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Overwatch 2 Announcements

Author: Joy

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Even though Overwatch 2 was officially revealed at BlizzCon 2019, the date of the release is still not definite. The creative director Jeff Kaplan says that he doesn't have any idea when the release date will be, but they are trying to make Overwatch 2 great, and that is what they all care about.

The game already has an official trailer that is called "Zero Hour", and it's eight minutes long. It is showing us new characters in a fascinating and intensive scene in Paris. 

There's also a gameplay trailer (three minutes long) that can give you an idea of the Overwatch 2's new look. A lot of the missions in Overwatch 2 are built up from seasonal events that happened thought the last couple of years. 

For example, the idea of a robotic army in Overwatch 2 is something we saw in the Uprising event, which started on April 11th, 2017, and ended on May 2nd, 2017. As usual, Boosting Ground will provide a variety of Overwatch 2 Boosting Services

Expect PvE Story Missions (some old Overwatch heroes are uniting with the new ones against the Null Sector) and PvE Hero Missions at different parts of the globe. 

Story missions will probably have item pickups, but they (the items) can not be transported between missions. Meet the new PvP mode called "Push" and the new beautiful PvP maps and level up your heroes and customize your abilities! All players that have different skins in Overwatch can use them in Overwatch 2 as well.

Sojourn is one of the new heroes you can see. She is from Canada (the first Canadian hero), and she's one of the group's former members recalled by Winston. The development of this character started probably around 2015. She appears to be a front line, fast-moving, cybernetically enhanced DPS hero.

The Push mode has its own map (Toronto map, which has some ideas from both Control and Escort maps). The layout of the map is symmetrical, and the path for both teams is the same. 

There are two teams in the mode, and each team is trying to take control of a robot that pushes a large block/barrier. When you stand next to the robot, it pushes to your enemy's territory. Basically, you and your team need to stay next to the robot so it can push the barrier into the enemy territory, and this is how you'll achieve a victory.

Besides the three-minute gameplay trailer and the official trailer, you can also see two-hour long gameplay by the Youtuber ohnickel. 

There are tons of Overwatch 2 Announcements that will be revealed soon, so stay tuned! "Monsieur, does this mean Overwatch is back?” 

Author Joy
Published 2020-01-16
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