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Overwatch Ashe Hero Guide

Back in 2016, Blizzard Entertainment released Overwatch, making a shockwave across the world and quickly rising in popularity. Originally, they planned a different game - Project Titan but that got canceled and some assets from it were implemented into Overwatch. It’s a fast-paced,6v6 shooter/battle arena game, aimed at giving players that arcade shooter experience they had while playing Doom, Quake and similar old-school shooters. The devs went with a more cartoony and bright-colored aesthetic for the characters and the environment. Each hero has unique abilities apart from their normal guns, which makes the battles pretty chaotic and unpredictable, but that’s where the fun begins! There are Quick Matches and Competitive Matches and also some custom modes every once in a while like Arcade with special rules and rewards. The two main game types are capture the flag and escort the cart, which is a familiar concept to many gamers.

Ashe Guide Overview

In this Overwatch Ashe guide, we’re going to focus on giving you essential tips and tricks you can use to improve your gameplay with Ashe. We’ll start from some very basic things like map awareness, team communication and others. We’ll make sure you learn to play perfectly with this awesome cowgirl and blow up unsuspecting enemies like fireworks in the night! She won’t be easy to master, because like so many other heroes that are added after the release of the game, she is quite hard to master. She has somewhat limited mobility when it comes to maneuvering but also her abilities are kind of complicated and require lots of practice to get used to. However, if those abilities are mastered, you can dish out a great deal of damage on your opponents, before they even have time to know what the heck is going on!

Overwatch Ashe Hero Abilities Preview


Ashe tosses explosive dynamite that detonates after a few seconds or immediately if shot at. The explosion also sets enemies on fire, causing damage over time burn effect.

Now, this ability has a much bigger potential than just exploding in the enemy team’s faces right upfront. It can be used to quickly disperse a team that is closely sticking together, or more specifically - scare a healer out of formation for a nice pick off. If say Orisa or Mercy are holed up and hiding behind their tanks’ shields, you can easily make them run! It’s enough for them to just hear fire in the hole and they’ll start panicking and scrambling. It’s actually really useful against some enemies with heavy armor such as Torbjorn and Reinhardt. With this Overwatch Ashe Guide, you’ll learn the essential things to begin making some great plays with her!

Coach Gun

Ashe blasts enemies who are in front of her, knocking them far away and pushing herself backward, creating some distance between her and her enemies.

In Overwatch Ashe is quite not very strong up close, so this ability will be really helpful for getting out of sticky situations. That will allow her to jump away from her enemies and take them down from a safer distance. It dishes out quite a bit of damage, but its primary role is to get Ashe out of trouble and provide her with a bit of necessary mobility, especially when things get hot! She’s kinda slow in terms of movement so this helps her get around a bit quicker. Definitely make sure this ability isn’t on cooldown when engaging enemies so you can quickly jump backward and leave your enemy surprised and full of shotgun shells!

The Viper

This semi-automatic rifle can gun down enemies swiftly and without leaving them room to react! You can also use her aim down for a more precise aim and takedown! You can combo this with her Coach Gun, like propelled backward you can whip out the Viper Rifle and shoot down opponents while at a safe distance. It’s your main weapon of choice to deal consistent damage to the enemy. Also, it’s a great weapon because it’s mid-range, longer than Reaper’s shotguns but shorter than Widowmaker’s sniper, just about right to create some pretty dope skirmishes!

B. O. B.

This is a really unique ultimate because it’s having an additional teammate to your team! B. O. B. is a huge 1200 health bot with a fancy top hat, oh, and did we mention, he has machine gun fists! He is most commonly activated at the beginning of teamfights, and he can actually replace your tank on the vanguard. This could be a really useful distraction for the opponent, as you move around and flank them, or go get an important objective. One more interesting thing, by shooting the same target as B. O. B. you and your allies can kill opponents much faster, especially if they are on low hp! B. O. B. can also overtake points and you can send him off rolling down to secure a point and secure your win!

Overwatch Ashe Hero Strategies and Tips

In order to take maximum advantage of Ashe’s abilities, you’ll need to take to high places! The Viper Rifle has a pretty forgiving and spread out bullet range, so it’s pretty easy to get some dope headshots! The Viper Rifle has two main modes- ADS, which means aim down sight and hipfire. Aim down sight is so much more accurate and is better for use on long-range targets and it actually deals considerably high amounts of damage when you score that sweet headshot. Hipfire can help you in hard situations quickly because unlike ADS, the other mode - hipfire is actually semi-automatic, which lets you fire lots of shells and fill up enemies with lead in a short amount of time! The Viper has about 4 seconds reloading and that’s essential to remember, so make sure you spare your shells and be efficient, only reload when you’re in a safe spot.

Overwatch Ashe Counters

Her main counters are those who outrange her and can snipe her from a distance with some examples being Hanzo and Widowmaker. She can be quite the beast at long ranges and devastate enemy teams but the truth is that other long-range heroes who are specialized in that outperform her because that’s their main damage kit. While playing Ashe, you should always keep an eye out for snipers and don’t give them any easy shots, make sure you don’t reveal yourself in wide-open areas if you absolutely don’t have to, as you’ll make yourself an easy target. She is also quite vulnerable to fast and high mobility heroes such as Winston or D.Va, as they can both quickly engage her and corner her at an uncomfortable place. In these close-quarter engages, Coach Gun is pretty useful and can quickly get her out of a hard situation like that, so keep that in mind and always use it when you see no other alternative. In Overwatch Ashe has some quite nasty counters like Sombra, Genji or Tracer can force her to use up her bullets really fast and make her reload mid-fight, which would be really unfavorable. Make sure to always stay close to your team, especially when you see those heroes on the opposing team.

Overwatch Ashe Hero Best Tactics And Strategies

You’ll quickly learn her playstyle and make use out of her kit if you take the high ground and land shots from there. Her Viper Rifle is quite effective and easy when we talk about its range, so you’ll be able to land some pretty slick kills while holding the high ground! Also, be wary of the sniper heroes with long ranges, because they’ll be there too, probably looking for you as well, as this strategy is widely known to most players already. You have to wait for a good opportunity when your team engages a fight, you have to engage right after that, adding to their initial damage. In Overwatch Ashe is kind of like an assassin and a good tip would be to drop down from above and get in on the battle instantly, then using your Coach Gun, in order to make some room between the enemy and yourself, while taking their heads off with your Viper Rifle. If you’re going to use B. O. B. make sure you’ve come up with a strategy with your team, so right after you use him, make a very aggressive push with him on the frontlines, which will make the enemy scrambled and confused!

Overwatch Ashe Hero Best Strategy With Other Heroes

Ashe is primarily best suited for a backline mid-range DPS with a great damage output potential. The best engages would be when your team is already fighting and the enemy is preoccupied with them, so you get some easy headshots from afar, picking off the opponents one after another. While playing Overwatch Ashe is very well synergized with tanky teams that will keep their attention for a long enough time for her to take them out from afar! Annoying tanks like Roadhog or Winston are very well suited for her playstyle, but Reinhardt’s shield is also a good cover for her to dish out some crazy damage! She also plays well with Tracer or Genji, who can easily bait enemies to turn around and lure them into her clutches, making them easy targets for headshots! When you get your opportunity and actually get that first kill, it’s time to go full psycho-rampage and charge those little bastards, killing them one by one! 

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