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Destiny 2 Gambit Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

Gambit is a mode, which combines in itself PvE and PvP /player versus environment and player versus player/. It is a competitive mode with two teams of four players each. They compete against each other while battling computer-controlled adversaries as well.

As the game starts, each team is in their area. Their task is to take down waves of enemies and simultaneously build a supply of motes. When these motes are banked, you can send a special kind of enemy, called “a blocker”. This enemy will prevent the other team from depositing their motes until they are defeated. 

When enough motes are banked, a Primeval will show up on your side. Once that it is defeated, the round ends. Apart from this, an enemy player can also invade the other team’s arena, which contributes to the PvP action. If you struggle to stack Infamy points we can do that for you with our Infamy Points Boosting Service.

Destiny 2 Gambit Guide: All You Need To Know About

•    The total number of rounds is three;

•    When an enemy dies, motes are dropped. There are also stronger yellow-barred enemies, which give out more motes upon death. You can hold up to fifteen motes at the same time. Be careful because if you die, you will lose all of them. Bank your motes on a regular basis;

•    When there are 5, 10, or 15 motes being deposited at once, blockers will spawn;

•    For invading the opposite team’s area, you will need twenty-five and fifty motes. The first player, who jumps into a portal will be the chosen invader. After all, it is the team’s choice, based upon skill or proximity;

•    The Primeval will spawn when seventy-five motes are deposited. Beware, because deaths of the players of either side are going to heal it when it is active. The match finishes when you defeat the Primeval;

•    You have a new title in your name. It shows the number of motes that you are holding. Your team will know if you are too greedy;

•    It is also possible to check how close you are to summon the Primeval. There are two bars at the top. The second one shows Primeval’s health when it has been summoned;

•    The enemies grow stronger with time, so keep that in mind;

•    There are four maps in the Gambit mode;

•    Your light level matters, so do not use gear, which is lower level;

•    Do not underestimate the advantages of the Invader;

•    The adversaries that you face while on a particular map can vary between different matches. Each one of the maps has a possibility of three races, with three variations each. For example, if you are fighting Cabal on the Emerald Coast, you will be fighting one of three different Cabal encounters. With each encounter, a different type of Cabal will show up. The spawning places will also change. All in all, there are a total of thirty-six different experiences in Gambit;

•    Gambit has the feature of matchmaking;

Tips and strategies for winning in Gambit:

•    Good communication. Naturally, it is possible to go into matchmaking solo, but we do not advise you to do so. If you wish to play with a strategy, this will mean A LOT of communication. Also, this is not achievable if you rely on getting lucky with the other three players and they are all wishing to use their mics. Our advice is to play with friends, use an LFG site, join a clan, or search for a server in Discord.

•    Coordinated banking of motes. You may be tempted to bank motes, whenever you can send a blocker to the opposite team, or you are afraid of dying. However, try to coordinate this with your team. The enemy team is not going to be slowed down by a small/medium blocker, which has been sent their way. You see, waiting and sending three or more blockers at the same time is a different story.

•    Notice how many motes are being carried by your teammates. If you are holding three motes, and your teammate has 12, do not try to rush ahead and catch up. Leave them to fill up and be able to send a larger blocker to the opposite team. Moreover, if a teammate, who is carrying many motes is in danger, always attempt to rescue them.

•    Do not invade, while you are holding motes. While at the moment, it is possible to forget that you are carrying motes. Do not go invading with unbanked motes! You will most likely lose them.

•    Send some blockers with the Invader. Once that you have banked 25 motes, a portal is going to open to the map of the opposite team. Once again you will need good communication so that when you are carrying a total of 25 motes, you can bank them all at once. This way you will spawn blockers as well as open the portal. When your Invader goes through the portal, your opponents will be prevented from quickly banking all of their motes. This will give the Invader time to take enemies down and deny them motes.

•    The other way around - beware of enemy Invaders, which arrive with blockers. If your opponents know what they are doing and are quicker than you, they will most likely try to use this strategy on your team. There are two things that you can do, in case that happens. You can either take down the blockers and try to bank motes, before the Invader gets you, or try to get rid of the Invader first and push them back to their side. Whichever way you pick, you will always need good coordination and communication.

•    Pay attention to the status of enemy portals. While you are busy running around and banking motes, you should also keep an eye out for the enemy’s portal status. Look at the top bar and always pay attention if the enemy has a portal up. This way you will be more or less prepared for an enemy Invader and prevent a major setback.

•    Save your power ammo and your Super for invading. Your team will most probably pick one or two players, who are going to be the Invaders. Let those players pick the heavy ammo that pops up around the map. In case you are one of the Invaders, save up your power ammo and Super for when you are on the other side of the map.

•    Hide, when you get invaded and are holding many motes. The Invader will most likely know where you are at most times. However, sometimes taking cover can force the enemy invader to expose themselves when they are trying to get you. This move will allow your teammates, who are holding fewer motes than you, to try and take the Invader down. Your callout can sound something like: “The Invader is here, I am holding 14 motes, taking cover.”

•    Do not invade the second that the enemy team spawns a Primeval. When a Primeval has been spawned, this assures more frequent invasions. You might get tempted to rush into enemy territory the moment that happens, especially if your team is falling behind. However, this is not a good idea at all. When you eliminate enemies, while their Primeval is at full health is going to slow them down a bit. When you kill them, when they have already dealt some damage to their boss, this is going to restore the boss’s health and impede their progress more. This move can make a difference in the whole game.

•    Do not wait too long to invade. With the correct loadout, a player can already take down a boss in a few seconds. If your enemies are good, an invasion when their boss is at half health is still going to be too late. Practice is going to improve your timing eventually.

•    Pick a focus. Before you start matching, make sure to choose an area of focus. Choose your Invader wisely, too. The chosen Invaders should spec their loadouts for PvP. The players, who are going to remain and fight adds, should pick equipment, which is better suited for PvE. In the end, everybody will do some of both styles, but it is good to focus on one of the styles in general.

•    The Super is of crucial importance. You will need a good mix of PvP-focused abilities, add-control, and damage dealers. Hunter’s tether can be used against the Primeval. “Golden gun” and “Warlocks’ Dawnblade” are perfect for invading. “Ward of Dawn” is useful when you are invaded and need to take shelter.

•    PvP meta is constantly changing. Whether SMGs and hand cannons are top right at the moment, or snipers are considered viable again, minding all of the changes to ammo and the weapon slots; or the “Sleeper simulant” remains the best choice for a heavy remains a constant variable. Every meta dynamic changes with the season, so get ready for experimentation and changing up your loadout if it is not working how you want it to.

Author Joy
Published 2018-12-17
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