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Valorant Agent Neon Overview

One of the newest Valorant’s agents is Neon, a Manila-born agent with astonishing speed, zapping ultimate and tactile skills. She revolves around agility and speed and if a skilled game is playing with her, he will surely make a great use of her power. Today we will share more about Neon’s abilities, more about her as a character and we will give some tips on how to play with her if you want a successful game.

Neon’s story

Neon came from Manilla, Philippines. She is Radiant, as some other members of the Valorant team. Neon is extremely powerful character, who gained superhuman abilities during the First Light event. She was one of the individuals that gained their abilities through exposure to Radianite, the mysterious element in Valorant, which may be linked to the Dark Matter.
Neon is one of the youngest agents in the Valorant team, but this does not make her less powerful than the others. She decided to join the Valorant Protocol, because she wanted to protect the Earth from other dangerous Radianite incidents. At the moment, we still do not know why she decided to do that.
Neon’s abilities are shown in the form of powers based on electricity, which helps for her extreme speed. Furthermore, she can summon the electricity within her and create bolts or move walls of electricity. Sounds very powerful, doesn’t it?

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Neon Breakdown

Neon is considered to be one of the fastest, or even the fastest in some situations Valorant agent. She can make easy-manoeuvring charges, double-raised wall and fingers which are zapping her enemies to death. Having a look at her crazy ability kit, well, we may say that she is one of the new Initiators, or Duelists.
But what about her defending powers? Well, they are not bad too – she is using sliding and sprinting. Neon can also holster her weapons away, and dash quickly if a situation that needs it appear. She can even bring out her gun very fast and start firing immediately. Let’s not forget that Neon can even slide while running, which makes her super hard to reach.

Neon Abilities

As you already know, Neon has concussive charges, which can stun and disorient even hard enemies like KAY/O. Those charges are perfectly working together with her other abilities, as electric mirrored wall. Furthermore, Neon can use zapping to kill enemies. Here are her greatest abilities in detail.

High Gear

This ability gives Neon the opportunity to gain a burst in speed. Once she is charged, she is able to trigger a slide. She can reset her abilities after two kills. The ability is free, and it makes Neon to run 35% faster than before. She is faster than other agents, which makes her good for rotations. While using the High Gear you can alternat fire and perform a slide, which will give you great element of surprise. Keep in mind that you can slide only once per round.

Relay Bolt

This ability gives Neon the chance to throw energy bolts that leave great blast. Most of the time the bolt drops, which causes one more great blast. It costs 200 credits, and it has 2 charges. This stun can affect even people who are behind walls, it is not like a flash, and you will not blind the enemies, or yourself. Yes, you can stun yourself, so, you have to be careful with that.

Fast Lane

This ability gives Neon the chance to bring up two walls on either side, they erect forward and block the vision of the enemy. They also make great damage to anyone walking into then. This ability costs 300 credits and can be charged once. The walls can not heal Neon, and they will last around 6 seconds. Fast Lane’s walls can make damage up to 170, and they can damage not only enemies, but objects as cameras, dog, and drones.

Fast Lane

This ability gives Neon the opportunity to set duration. During the set time, she shoots electricity with crazy accuracy. After every kill she makes the duration resets. It costs 7 ultimate points. For the electricity beam, Neon gets 40 ‘bullets. However, they will recharge after a short break when she is not firing. One tip – do not run out of ammo.

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How To Play With Neon – Tips

  • Understanding how to use Neon is essential, because she has an unique kit. She can deal with almost every other agent, well, maybe besides Jett, but this makes her the perfect choice for people that prefer more fights in Valorant. However, there are things you need to know before fighting with Neon, if you want the fight to be successful. While using Fast Lane, path is created for your whole team. This is advantageous, especially when pushing sites. Neon will create a cover, which is extremely useful in open areas. However, keep in mind that even though the walls are up, Neon is not bullet-proof, and a lucky shot can still be made.
  • A great idea is to combine Fast Lane and High Gear. This can be deadly for the enemies. She will be able to assist her team, enter a site faster than ever and flank all enemies’ positions. What about the Relay Bolt? Well, this is one of the best ways to distract your enemy before you push into the area. Another feature you should not forget is the sliding ability which Neon has. This can save you in a situation of a gunfight. Keep in mind that the weapon that is in your hand while activating the sprint will be in your hand when the slide is over – you don’t want to use a classic in a vandal fight, do you?
  • Neon greatest ability is the Overdrive, but you should practice in hitting the shot with that. You can make crazy damage and kill almost every enemy within seconds. This ability will reset with each kill, so make more kills. If you are a skilled player, well, then your enemies are lost.

Valorant Boosting

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Now you know more about the new, great, fast and powerful hero – Neon. Honestly, she has the potential to become one of the most powerful characters in Valorant. Knowing how to effectively use Neon is important, and simple. However, keep in mind that it may take some practice. If you ever need some professional help – you know that Valorant Boosting services are available.
Good luck!

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Published 2022-09-24
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