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New World Ultimate Weapon Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.


New World is a highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that promises to give a great in-game experience to all fans of this game genre. The game is still in a Closed Beta, but it's set to be released on the 28th of September 2021. New World is a game that has an interesting approach to the MMORPG genre. One of these interesting features is the classless system in the game that allows you to choose almost any combination of weapons. Not only that but all weapons have their own skill trees. The other thing you have regarding your choice in how you want to play the game is the attribute points system.

Attribute Points

Every time you level up you receive Attribute Points. With them can choose among a selection of stats for your character. You also get Attribute Points from gear. This is why it's very important to get the right gear because it can drastically increase the effectiveness of your build. When it comes to the Attribute Points, you need to know that there is a soft cap of 300 points for each of the skill trees, and if you put more than 300 points in one category the difference will be very small and there are also no other perks to be gained. These perks are unlocked on every 50 points that you put on your attributes. This means that you will receive perks on levels 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300. There are five Attribute skill trees in New World, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. When it comes to choosing what Attributes you will put on your character, you need to take into consideration that they need to be distributed in some way among the different stats. This will ensure that your character has the correct balance of Attributes for the role you want him to fulfill. 

DPS Build

For example, if you are playing with a DPS build it will be good to put around 75% of your Attribute Points into the damage attributes. Of course, depending on what you want to play with mele weapons, ranged weapons, or magic you will put them in the proper Attribute specification. The remaining 25% of your Attribute Points you will spend on survivability and health. This really does become a requirement because it gives you some element of survivability in order to keep yourself in the fight. No DPS character can be an ultimate glass cannon, because it won't have the health to survive long enough for the team healer to get to you and keep you in the fight.  

Tank Build

When it comes to playing as a tank, the way you would want to build your character is completely opposite to the DPS build. This meant that you would want to spend 75% of your Attribute Points on health and survivability stat. This is what is going to give a relay good health poll to work with. It will also allow you to draw the damage from the enemy bosses in the raids. In the PvP battles, you will tank the damage until the team's healer gets to you. And for the other 25 % of your Attribute Points, you will put them into the damage. However, as a tank you are not about dealing damage, you are about absorbing it, so your damage output isn't really that important.

Healer Build

If you are going to be playing as a Healer, you can consider the option to spend all of your Attribute Points in the Focus attribute three to maximize your healing capability. This generally depends on how involved you will be in the PvP activities. If you are just going to be running around participating in the PvE content of the game, then you can probably get away with a 100% of your Attribute Points in the Focus stat three. You can really avoid all the damage and keep yourself out of the fight as long as you have a good tank on your group who is going to keep the aggro you should be fine. In the PvP aspect, however, and especially in the War game mode thing do get a little bit more difficult, and then that extra 25% Attribute Points spent on damage can prove to be very helpful in giving yourself some sort of damage, particularly if the enemy team starts to focus you.

Weapons & Skills

Building your character in a specific way in order to fit your desired playstyle is one part of the experience. Except for the Healer Builds, the others can choose between a variety of weapons and most importantly, weapon combinations. Right now, there are eleven weapons in New World, and all of them offer a different playstyle. Not only that but you can try them all out and then choose a combination of two that suits the playstyle of the characters you have created. Now let's explain how all of the weapons in New World work.


This is a single-handed axe that actually fits in pretty well with a lot of other weapons builds. Not only that it does have it really good base damage with the Berserker mastery tree, but three it also has a significant amount of sustain and self-heal. The Hatchet scales primarily of Strength with Dexterity as is secondary scaling. This arguably makes it one of the few weapons that can be viable with a ranged secondary, because it has that high base damage. For example, a very good combination can be a Hatchet and a Musket. In this case, you put your Attribute Points into Dexterity. This means that the Musket gets maximum damage and the Hatchet will scale pretty well again with Dexterity. The Hatchet is also one of the few weapons that scale entirely off of one weapon skill tree, rather than a combination of two, which most of the other builds do, and in this case, that is the Berserker Tree.  

This way you are losing out all of the range abilities of the Hatchet, but the sustain you are going to get from Berserker is incredibly useful in keeping yourself alive in both PvE and PvP fights. This combined with the great burst damage makes it a really viable weapon. For an attack combination with this particular skill tree, you will generally start with Berserker, then striking with a few light attacks before activating Feral Rush. Particularly if the target turns their back at any point because remember that Feral Rush gives a two-second route to enemies if you hit them from behind. If you get that two-second route, you can then follow it up with The Raging Torrent for a huge amount of burst damage.

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The Musket is a really interesting weapon because it has incredible high alpha damage. Yes, it has a slow reload and low DPS, but it compensates for that with its long-range lack of drop-off. Because of that, a viable way of playing with this weapon is only with two abilities and everything else in the mastery tree being specked towards increasing the burst damage of the weapon. The first ability that you need to take is Powder Burn. This ability gives good base damage but it also applies a 9-second ticking burn damage to the enemy. This ticking burn damage is increased to 13 seconds if you manage to headshot your target. The second ability you need to take is called Power Shot. This is going to give you a 150% base damage which gets even higher with a headshot.

A good attack combination with the Musket is hitting your target with a Powder Burn first in order to apply the burning effect. If the target then stops to heal, you strike with a Power Shot aiming for the head.


The Spear is a weapon capable of dealing pretty large amounts of damage in small bursts, yet also capable of locking enemies down with some of its debuffs. Interestingly the Spear primarily scales with Dexterity and then with Strength as a second attribute. When it comes to abilities, a good choice can be Volt Kick, Perforate and Sweep.

These are some of the best abilities and they also work very well together in a combined attack. The Spear is probably a little bit more difficult to pick up than some other weapons in the game. 

Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet is a weapon that has recently been revealed and added into New World. This Weapon is very good for keeping objectives and punishing players who stay in one position for long periods. Essentially the Gauntlet puts the playing field in your hands, making the enemies leave an area or if they don't, they will face a constant barrage of attacks. The main abilities to recommend for the Ice Gauntlet are going to be Pylon, Ice Storm, and Entombed.

As for how you can use these abilities in a combo, ideally, you want to make sure you are getting your ice Pylon in place right at the start, and while avoiding the enemies, try to prevent them from getting too close to you. While this is going on the Pylon is starting to shoot at them. If however, they do get too close to you, you can activate Ice Storm to slow them down and apply damage all the while and you are making use of these light and heavy attacks to continuously apply damage to the enemies as they are trying to catch up to you. If then you find yourself out of mana, or in a bad spot, you can always activate your Entombed. It is also important to add that the AOE damage of Ice Storms. This can be extremely effective in wars, where it can cover an objective and force groups of enemies off a certain point.


The Bow is a hugely effective weapon and it is considered as the ultimate fast-acting ranged DPS that can put out really good amounts of damage. Like the Musket, the Bow also requires munitions in the form of arrows. For the mastery build of the Bow, you can take Poison Shot, Evade Shot, and Penetrating Shot.

Except for Evade Shot, you will always try to use these highly damaging abilities. If the enemies stay in one place or run out of stamina, you should be using Poison Shot and Penetrating Shot to punish them for their mistakes. But if they start to bear down on you, or just get too close, making use of Evade Shot, this is a great way of breaking contact and putting some distance between yourself and the enemy.


The Rapier can make for an absolutely fantastic DPS weapon. It has really high critical chance rates and some pretty deadly bleed effects. With them, the Rapier can take down enemies over time quite effectively. Like the Spear, the Rapier scales primary with Dexterity but instead has intelligence as its secondary attribute. In terms of the mastery abilities of the Rapier, a good combination is Tondo, Evade, Flesh.

For playstyle, you are basically trying to initially make use of Tondo to slash and stab from a distance and trying to start applying the bleed stack to your enemies. If the range gets closer you can continue to follow up with light attacks until you are in danger. Then you are going to activate Evade. This not only gives you temporary invulnerability but it's also giving you that sidestep to get yourself out of danger and dodge those abilities. If you then get an opening you can follow up with Flesh to lunge forwards and get that stabbing, doing that really high base damage going for that nice hit. It is also worth pointing out that Flesh can be used as an escape gape skill, to put some distance between yourself and the enemy. And of course, throughout this whole thing, those bleed stacks that you applied with Tondo at the start are still dealing damage against the enemy.

Fire Staff

The Fire Staff is the hardest-hitting magic weapon in the game so far. It has a high critical chance and can also make use of range or close-up attacks to burn its foes to death. In terms of mastery abilities, a viable option can be Fireball, Incinerate, and Burnout. But it is worth bearing in mind that the passives are also really important.

In combat, you should generally make use of heavy attacks, because they are not going to be using mana from some of the passive abilities selected in the build. If the enemies become too stationary, you can make use of a fireball to send them and the ground underneath their feet on fire. If they start to get too close to you, you can also make use of Incinerate or Burnout to drive them back and put some distance between you and them.

Life Staff

The Healer is probably the most important role in the game and the Life Staff is currently the only healing weapon available. If you and your group want to run expeditions. Or participate in the wars. Or in any other form of combat, then you will need a Healer. This is arguably one of the hardest roles in the game because you are trying to manage multiple other players at the same time. For abilities, a good option is Divine Embrace, Sacred Ground, and Beacon.

When playing with this weapon you need to take into consideration that there are generally two playstyles, one for PvE healing, and one for PvP healing. For PvE, it is better to use constant light attacks to heal allies and if someone drops below 70% health, then you would want to use Divine Embrace on them. If however one of your allies is being continuously attacked, then you can use Sacred Ground. And if things get really bad you can always use Beacon to target a specific person. When, it comes to PvP, or more specifically the War game mode, things are going to be a little bit different. Your primary aim is to stay alive at the back of the fight. Then you are going to be making use of Divine Embrace on basically anyone whose health is getting low. In a 50 vs 50 fight that is going to be a lot of people. When you start to run out of mana, you are going to either have to pop a potion or use Sacred Ground on yourself.

Sword & Shield

The second most important role after the one of the Healers is the Tank. And when it comes to it there really isn't a better weapon to use for it than the Sword and Shield. This is the primary tanking weapon. It is also the only weapon in the game that can block projectiles, but the most important thing is that this weapon produces a lot of threat. This means that is far easier for the Sword and Shield to gain and hold aggro from enemies than any other weapon. The weapon scales primarily of Strength with Dexterity as its secondary scaling. In terms of the mastery abilities you should be taking, a good choice can be Whirling Wind, Shield Bash, and Final Stand.

In PvE fights, you are constantly trying to gain and keep hold of the aggro from the enemy. You can significantly increase your threat by slotting a Carnelian Gem on your sword. When it comes to PvP you want to be on the front line, getting close to the enemies and make use of your heavy attacks.


The Warhammer is a great secondary weapon for tanks and it is great for locking down enemies and creating AOE damage. It is important to point out that the Warhammer is going to scale only from Strength. When you need to choose your abilities a good combination is Mighty Gavel, Shockwave, and Path of Destiny.

In a fight, you use Mighty Gavel to knock down your enemies, Shockwave to stun them, and Path of Destiny to slow them. This gives you a great amount of crowd control with is why it's such a nice secondary weapon to the Sword and Shield.

Great Axe

This weapon is also a great secondary option for tanks. The weapons passive perks will allow you to build up and deal out damage to enemies who stay close to you. This happens because of the staking damage per hit this meat that you are not losing out too much not having all your attribute points in strength. As with the Warhammer, the Great Axe only scales with Strength. The Abilities that work great with this weapon are Charge, Reap, and Maelstrom.

The general combo for this build would be Charge followed up by a Light Attack, followed up by Reap. This is them pulling the enemies back towards you. Then you use another Light Attack followed up by Maelstrom. That way you are going to pull them back towards you if they are trying to escape. And if they are not, you are building up this damage every time you strike, really starting to apply a lot of damage to the enemy.

Need Help With Your Weapons Skills?

With all of the weapons covered, the only thing you need to do is to try them all out and see which weapons and combinations you like the most. You also need to see how the Attribute Points affect the effectiveness of the weapons you have chosen. This is one of many things that make New World so interesting and different from other games from the genre. If you have difficulty with leveling up in order to unlock all of your Attribute Points. Or with the weapon skill trees, you can always check our New World Boosting Services here at Boosting Ground. We are already preparing high-quality services, with our team of professional boosters, even before the official release of the game. This way we will be prepared to help you complete all of your desired goals as fast as you can when the New World is launched. Don't waste any time, check out our Boosting Ground New World section, and choose what service will help you!

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