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Will New World be the World of Warcraft killer?

Author: Joy

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Will New World be the World of Warcraft killer? We’ve got this question so many times since the beta was launched, and this proves that the MMO fanbase is indeed looking for something new, something fresh, but they are scared to try new titles and they are too skeptical to the new games. But the answer to the question is “No”! It’s not going to be a WoW killer, it won’t be, it can’t be, and no other game can actually do this. The only WoW killer was, is, and will be World of Warcraft itself.

New World vs World of Warcraft

The developers or the leadership World of Warcraft has at the moment 17 years of content lore and history behind it, and because of that no game can kill it. Give any other game that amount of time to develop, to grow and expand in content and player base, and then maybe we can have this discussion, but it will still be irrelevant. The good thing is that there are more and more games launched or in development and that brings us, the players, new adventures, environments, and alternatives of content which gets our gaming juice flowing, and at the same time it creates some sort of competition between companies, which can grow in a healthy development of their games.
New World has been just launched, and to compare it with other MMO games would be unfair, because the developers are trying to create fresh new style to this game, different from the ones already exist. The basics are there since it’s the same genre of a MMO, but the style is different. In this article we’ll through some of the key features of New World while putting them in a mirror with similar ones from World of Warcraft.

New World vs World of Warcraft - pic


According to many gamers sharing their opinion online, New World looks and feels fantastic from the graphic point of view. The way the graphics of this game blend in with the music, sound effects, and the mechanics of the environment it just makes up for a truly immersive experience. Whether you are just traveling around the zones gathering materials and crafting items or fighting various mobs if you are a sucker for good graphics, then this game will definitely feel amazing to you. If we are to look at its competition, World of Warcraft does look and with each expansion there are improvements made to the graphics aspect of it from skills animations to shiny armors. The developers are bringing more and more better-looking elements to the game but it will still have the old classic anime vibe since the engine on which it’s running is not changed drastically to be in line with the new titles. This can be a good thing though for a handful of players which can run the game on low end PC’s.

New World vs World of Warcraft - graphics


Diving head forward into these games you’ll find out that World of Warcraft provides bigger variety of character customization options in terms of multiple races, but still all of them having defined presets of styles while New World having just one human race but providing a more detailed customization into your character features. The way this is built in both games does rely a lot on the game’s lore and as mentioned before, New World has yet to develop into it. So, maybe in the long run a variety of races or additional features will come to this game.

New World vs World of Warcraft - characters


As well we can find a big difference between these games after the character customization though from the moment we start the leveling process in both games the action starts in a somewhat tutorial zone getting you through the basics, but soon enough after this, the leveling of these two diverse. In WoW the main story meaningful choices for the character development, and progression, and end game relevant content is tied to the latest expansion released, and all these things happen at max level or in the last 5-10 levels towards max. This is the reason a lot of players tend to rush their leveling process just to skip as fast as possible the leveling time. Since nothing up to max level does have an impact towards your character development while leveling though you can experience previous zones and stories from other past expansions and run through quests and dungeons in those zones. The general feeling of WoW is that it’s a game that unfolds its true potential once you reach max level, a thing that can be done fairly fast on the countryside. New World introduces you with the main story and conflict elements even from the tutorial moment delivering you towards your first city from where your proper leveling and character development starts.

New World vs World of Warcraft - leveling

Alongside the road the main quest unfolds at different level thresholds combined with a big variety of side and faction PvP missions and tasks which do have an impact towards the zone in which you are leveling. And also for the faction you side with the progression is fairly linear but there are multiple low-level zones in which you can progress and following the main story will deliver you towards new area while leveling. You can either do quests, grind mobs to faction PvP missions, gather materials and craft various profession items, or join expeditions, with all of these providing a good amount of experience, but being really easy to combine all these roaming around. Gathering and crafting itself does have a linear progression as well improving your skill level towards better materials found on higher level zones while in World of Warcraft the professions having a meaningful impact just at max level and being able to be picked. At that point and progress through them at a much faster pace in terms of end game content. New World does have specific elements for it like corrupting invasions starting from level 50 plus level 60 battleground and several dungeons but overall it does feel that leveling toward max level. With all of the elements around you is more meaningful for the character development and your previous actions were not in vain even though both games provide a variety of content while leveling towards max level.

New World vs World of Warcraft - leveling

We feel like New World Excels in making the player feeling more involved into the game world around him from even really early stages and does not necessarily rushes him towards max level just to feel the true potential of the game.

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Gathering and Professions

We did mention before gathering materials and professions. While both of these games do have such systems in one of them this type of gameplay excels to the sky and beyond. Can you guess in which one? Yes, you are right. New World provides one of the most detailed and enhanced gathering and crafting system we’ve ever seen in any game. If we are to talk about gathering only, both games have this element in which you can gather tons of materials from herbs to various ore types, meat and leather from animals and much more. But New World excels because you can interact in game with vastly more elements and on the plus side, cutting down a tree in this game or mining an ore vein provides such a big immersive pleasure that you can get lost into just the gathering process. The difference between these two game in this matter is that while gathering, a New World will help progress those skills and profession towards later zones.

New World vs World of Warcraft - gathering

In World of Warcraft up until max level this is not too relevant and even at that point not as much as some players might like it. You can pick up in WoW the profession or gathering you desire from the latest expansion and just progress through it from that point. To be noted that while in World of Warcraft you have two main professions and a few offside ones like cooking or fishing, in New World you can take part in all of them without any restrictions. When it comes to endgame professions, World of Warcraft comes up with a very narrow variety of items which can be meaningful, such as potions, flasks, food, or at most 1-2 pieces of armor enchants, or maybe jewel crafting, while in New World all these elements can be found and crafted but many more to it from full armor sets and weapons with extraordinary perks to many more elements, which always do come in handy.

New World vs World of Warcraft - gathering2

PvE – Dungeons and Raids

Now, let’s get to a hot topic which a lot of MMO players are looking for in their games. A really frequent question that we got while playing New World was does this game have dungeons and raids. Well, while it does have it also does not, and let us explain you how this works. The classic MMO players might be used with the general, and main type of content of their game which in most of the MMOs can be found in dungeons and raids or open world PvE bosses, because World of Warcraft has such a big history in this genre. A lot of people tend to compare this type of content with the WoW version of it since it’s embedded so strong into the MMO culture. WoW Dungeon system consist of a five-men fighting in a phased instance battling through mobs and bosses towards the end and common goal glory and items. Usually this group consists of one tank, one healer and three DPSers which fight alongside a big part of World of Warcraft. Dungeon hype came around the Legion Expansion when they introduced Mythic Plus – a system in which you are able to run the same dungeon endlessly on higher and higher difficulty, if you are able to do it before the time.

New World vs World of Warcraft - Dungeons

Now let’s see if we find this equivalent of content or similar in New World. We do in form of Expeditions. The classic dungeon is called an expedition in a New World and it has pretty much the same fundamentals – a group of three to five players can wander around in a phased layer fighting various mobs and bosses while performing their mechanics in the search of the same glory and loot. Sometimes, you will be sent to some expeditions from the main quest or various side quests opposite to World of Warcraft. Currently, in New World these dungeons act as a single type of difficulty scaling which is the level. The mobs and bosses are scaled up to a certain level, making the dungeon harder or easier, depending on what level or group you enter them with. You can farm each expedition endlessly though but every time you want to start, one player needs to use an attunement orb kind like a key to make it available for the group. These orbs can come from certain quests or they can be crafted. The raid environment is a key feature in World of Warcraft being the main focus of the story development it also provides a longer weekly farmable content with a multitude of bosses being followed by large groups of players even up to 30. In the current format of New World, this type of classic layered raiding encounters is not available.

New World vs World of Warcraft - Raids

There are similar activities which can resemble the raid vibe. All of this will happen in open world zones where multiple five-man parties fight together towards the common goal. New World provides special zones on the map where the mobs are tougher and progressing through them will get you to the point of encountering elites and even bosses. So far, this is the closest type of content that comes near resembling the raid environment but there is still more to be discovered in the upcoming development of New World, and maybe eventually we will get layered 5, 20 to 30 man raids. On top of all these, there are two more PvE features in your world which are worth to be mentioned. Periodically, a corrupted breaches will appear all over the map. They are small areas of corruption from which mobs will spawn in waves concluding with a corrupted boss. Players can team up to fight and cleanse these corruption zones, gaining experience, gold and item. Doing so, the corruption will appear in other stage of the game also, which we will cover in the next chapter.

New World vs World of Warcraft - Arenas

As a final form of layered PvE we have arenas. In general, when we hear arenas, we think of PvP content, but this time New World brings this to a PvE level in the same way. Five man parties can venture in these arenas to fight one single challenging boss, without having to progress through layers of mobs or traps, making this content a fast way of gaining experience and loot, while testing your mind and power.


If we are to look at the history development of New World, we can see that this game started as a heavy PvP game, but slowly and with a lot of fan base feedback, the PvP got balanced, getting to this point in which there is plenty of content for both type of players. Talking about the PvP side, let’s glance upon what are our options when it comes to World of Warcraft the most basic type of PvP and common option from the lower point of view is the world PvP. The faction ongoing war, here players can flag themselves for PvP and can freely fight in open world. Wherever they find players of the opposite faction even with the possibility of invading cities, we have a similar war in New World too, with an ongoing war between three factions. This time being able to attack each other while outside main cities and very often created massive world PvP groups around the controlled forts. Speaking of forts, this is one of the main features of New World’s PvP life with also a PvE element companies, also known as guilds, can gain control of an unoccupied fort for a certain gold fee, managing like this to control the area of that fort and the main city being able to apply various taxes for everyone using the town’s trade posts or crafting shops.

New World vs World of Warcraft - PvP

Each member of the same company has to be of the same faction an from this point, the true faction world begins over controlling the forts and the cities allocated. So, if for example, a marauder faction is controlling a fort, syndicate or covenant companies can raise their faction influence in that area by completing PvP quests, and at a certain pont they care declare war over a fourth. This war is scheduled for a certain day and time, being a 50 vs. 50 type of battle and up until that point faction players belonging to each faction can sign up on the war board either to come in the aid of the defending company, either to be on the attack side at the scheduled time. The war begins consisting in a 30 minutes laird fight where attacking team has to conquer certain strategic points. In order to advance inside the fourth and if they do so, they need to hold the middle flag for a specific amount of time in order to win the war, conquer the fort, and gain the new control over that zone. The defending team has to hold their ground and repeal the enemy forces by all means, and if they succeed that in the allocated time, they keep their control up until another world declaration. While this war is pure PvP, there is another feature present when it comes to defending the force periodically this will be attacked by the corrupted forces in the same scheduled manner making this event a PvE one, in which the controlling company, alongside other players can team up, defending it, gaining experience and items, if they succeed to do so. But if not, having to deal with fort buildings and constructions damaging up to a total demolish.

New World vs World of Warcraft - PvP

A form of PvP present in both games are battlegrounds. Currently, World of Warcraft has a multitude of different battleground maps in different styles as capture the flag of control the points in this style. We have only one battleground present so far in New World which is accessible at max level. This battleground is a combination of heavy PvP over controlling center interest points with a little bit of PvE, which can benefit over pushing further on the PvP. Defending some areas currently looking at both games we can find one more form of PvP present in only one of them that being the WoW 2v2 or 3v3 arenas smaller, scaled, layered fights amongst players. There are speculations and possibilities that this type of content will become available in New World as well but time will tell upon the upcoming development.

Character Playstyle

A notable difference between these two games consists in the character skill ability playstyles. While in World of Warcraft you have a static targeting moving around the selected target to dodge its mechanics while pumping a gazillion of available damage or healing abilities. New World provides a more simplistic playstyle at first sight. Being able to wear two weapons at the same time, with each weapon having three active abilities and many more passive enhancers, it may look easy, but the fighting style resembles Dark Souls type of games where your positioning dodging and aiming towards your enemy is really important. At the same time, New World is a classless game, being able to change your character build or specialization, based on the attributes you gain through leveling and the weapons you use at any given time, you can change them or reset attributes and from a tanking sorting shield user you can become a mighty intelligent gallon doll.

New World vs World of Warcraft - Character development

For the fire staff in this regards World of Warcraft limits their players from the very beginning of character creation to be just a single class, which provides two or three specific specs – either all three being DPS types, or a combination of tank, heal and DPS. But if at any point you might want to try a completely different class a new character has to be made and leveled up.


If you’ve been playing WoW or most of the other big MMO titles out there, then maybe you are an enthusiast of the in-game mounts – from random simple horses to maybe mighty dragons, either ground or flying ones. Well, in New World’s case, at the moment this mount feature is not available, but it might come in the upcoming development. A while ago when the New World developers were asked if they plan to introduce mounts to the game, they said that it’s a big possibility but only after the map gets bigger as they consider that with the current size of the map, the mounts are not needed. The players are able to run from point to point or to use the fast travel feature for longer distances.

New World vs World of Warcraft - mounts

Cash Shop

A controversial topic for both games always was and will be the cash shop. We know well enough that World of Warcraft has this running for ages, now being able to find on it various things from cosmetic items and services, like unique mounts, race changes factions changes, and so on, to some particular quality of life elements, like level boosting and the ability to buy in-game gold directly from Blizzard with real money. While some players might not agree with all these elements thinking that could bring an imbalance between players the cash shop is striving and producing a big amount of revenue for the company. In the previous beta stage New World had shown a glance of a possible cash up feature for the game in which there were both cosmetic items like full armor pieces or weapon skins to some quality of life items like crafted experience enhancers or trading skill ones. The last ones got the community quite infuriated showing a big repulsion towards this type of quality of life items which might grant a certain advantage to some players to decide to spend extra money on the game and because of this Amazon came out with a statement saying that those items were there for testing purposes with the possibility of those or something similar to be added in the future in the shop but assuring the community that at launch and for a good amount of time their shop will only feature purely cosmetics items like armors, dies, or house furniture. Waiting to see how the game and the player base develop for possible future cash elements.

Talking about money, both games have to be purchased in order to have access to their content with a slight minor difference of WoW requesting also a monthly subscription of 13€, subscription, which includes at first purchase, all the previous expansions up to the main one. That one being needed to be bought separately in order to access its content. World of Warcraft does offer an alternative though for the monthly subscription players being able to get 30 days of game time with an in-game gold purchase. When it comes to New World, currently there is only one purchase that is needed gaining access of the full game from it without any extra monthly fees. But following the traditional development of such games, there is a possibility that further patches will come available at another fee, or the introduction of seasonal battle passes which can contain extra bits of content.

So, is New World better than World of Warcraft?

New World and World of Warcraft are two games of the same genre but with such a big difference in playstyle and content can bring the fan base together but at the same time divide it drastically which is just normal we all have different likings and expectations from our games. What is sure to be said is that World of Warcraft is out there for a really long time becoming a legend title to each and every MMO player and beyond, while New World is coming out with a fresh style and vibe which is definitely worth to be checked and experienced. But to compare these two games would and injustice for both even though there are a lot of basic similarities between them. The differences are making each of them unique. We encourage you to try them out and leave them on your own skin, and if it’s the case, we’ll meet each other in either Azeroth or Aethurnum.

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