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Overwatch Reaper Hero Guide

Overwatch was released back in 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment and it quickly gained massive popularity all over the world. With its fast-paced and colorful gameplay, it reeled in millions of players, even later on forming pro leagues and tournaments. It was originally supposed to be a whole different game - Project Titan, but that got canceled and instead, Overwatch was born from the ashes! There are two teams of six people and each of the heroes has unique abilities, apart from their default weapons. There are also three roles each player will take during a match - DPS, Tank and Healer. If the team isn’t well balanced it could be really chaotic and end abruptly. There are Quick Matches and Competitive Matches, on each map there is either capture the flag or push the cart mode. Sometimes there are Arcade challenges with special rules.

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Overwatch Reaper Hero Overview

Reaper is one of the first damage dealers introduced in Overwatch, after the release of the game. Since then, this champion has been a favorite pick for many players in their matches. Even now this class can find its place in so many different situations and team compositions. Our Overwatch Reaper  Hero Guide will help you learn how to use this character better and some ticks with it.


Reaper’s weapons of choice are his Hellfire Shotguns. If we are not counting his Ultimate, the only damaging ability this character has is Primary Fire. Just like any other shotguns, the ones Reaper is using are strong and make insane damage in close range but weak against distant enemies. Armed with a weapon in every hand, this character has eight shots available, prepared for every fight. The damage every shotgun does is between 40 and 140 damage, which means that no hero is in the enemy team safe in the presence of the Reaper.


We are going to take a look at the abilities of the Reaper and in what situation they are most useful.

The Reaping

Overwatch Reaper Hero - the reaping abilityThis ability’s in-game description is “Collect Soul Globes to restore Health”. A passive, which depends on Reaper’s actions. The Reaping heals the champion for the 20% of his dealt damage, 30% if he has Ana’s Grenade buff. If the player is good, that means the Reaper can sustain a lot of enemy fire and still manage to survive, while killing everybody on his way to glorious victory. This effect can be triggered from any attack – range or melee. Reaper is a powerful burst DPS, a great addition to any team that wants to initiate aggressive pushes!

A very useful ability, which makes this champion good for flanking and in most team fights.

Hellfire Shotguns

Overwatch Reaper Hero - hellfire shotguns abilityShort Range spread weapon is what is stated about the ability in the game description. Hellfire Shotguns are the only damaging skill used by Reaper, aside from his Ultimate. The fact that those are the only weapons this champion has doesn’t mean they are weak. Every shot has 20 shells in it, each making from 2-7 damage, depending on the range. Targets closer than 10 meters from Reaper take the highest punishment.

This information gives an idea of how this ability should be used. Always at the last possible minute, with a moment of surprise.

Wraith Form

Overwatch Reaper Hero - wraith form abilityThe description of this ability tells us that you can move faster and become invulnerable, but you cannot shoot. A mobility move, that gives a lot of space for our Reaper to operate with. By using Wraith Form, our champion can easily jump into a fight or to avoid some of the other champions’ harmful abilities. Another useful buff is the 50% movement speed - a bonus, which you will get along with the invulnerability.

This is extremely useful for every player to go inside the enemy lines and to use Reaper’s Ultimate.

Shadow Step

Overwatch Reaper Hero - shadow step abilityThis ability is basically a teleport. Makes your Reaper appear on a different spot of your choice. Perfect to change your position quickly. Very useful to pick a good spot and to ambush the enemy team from there.

Death Blossom

Overwatch Reaper Hero - death blossom abilityReaper damages all nearby enemies. Don’t think this ability also needs an explanation. Your hero starts to spin around, reminding us of a movie with similar moves, where every unfriendly target gets lots of shells in their skulls.

Perfect to use if you find yourself surrounded by enemies or you purposely charge in to obliterate them!. Not many teams can say they have recovered from something like that.

Summing everything up

Overall, our Overwatch Reaper Guide has showcased this hero as a merciless damage dealer, who is perfect for flanking. He is the best hero that’s usually used for surprise attacks, where enemies don’t have enough time to react. He has the most advantage when he uses sneak attacks. You need good positioning with him but he does have good crowd control, so pick your moves carefully. Some of his disadvantages are the low number of shots and his relatively slow attacks. If used properly, Reaper could be a great hero to pick for every team composition.

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Thank you for reading this Overwatch Reaper Guide! Hope you found it useful.

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Published 2022-09-24
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