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Overwatch Mei Hero Guide

Overwatch was released in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment, quickly gaining popularity worldwide as the hot, fresh upcoming arcade-style shooter of the decade! It’s fast-paced gameplay and cartoony art style has reeled in even players from other shooters such as CS:GO, Halo, Call of Duty and similar ones to try it out! It was unique characters called heroes and each of them has unique abilities that define them not only their character but their gameplay as well! There are two teams with six players each, that play one of three definitive roles - DPS, healer, tank. There is currently Quick Play and Competitive Play with weekly events such as Arcade that includes special rules and rewards at the end. Overall Overwatch has a solid standing in the FPS genre to date, with tournaments held yearly and players still playing in 2020.

Table of Content

1. Overwatch Mei Overview. 

4. Blizzard Ability.

2. Ice Wall Ability.

5. Mei Hero Tips And Strategies.

3. Cryo-Freeze Ability.

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Overwatch Mei Hero Overview

In this Overwatch Mei Guide, we’ll talk about some core strategies you can implement and you yourself. These are some proven tactics used by most players with experience with this Overwatch hero. She has one of the most unique abilities from any champions in the game. Her kit is quite diverse and difficult to master, but once you do, you’ll be a real hindrance to the opposing team! Her utility makes her very useful for any team composition. Out of all Overwatch heroes, Mei is one of the hardest to learn, and we’re not saying that to be mean, we just want to be honest with you! It won’t be an easy task, but here we’ll provide some essential and intermediate tips, tricks and strategies you can use to get started and get to know her playstyle and character. If you manage to master her, you’ll definitely freeze the enemies constantly in their tracks, literally! Out of all the characters in Overwatch Mei has one of the most crowd-control oriented kit.

Overwatch Mei Hero Abilities Overview

Ice wall

Overwatch Mei Hero - ice wall abilityThis ability is actually very often used poorly when it comes to Competitive Play because most people there use it to block damage but at the last second and others use it as soon as it comes out of cooldown. In Overwatch, she can make the best use of this spell when she blocks enemy vision at key points, choke points or blocks off potential wandering enemies who charge head-on, Rambo style into your team, as they would quickly find themselves trapped! A good example would be if you blocked off a Bastion that’s relentlessly firing behind a shield, which will leave him completely useless and unable to do anything, allowing your team to rush in fast and dispatch the opponent Overwatch characters! An interesting move would be to bait in some Overwatch heroes, luring them in narrow spaces, more specifically choke points, after which you wall them in with yourself and you can do a 1v1 battle before a teamfight has ever broken out, effectively taking out one of their allies and giving you an immediate advantage!


Overwatch Mei Hero - cryo freeze abilityThis ability should also be used wisely as it allows her to encase herself in a cryogenic stasis pod, regenerating health but once it runs out, she is going to be vulnerable to incoming attacks from enemies. A good idea is to combo this with Ice Wall so you’re more unpredictable to the opposing team and they won’t know exactly what you’re up to. Try to use your Ice Wall at a choke point or somewhere you know you’ll have an escape route you can go through. When you use Cryo-Freeze, you can cancel it early, not waiting for the full duration, which will confuse most heroes, because they’ll think you’ll stay for the full heal, effectively making your escape early and rejoining your team. This is also a great spell to use while stalling and waiting for overtime points and the cool thing is you can shield allies from AOE (area of effect) enemy abilities like for example D.Va’s self destruct, which is pretty useful. Your team won’t think you’re suicidal or going full Rambo if you decide to jump straight into a D.Va’s self-destruct, in fact they’ll be thankful! Mei has great potential for big plays, as long as there is good communication and coordination with her team!


Overwatch Mei Hero - blizzard abilityThis is Mei’s ultimate ability and is a really powerful ability if used properly. Most people use it to try and stay alive after they’ve been swarmed by enemies and need a way out. The best use for Blizzard is actually to deny a certain area or even choke point, effectively keeping the enemies out of there! It’s best used when you’re somewhere high up and from there it’s really easy to target many enemies at once, making the most of this ability. Once everything is set and you’re in a good position, you can start off by dropping Snowball, which is her drone for even more damage! Most enemies will run away from the area, which is really useful for securing flags or cargo, but sometimes there will be those who use their abilities to avoid it, such as Reaper’s wraith form. However, most of the time, opponents will be caught off-guard and that will make it really easy for your teammates to swoop in with their ultimates, such as a deadly Genji or Pharah’s. In Overwatch Mei isn’t the only hero in the character roster with crowd control, so keep an eye out for enemies that can also  Overall, she’s a great addition to any team because the utility she provides is priceless and sometimes it’s really funny to see enemies get caught out due to ignorance or underestimating Mei.

Overwatch Mei Hero Tips And Strategies

The Endothermic Blaster

Overwatch Mei Hero - the Endothermic BlasterIn Overwatch Mei has two main weapon settings you can switch between when shooting down enemies. The primary fire shoots a frosty spray that freezes opponents in place. This is really good for close encounters against melee or short-ranged champions, but also very useful against high-mobility heroes like Tracer and Genji. Her right-click fire ability is also pretty powerful, especially against frozen targets at melee or mid-range and using it will fire an icicle at your opponent, dishing out some big damage. While they’re frozen, it’s best to aim for their heads for maximum damage and effectiveness!

Overwatch Mei Hero Counters

Overwatch Mei Hero - countersMei counters aren’t that common, in fact we can’t define solid, good counters but players should also keep in mind that her hitbox is bigger and snipers such as Widowmaker and Hanzo can make headshots easier than when fighting other heroes. Exactly because of that you should be careful when you go through wide-open areas and tread with caution, as you’d be an easy target for long-range champions. She is also kind of weak against tanky and sustain heroes, who can withstand her freezing and later on go after her. So tanky Overwatch heroes are really tough to fight against and also those who have a lot of utility and crowd control such as Zenyatta, who can easily interrupt your spells or ruin your time window before you cast your spells. While playing Mei, keep in mind that she has the potential to turn around teamfights if played properly!

Overwatch Mei Hero Best Tactics

Overwatch Mei Hero - best tacticsThere are a few main strategies players use while playing her that utilize her kit in the best way possible. Keep in mind how you use your alternate fire, which is the icicle, as long as you use it carefully, you’ll do some massive damage, even over long distances! Another good tip to remember is to communicate with your team all the time because one wrong Ice Wall could potentially kill a team member or even worse, trap your whole team in a very unfavorable position! One last thing is that your main goal is to be as annoying as possible to the enemy team and disrupt their game flow as much as you can! You shouldn’t aim as much on dealing damage, rather just focus on baiting and playing around with your opponents, that way you’ll be way more useful than trying to straight out dish out damage.

Overwatch Mei Hero Synergies

Overwatch Mei Hero - synergiesWell, remember how we talked about her not having any real hard counters? This stands true for Overwatch heroes she synergizes with as well. Doomfist and Reinhard however, synergize very well with her, as her Ice Wall, as they can use it to slam someone with their abilities! Her ultimate (Blizzard) is very powerful with bursty ally ultimates and also quite useful for assassins, high mobility heroes and mobile tanks such as Winston and D.Va. Mei players should always keep an eye on their allies and help them out with their abilities carefully! You should coordinate and communicate with your team regularly so you can make the most use of your abilities and theirs! Your abilities can protect you from most harm, very well at that, but you should be cautious when using them, especially because you can accidentally trap a teammate or a few teammates and it can result in disaster if you’re not talking and maneuvering properly. What separates good Mei players from bad ones is talking with your team property, especially when using Ice Wall, as they can use it for many advantages, to charge at it, use it as a shield and much more instead of getting trapped behind it. Overall Mei players need to learn to properly communicate with their team and be aware of their surroundings!

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