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New World Leveling Guide for New Players

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

New World is a long-expected MMORPG that is about to excite many gamers all over the world. So you have logged into New World and for the first time you want to level your character, or maybe you’re just trying to level your character a little bit more efficiently that you did last time. Well, if either of those things sound like something you’re interested in this guide is for you.

Do All The Quests in The Starting Area

The first tip that should be given, and it’s pretty basic, but do all the quests in the starting area. Starting area is going to be a beach and you are going to go there and meet one of the main quest givers in the game. When you go there you’ll have to do a bunch of essentially tutorial quests. Now one of the reasons why this is actually very important is because we want to get to a decent level before we get into town. If you really want to skip these quests you don’t actually have to do them. You can just go into town and start grabbing quests from there instead, but we really suggest doing these, because it gives you a really good baseline for your character.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - starting zone

During one of these quests it is going to have you create a tool that’s going to be a skinny knife. Any time you get to that point it’s going to have you gather some wood and some flint. While doing this you make sure that you gather a little bit extra, because all you are doing here is to gather enough resources for all your tools. Actually, you need very little resources for those tools, but always make sure you gather them all, because this is going to be a great spot to actually start gathering. Okay, you’ve made your tools, what do you need to gather next?

What To Gather at the beginning?

A very good idea is to start gathering hemp which is a little purple flower that you pick up to make your potions. They are going to be something that you’re going to need to make throughout the process. You can eventually buy them, but it’s super cheap and easy to actually make these first beginning health potions and they’re extremely useful. Even if you don’t plan on leveling your Arcana or eventually down the road it is still very important to gather these right of the bat because there is a lot in a small area and they are extremely useful – you can sell them if you want to but it is better to get as much as you can and make them all into potions. While you are there you can do stuff like skin boars, hit rocks, chop wood but those thinks aren’t quite as useful. You can chop a tree or two, or try to get a few hogs which is another big thing, and then try to gather all the materials.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - hemp

Early weapon management

Now, that you’ve started gathering and you’re starting to progress through the quest line you will start to get a few different weapons. If you decide to swap off the sword and shield one of the big things is to make sure you take off your shield because it will actually add weight to your armor system and you want to remember to take that off, because you don’t want any extra weight.
Also, when it comes to extra armor and weapons make sure your scrap them. You can deconstruct them by right clicking on them in your Inventory. It will bring up a prompt and all you have to do is press shift + S and it will deconstruct it and it’ll give you repair parts. This is what you’re going to use to actually repair your tools, armor and gear as you go along.

Early Tips

Now, you are starting to get levels and there are a few things you should keep in mind. First thing is that you take very little fall damage. What this means is if you’re up on a high ridge and you’re trying to get down below, or you go from point A to point B and there is a big cliff in your way, feel free to jump off it because you take such little fall damage you can actually kill yourself from full health.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - cliff

Blue Glowing Pieces of Paper

Next, remember to pick up any blue glowing piece of paper. These are essentially pieces of lore the game has spread around which are pretty cool to read, but they also give you experience. When you pick them up it takes you a split second and typically it’s worth more than just killing a mob.

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Second Weapon

Once you hit level 5 it is very important to put a second weapon. Even if you don’t like that weapon there is an animation cancel that allows you to actually move quicker. Essentially, what you can do is when you dodge roll you can do a weapon swap, and it’ll cancel out the animation for your dodge allowing you to move a little bit quicker. So as soon you hit level 5 make sure you put on that second weapon.


Let’s talk a little bit about Stamina. The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to Stamina is that if you run out of it, it actually regains faster than if you don’t. If you get all the way down to zero your bar will go gray making you not able to use Stamina and it will regain really quickly. But if you just use it once and you have let’s say 50 Stamina left it will regain slower.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - stamina


This is another crucial tip that a lot of people don’t know. When dodging as long as you have at least one Stamina and your bar is glowing in an orange color, which means you are not at a Stamina Regain phase, you can actually dodge. If you have a dodge that costs 50 Stamina and you have a 100 of it, what you can do is dodge once, wait a split second, it will start regaining and get up to 51, and then you can dodge two more times.

Attribute Points

You are already leveling up and you are going to start getting attribute points. Useful tip is to put the first 50 points in the constitution. Why, you may ask, because the first 50 points bonus for constitution buffs your health plots by 20%. Again, if you go back to remember what we said about the gathering herbs to make health potions, you’re going to use a lot of them and giving that bonus by 20% is absolutely huge.
If you want to make the leveling process really easy, this may seem a bit weird but actually stack constitution. When you do that your base damage will be plenty enough to actually kill the mobs and you can start pulling a bunch of mobs at once. The problem when you start your leveling process if you’re doing it solo especially, is that the mobs hit so hard that you’ll die and the damage you output isn’t a big deal, because you are dying. You can only pull one or two at a time but once you start stacking constitution you will be able to pull massive amount of mobs really easily.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - attribute points

With attributes one of the things, you want to make sure you keep in mind is each attribute points breakpoints. What these are extra passive points you get for leveling up your attributes to a certain point. The points are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300. Each attribute point or each attribute has its own scaling so you’ll different passives you can go ahead and read up on which ones you like.

Region Points

As you start to level up you are going to be able to put points into your region giving you some pretty cool bonuses. As a rule of thumb when it comes to putting points into your region, be sure to have one or two leveling regions. These are places like Monarchs Bluff and Brightwood – a few places especially in the mid to early game that allow you to level up a lot faster. In these areas you’re going to have a lot of main story quests and it is really good to pump up your experience but once you hit level 60 this is a dead stat. Make sure that if you are planning on spending all of your endgame or most of your endgame in a specific region, because your company is based out of there or it is just a region you really like. Don’t spend too many points in the experience, maybe put point or two in there. The more points you put into it the less you’re getting per point. It is better to put more points in your storage, because you’ll going to need it for all of your gathering materials.
If you have a place like Monarchs Bluff where you do all of your market place make sure you take the point where it gives you less taxes when you sell your goods. If you have a main city that you craft make sure you do the one that gives you less crafting fee. It really tailors to how you want to play but as a rule of thumb have no more than three leveling regions and put points into quicker gathering.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - brightwood

Gearing, Experience and Leveling

When it comes to questing, pick up every quest you can. It doesn’t mean you must do every quest, but complete as many as possible in one area. One thing to remember is you can quest from any city, so if you start running out of quests you can actually go to another city to pick up a few more. Remember, if you go there if you don’t have anything in that region unlocked you might get less things like experience and gathering speed, if you get stuck it’s a great way to get a couple of extra quests.

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One important thing to do is to complete the faction quest as fast as possible at around level 8 or 9 you’ll be able to pick your faction through a faction quest it’s important to do this because it unlocks faction quests and allows you to join a guild. Once you’ve unlocked the faction quests you will want to prioritize the faction and storyline quests. Each city has a faction representative and you can do three quests a day for bonus rewards. You can find those at the top of your screen whenever you go to your faction vendor. It will say 0, 1, 2 or 3 out of 3 and when you complete a faction quest from them they will give you a little bit extra rewards. This faction vendor is also how you’re going to get some of the best leveling in the game. The currency that you get while doing these faction quests are what you actually use for getting you faction gear. So make sure you take advantage of it. Once you get the gear you need you just go back to doing the same three quests a day in each city.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - factions

When it comes to faction quests, there’s two different types:

  • Basic – It is the top row when you go to your faction vendor.
  • Bottom set of quests – These will make you flag for them, you can’t fast travel, if you die you lose, but they give you more rewards. They are best done in a group.

When you are buying gear off the faction vendor there are some things you have to keep in mind. First, each piece of bender gear comes with constitution in another stat:

  • Llight armor comes with intelligence constitution
  • Medium armor comes with dexterity constitution
  • Heavy armor comes with strength constitution

Other Leveling Tips

So you are leveling, you are getting stuff done, you are almost level 25. At this point you can stop doing quests and start grinding mobs if you’d like. This can’t be done one of two ways:

  1. Start grinding dungeons – At level 25 you are going to get a quest to go to your first dungeon. You can actually go through this dungeon multiple times and get pretty decent experience. You’ll be able to pick up the quest and do it over and over again, especially if you have a decent group to do it with.
  2. Grind Overland dungeons – These are dungeons that have elite mobs and lots of them but they are not instant and there’s a lot more mobs in them. First one is in Dead Man’s Cove, which is the Southwest part of Monarch’s Bluff. This will be one of the fastest ways to level up your weapons and your character.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - dungeons

There is at least one dungeon or an Overland dungeon in each zone, so make sure you go to these and really take advantage of them. You can get things like Aazoth, you’ll get a bunch of weapons and potions.
From here and out you’ll be doing the same loop of always focusing the main story mission and then you’ll be doing faction quests whenever you need to gear up. You’ll also be doing any quests in any area that you’re in, and you’ll be grinding nearby mobs in either dungeons or Overland Dungeons all the way up to 60. If you start to get bored, make sure you kill a few corrupted portals which give you azoth and some pretty good experience.
The most important part of leveling or just playing any MMO at all is to make sure you have fun. To get to 60 is going to take some time and rushing it can be a grueling experience and can burn you out if you are only doing the fastest ways to level. Take time to mess around with other guild mates, take boards and just other fun stuff that can be seen as not productive. Enjoy leveling as much as possible and get there on your own time.

New World Leveling Guide For New Players - leveling

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