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The Ultimate Valorant Guns Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

Riot Games’s new title was officially released in June 2020 and is quickly gaining popularity worldwide, with millions of players flocking in from other games in the genre. It’s accurate to compare Valorant to CS:GO or Overwatch because it is similar in some regards, although not entirely. This is more of a methodical and planned out type of shooter, rather than a spell-spamming fiesta. There are characters called agents - 11 in total. The games are 5v5 people and currently there are only 4 playable maps. Each map has a different layout and advantages you can use to surprise your opponents!

Top Valorant guns and how to use them properly

In this Valorant guns guide, we’ll talk about the best guns in Valorant and how you can utilize them to their fullest, as well as some tips and tricks on when to use them and which situations are best for what. They are quite similar to the guns in CS:GO, they’re almost the same, just with different names. You’ve got your standard pistols, rifles, shotguns, snipers and others. We’ll look at all of them separately and give you some advice and pointers on how you can start to master them! We’ll start with a list from best to least effective.

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Phantom (Rifle)

We can compare this to the M4A1-S from CS:GO, this is basically an automatic rifle with great effectiveness. Shooting with left click will fire powerful and exact shots, which aren’t that hard to aim and can take out enemies very quickly. Right-click firing will make you shoot slower but will give you more accuracy. This gun is simple and really effective in most situations - close, mid and long range is really effective on this weapon. Most players choose to go with this when picking an assault rifle weapon and actually keep it for repeated use later on, that’s how useful it is. Oneinteresting thing to note is that if you hit an enemy with a headshot, their crosshairs will go up slightly, making it harder for them to respond quickly.

Vandal (Rifle)

Well, well, well, here we can clearly see the resemblance to the AK-47 from CS:GO, although compared to the Phantom it has a slower firing rate and has a higher recoil but it has better stopping power. If you choose to fire continuously for longer, you better know the recoil pattern but in spite of that it’ll destroy an opponent at close to medium range. It’s great for some long-range harassment with a few bullets, When firing with right-click, it’ll be much slower which makes it more useful for long-range shots where precision is key. This is also largely based on the players’ personal preference and playstyle of course!

Operator (Sniper)

One of the most powerful weapons in the game, the clear connection is with the AWP from CS. This bad boy will one-shot anyone, regardless if they’re close or far away. You have to make every shot count because after firing there is a reload animation that cannot be canceled. However, you have to be really confident when picking it up, as you likely won’t be spared if you miss the first shot. This is useful for players that like to dominate and have the upper hand but who are also risk-takers.

Valorant Guns Guide - Phantom, Vandal, Operator

Spectre (SMG)

It’s easier to control, quite reliable and very similar to the Phantom (M4A1-S from CS). It’s kind of weak at long range attacks as it it’s not that accurate but close and mid-range attacks is where it really shines with its high fire rate and easier to control recoil. It can do quite a lot of damage even against heavily armored enemies. This is a great alternative choice if you’re low on cash and can’t afford the more expensive weapons yet. It’s great for 1v1 skirmishes and can give you an advantage when surprising opponents from unexpected angles. It’s a great burst weapon which you can easily utilize and shoot up some enemies!

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Ghost (Pistol)

Not the most powerful weapon in the game, sure but it’s quite accurate and a great starting gun to go with. It’s good from long range and with one or two headshots, can bring down enemies quickly. It’s similar to the USP-S from CS:GO. It’ll rewards people with great aim and it’s very cheap as well! One of the more basic but useful weapons and it shows in the early stages of the game, when 1v1 duels are happening pretty often, so you need to be quite confident and take risks, it’s all or nothing!

Sheriff (Pistol)

This bad boy can one-shot enemies at almost all ranges, especially close to mid-range. This is pretty obviously like the Deagle from CS:GO, so it’s quite fatal as shorter ranges. You’ll have an advantage if you have good grasp on your aim and have practiced enough to get used to the cursor and aim crosshairs. This gun can be purchased at just about any round and will give your team a great boost if you can use it correctly. Most of the time, a headshot is enough to kill an opponent instantly, which again gave give your team major advantages while seizing a point or pushing in on the enemy.

Valorant Guns Guide - Spectre, Ghost, Sheriff

Tier 2 Guns

Bulldog (Rifle)

This one has a low fire rate and high recoil but is capable of bringing down enemies and is similar to the AK-47 and it’s best utilized in close to mid-ranges. Right-click firing will give you a three-shot burst and a scope, which makes it easier to take down enemies. This is a good pick to make if you’re not doing very good with money, as it’s a good low-cost alternative with steady damage that can boost you through the rounds needed to buy better weapons. For close combat skirmishes, it’s perfect!

Guardian (Rifle)

Now, this is a weapon that rewards good aim very generously! With this you have to be especially confident, as it instantly kills enemies with a headshot but if you happen to miss or panic you’ll most likely be taken out quickly. This is a semi-automatic weapon and is generally used with steady and calm hits, so if you start to shoot desperately and randomly, you’ll have a bad time! It’s quite the risky pick, as it’s good against single targets but there are much better choices if you’ve got the money, either way, it’s a risk-taker!

Judge (Shotgun)

This gun is useful when turning around tight corners and surprising your opponents with quick burst damage at close range. It’s a semi-automatic shotgun and can be quite deadly when used at short to mid-ranges. It’s really useful if you use it when facing multiple opponents at a close range, spamming left click can get you some nice chain kills, as a last resort of course. It has a high burst potential but it’s highly situational. It’s more of a secondary option and will surely surprise your enemies!

Valorant Guns Guide - Bulldog, Guardian, Judge

Marshal (Sniper) 

It’s like the Operator, weaker but it fires at a much faster rate than the other weapon. If you get a headshot, that’s an insta-kill but it takes a few shots to the body to get a kill, so again it’s situational. It’s good to use if you’re confident in your aim and while defending site bombs and long-range kill pick ups. It’s good for long-range pushes, firing from the backline, while your team rushes in, you can provide them with tactical support.

Ares (LMG) 

This is best used while pushing into the enemy team, as it has powerful bullets, which can hold off enemies very effectively. It has high recoil so be careful when shooting, also crouching can help with that but the aim will go upwards much faster, so keep that in mind! This is generally a good second-round pick, but by the time you have money for other weapons you should definitely go for them. An unusual pick, which can surprise your opponents but again, highly situational.

Classic (Pistol) 

Ah yes, the classic pistol, you can trust this gun to provide a stable fire rate and be generally stable. The right-click fire rate shoots a short burst, so it can be surprisingly useful and close range places. Using it in tight corners, especially rapidly is useful for 1v1 skirmishes, like it often happens at the start of the game or second and third round!

Valorant Guns Guide - Marshal, Ares, Classic

Tier 3 Weapons

Stinger (SMG)

This gun has a very high fire rate and is an optimal choice for the early rounds of a game, especially if you’re looking to save up on some cash for later stages. However, it’s mostly good in early to mid-game, as it really drops in effectiveness in the later rounds, so use it to try and gain an advantage during those early rounds. It’s harder to pierce through the enemies’ armor with this gun during the later stages. It’s a good pick but if you have the money, you should replace it with Spectre, as it’s a much better alternative.

Shorty (Sidearm) 

This is the classics sawed-off shotgun with short range and high burst damage. It’s good for short-range bursts but you’d be better off saving your money for a better weapon. If you’re having bad rounds, it’s good to try and use to surprise your opponent and try some risky moves around corners, as some players get too confident and probably won’t be checking around angles that often when they start winning, so use that to your advantage. Also, try and save up for other guns when you have the chance to switch it up!

Bucky (Shotgun) 

The well-known pump shotgun, again, pretty useful at close ranges and for taking on multiple opponents. The right-click fire is something different though, as it condenses the bullets when firing. Generally an unusual pick, but one you can really surprise your opponents with! If you have enough cash, you should go for an SMG though, as it’s much more effective, as it’s more versatile.

Valorant Guns Guide - Stinger, Shorty, Bucky

Odin (LMG) 

This big boy has an insanely powerful and fast fire rate but also big recoil. Generally, players use it while crouching, which makes them immobile, but also like stationary insta-death war machines! It’s quite handy when defending a site from the enemy, especially at close to mid-ranges, as you’ll make it very difficult for opponents to rush you. That’ll provide a nice delay in order for reinforcements to come and aid you. It has very strong wall penetration and if you’ve got the money to spend on bullets, it can be a fun pick if you’re ahead. If you want to go full psycho and finally catch that one pesky camper that’s been sitting in a corner, well, this will blow them to bits!

Frenzy (Pistol)

This is the only fully automatic pistol in the game and actually one of the only weapons, which doesn’t have a right-click fire. It’s great for picking up kills at close ranges. This gun is also useful when you’re saving up on money and going with an economy round, a stable alternative for when the big guns come in! Get the jump on some unsuspecting opponents at tight corners, like corridors and leave them with a surprised Pikachu face while getting their gun!

Valorant Guns Guide - Odin, Frenzy

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