contains:

1. Honorable Kills (HK) – Before Phase 2 of WoW Classic, "ganking" players from the opposite faction was only for the sake of having fun, but now it's a whole different story. If you kill a player that is a higher level, the same level as you, or up to 10 levels below you, you get a specific amount of HK based on the enemy's level or the number of people in your party (if you are in one). The higher ranked enemy you kill, the more Honorable Kills you will get. 

2. Dishonorable Kills – Killing a civilian NPC from the opposite faction will give you DK. So, instead of wasting your time on that, just be a man of honor and go kill a player on your level!

3. Contribution Points/ Honor – You can quickly check all the information about the Honor System when you click "H". A small window (Honor tab) will appear, and you will get to see your Rank and the Title of your Rank; the Honorable Kills, Honor, Dishonorable Kills. All that information is calculated for Today; Yesterday; This Week; Last Week and Lifetime. Everything in the Honor System is based on a week-by-week basis.

4. The Rank Points are the "XP" in the PvP system. The bad news is that the Rank Points go down with 20% each week, and that is why you should be consistent if you really want to get to a higher Rank. Every week you get a different (or the same) title and Rank, based on your Contribution Points. To get a higher rank, you should be more active as a PvP player. The Ranks are 14, both for Alliance and Horde players. For each Rank, you need a specific (or higher) amount of Contribution Points/Honor.

 For Alliance:

  • Private (15 Honorable Kills);
  • Corporal (2000);
  • Sergeant (5000);
  • Master Sergeant (10 000);
  • Sergeant Major (15 000);
  • Knight (20 000);
  • Knight-Lieutenant (25 000);
  • Knight-Captain (30 000);
  • Knight Champion (35 000);
  • Lieutenant Commander (40 000);
  • Commander (45 000);
  • Marshal (50 000);
  • Field Marshal (55 000);
  • Grand Marshal (60 000)

For Horde The Titles Are:

  • Scout (15 Honorable Kills);
  • Grunt (2000);
  • Sergeant (5000);
  • Senior Sergeant (10 000);
  • First Sergeant (15 000);
  • Stone Guard (20 000);
  • Blood Guard (25 000);
  • Legionnaire (30 000);
  • Centurion (35 000);
  • Champion (40 000);
  • Lieutenant General (45 000);
  • General (50 000);
  • Warlord (55 000);
  • High Warlord (60 000)

WoW Classic Honor System - Tricks:  

 * This one works in situations where there's a massive PvP going on (for example in Southshore). As a rogue, you might want to try to find a party/raid group, and just go in Stealth mode, find a safe spot as close as possible, and be patient.

 * Killing bots for Honor. Most of us have seen bots around the game. They are a very easy target and one of the easiest ways to gain HK. Bots attack only mobs, and they don't run away when you confront them; they don't have any resistance to your attacks (this is how you can find if a player is fake or not). Just make sure you report them.

 * Finding a spot with a good view but hard to reach and being able to attack from a long distance (mages are excellent in that) might be helpful to try against the opposite faction.

* Battlegrounds are one of the most popular and best ways to get HK, but they are not available yet. Battlegrounds will be released in Phase 3 (the content of Classic WoW is broken down into six different phases).


 For each Rank, you get a reward. At Rank 1, you get a Tabard. Rank 2 will give you Insignia Trinket. At Rank 3, you get Rare Cloak, a 10% discount from faction NPCs. At Rank 4 - Rare Necklace. You should reach Rank 5 to get Rare Bracers. 

Officer's Tabard, Potions, access to Officer's Barracks is what you get as a reward at Rank 6. Rare Boots and Gloves are the rewards for Rank 7. At Rank 8, you get Rare Chest and Legs (ye we know you already have two). 

The reward for Rank 9 is a Battle Standart. For Rank 10 - Rare Helm and Shoulders. Reaching Rank 11is another way to get your Epic Mount and access to the World Defense chat. 

At Rank 12, you get Epic Gloves, Legs, and Boots. Epic Helm, Chest, Shoulders are the rewards for Rank 13. Reaching the highest Rank (Rank 14) is when you get an Epic Weapon.

Blizzard did an excellent job of motivating the players! So if you feel excited as me, log in and get started with HK farming!

Author Joy
Published 2019-11-12
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