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Detailed information on the Valorant release date, new products and all maps 

Even the Valorant creator Riot Games could not have expected the immediate success the game reached before the release, the day the beta version got out, just over a month ago, it matched the Twitch record of the enduring views of streaming. 

The reception was outstanding for a first-person shooter going into a packed market. It seems this game might crossover regular gamers together with professional competitors. A big interest has been shown after the limited basis of the beta version has been released with the need of its users to get an access key.  

June, 2nd has been said to be the official launch date of the game which gamers will be able to play for free, mentioned Riot Games on Thursday.  

What you need to know about Valorant?

The most recent news and major conclusions for the game: 

When will the official full launch date of Valorant be? 

-It will go live on the 2nd of June as well as that it will be free to download. For now, it will be exclusive for PC. 

The executive producer Anna Donlon informed that their goal is to bring the game to the world as fast as they can. Valorant’s team hopes to be able to do it on time for its release date, excited to begin working for the long-committed journey into this big community. 

When will the beta version of Valorant end?

-According to its creator, the beta will be closing on the 28th of May. 

Are there new weapons or maps in the full version of the game? 

-On the 2nd of June, during the full launch there will be a new selection of items. Although it isn’t confirmed, there might also be a new death match mode in the game as well as an agent and a new map. 

The company will also ensure more servers around the world to prevent the risk of interruptions. 

Does rank progress transfer over from the beta version?

-Nothing from the beta version will be carried onto the new full game. Everything accomplished such as rankings will be reset and starting all over in order for everyone to be equal with those who did not manage to get the beta version.

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Author Joy
Published 2020-05-27
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