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Review: The Boomsday Project Cards (August 2018)

Author: Maison

With the approach of Hearthstone’s next expansion - The Boomsday Project, we will do a review on many of the cards. Boomsday Project Cards that will play a significant role in the upcoming Hearthstone meta, and cards that will offer unique effects. Before we get into all that, here’s some general info about The Boomsday Project.

Boomsday Project Release Date & Information

Hearthstone’s latest expansion The Boomsday Project release date - August 7, 2018. Don't forget to take advantage of our Hearthstone Boosting Services!

So, here’s what you should know about this next chapter of the card game that we all love so much:

• There are going to be 135 new boomsday project cards added to the game.

• Each class will be getting a Legendary Spell card

• We’ll be getting a new playable Warrior hero card that will feature the one and only Dr. Boom!

• There’s going to be a new game mechanic called Magnetic

• There are going to be new spell cards with super powerful effects called Projects

• We’ll be getting cards with a bonus effect once you have ten mana crystals called Omega Projects

• Last but not least, there’s going to be a new PvE mode called Puzzle Lab

The Boomsday Project cards. Let’s dive in!


The first card we’re going to talk about is the Dendrologist. The Druid two mana - 2 / 3 Battlecry minion, that lets you discover a spell if you have a treant on board. From what we know so far, it is clear that Blizzard is pushing for a Treant Druid archetype deck. If that is going to be a thing, then the Dendrologist will play a big part in it. The card statistics make it pretty good already, but the effect makes it a must-have in your deck.

Whizbang the Wonderful

Next up is legendary card Whizbang the Wonderful. It isn’t a powerful card that you’ll see a lot in the meta, but it is one of the craziest cards Hearthstone has ever seen. We felt like giving it some attention. Whizbang is a legendary card that transforms your deck into one of Hearthstone’s given deck recipes. There are 18 deck recipes, so if you play this card in your deck, you will start the game with one of these 18 decks. It doesn’t sound too exciting for the players with an excellent card collection. If you are a new player and you’re missing most of the cards, Whizbang the Wonderful is a great addition. The best way to try lots of different decks and learn more about how to play the game. It also seems like lots of fun.

Flobbidinous Floop

The card we’re about to review is going to be one of the best from all the Hearthstone Boomsday Project cards! We are talking about the new legendary minion Flobbidinous Floop. Stats wise, it doesn’t seem like much - 4 mana - 3 / 4, but when we look at the effect it has, some frightening thoughts come to mind. The Flobbidinous Floop, while in your hand, is a 3 / 4, copy of the last minion you’ve played. So, let’s say you play a Lich King, Ysera or Malygos. Even if your minion dies, you’d still be able to play a four mana - 3 / 4 copy of it on your next turn, and that is insane. Imagine dropping a 4-mana Malygos, not bad right? The MalyDruid deck archetype seems like the one that’ll benefit the most from this card. We will most likely see Flobbidious Floop making an impact in lots of different decks. At this point, the possibilities seem endless.


Supercollider is a new five mana 1 / 3 Epic Warrior weapon. It looks terrible at first, being a 5-mana weapon with one attack and 3 in durability. However, once you hit an enemy minion with it, you’re forcing that minion to attack one of its neighbors. Taking advantage of this effect can cost you much health, but it can also allow you to deal with significant threats. If a Warlock plays a giant on turn 3 and follows it up with another giant on turn 4, you’d be able to deal with both of them at the cost of 8 health. As we know, the Warrior has many ways to get that health back in armor, so this trade seems more than fine. There will be many ways to play around this card. Still, if it pushes your opponent to play around it, it is making a big enough impact on the game already.

Upgradeable Framebot

Here, we’re talking about a neutral, common 2-mana 1 / 5 Mech minion card, and yes, these stats are quite impressive. It is too early to predict whether the new Magnetic mechanic will be successful or not. If it turns out to be strong, that Upgradeable Framebot will have a secured place in most Magnetic decks. The stats give you so much value that you would be able to use this card in many aggro and token decks. The decks don't even have to be built around the Magnetic mechanic. If the Upgradeable Framebot has gone under your radar, then you need to look at it again. It has significant potential in the upcoming Hearthstone Boomsday Project meta.


While we’re on the Magnetic mechanic topic, we should talk about them. Like the Magnetic leader of them all - the new neutral legendary Magnetic minion Zilliax. Stats wise, Zilliax doesn’t look like much as it’s a five mana - 3 / 2 minion. Being a Magnetic minion makes it a bit better, having divine shield helps too, but having taunt, lifesteal and rush ... Well, that makes it quite compelling. Whatever mech minion you have on board will become better if you’re able to drop your Zilliax on it. You can play it on turn 7 with a Framebot, and you’ll get a 7-mana 4 / 7 minion with taunt, divine shield, lifesteal, and rush ... Not bad at all! Zilliax will be most efficient in midrange decks, combined with cheaper mech minions. The divine protection and the rush mechanic open a door for some good trade on the board.

Biology Project

Druid is already one of the strongest classes in the game. The 1-mana - both players gain two mana crystals - Biology Project spell is going to make it even stronger. The card is already causing some heated discussions in the Hearthstone community. Some players think it’s broken, and that might be the case. It reminds us of the old Innervate, but with Biology Project you don't lose the mana crystals after your turn. It’s important to point out that you’ll be getting two full mana crystals, not two empty mana crystals. That can lead to some devastating combinations. Imagine playing this on turn one with Wild Growth - scary. Don't neglect the fact that it gives your opponent two mana crystals as well. Let’s be real here, you (being the Druid) playing a late game deck will most likely going to benefit more from it, at least while Ultimate Infestation is still in Standard.

Myra’s Unstable Element

As we’ve mentioned above, with The New Boomsday Project cards, each class will be getting a legendary spell. Myra’s Unstable Element is the Rogue’s legendary Spell card. We’re not going to say much more about this one, as at this point it can go either way - it can be amazing, or it can be horrible. Let’s wait and see. 

Kangor’s Endless Army

Starting off with Paladin’s new legendary spell card, and it’s a good one! Out of all the legendary spell cards that we know of so far, this is the best one. It’s a 7-mana spell that resurrects three friendly mech minions. The best part is that the resurrected mechs keep all their Magnetic upgrades. The card is like the Priest’s Spellstone and might be even better. All that depends on how strong the mechs and the magnetic synergies are going to be. For now, the card looks powerful. 

Reckless Experimenter

Now on to the neutral 4-mana Epic minion Reckless Experimenter. It is going to be a powerful card, especially in lots of different Priest decks, and here’s why. For 5-mana you get a pretty decent stat line of 4 / 6 which is a good start already. Its effect allows you to play deathrattle minions for 3-mana less. The minions die at the end of your turn, which means that you can play many deathrattle cards for free. The fact that they die at the end of the turn is not negative at all. This effect opens the doors to many powerful combos. Imagine playing this card with a 2-mana Carnivorous Cube. You will have three copies of Reckless Experimenter on the board for only seven mana. It is exciting to see the combinations with other Boomsday Project cards that Reckless Experimenter can inspire. 

Lab Recruiter

Lab Recruiter is a 2-mana 3 / 2 Rogue common card. It allows you to shuffle three copies of a friendly minion into your deck. It isn’t one of the most reliable Boomsday Project cards,  but it can be an excellent addition to some existing Rogue deck archetypes. What comes to mind is the legendary rogue spell Myra’s Unstable Element, that draws your whole deck. You can then play the Lab Recruiter and start shuffling minions into your deck to delay fatigue. The body of the card is also useful, so you can play it for tempo if necessary. We’ll be seeing a lot of Lab Recruiters in the meta, so keep an eye out for this one. 

Unexpected Results

A 4-mana, Epic Mage spell that summons, two random 2-cost minions. You can improve the effect if you have a minion with spell damage on the board. It is tough to evaluate Unexpected Results, without knowing if there are going to be good cards to synergize with (Celestial Emissary is a good one). We think it might turn out to be quite strong in some tempo Mage deck archetypes. If you play the spell with Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Bloodmage Thalnos on the board, you’d be able to summon two 3-cost minions for three mana - an excellent tempo play. The biggest problem with the spell is that there are too much weak 2-cost minions. It is most likely to lead to unsatisfying results. 

Dr. Boom. Mad Genius

The card we all know about, long ago the Boomsday Project - Dr. Boom. Mad Genius, or as we used to like calling him - Dr 7! He returns as a Warrior legendary card! Once again, the doctor costs 7-mana, gives seven armor and has a battlecry - ”For the rest of the game, your Mechs have Rush”. What’s even better is that the Mad Genius switches your hero power, into several different, powerful abilities. They change with each time you use one. There are going to be six different hero powers. Some of them are ‘Gain seven mana”, “Deal 3 damage”, “Summon 3 Mechs with Rush”, - you get the picture, the card is powerful. It can turn the Control Warrior deck archetype into a force to be reckoned with. Given its battlecry, it can make the Mech Warrior deck archetype popular. We should wait and see, but we’re excited to play this one! 

Omega Medic

The Omega Medic is a 3-mana 3 / 4  rare Priest card that restores ten health (that is, of course, if you have ten mana). We have to say that this is one of the best Omega cards so far. The stats are great - 3-mana 3 / 4 is something that you can always play for tempo and feel right about it. The effect is excellent for the late game, but what makes the card good is that it is ok to play it like a tempo 3-drop. Half of the games go to turn 10, but half of the games end before that. When choosing what Boomsday Project cards to play, you want to pick anything that can be useful in various situations. Omega Medic is one of those cards. 

Zerek’s Cloning Gallery

The Priest’s legendary spell is Zerek’s Cloning Gallery. It is a 9-mana card that summons a 1 / 1 copy of each minion in your deck on the board. There are a few directions you can go with this card. You can go for an OTK deck archetype, where you play Malygos, Prophet Velen, even Bloodmage Thalnos and you Mind Blast or Holy Smite your opponent. The other direction you can go for is a Priest Deathrattle deck archetype. There you summon a lot of 1 / 1 deathrattles, which can also be quite strong. Both directions look good, but we lean towards an OTK deck.  It will give you more consistent results. With the deathrattle minions, you might not get enough time to justify playing the Zerek’s Cloning Gallery. The card has the potential to become completely broken with the right OTK combo. 

Omega Assembly

We’re continuing the selected card review of Hearthstone’s upcoming expansion with the new Warrior spell - Omega Assembly. This is a 1-mana spell, that is obviously a part of the Boomsday project cards with the new Omega type that grants bonus effect when used on 10 mana. Omega Assembly is a pretty decent card as it is, even when you’re not getting the additional benefits, as it allows you to discover a mech and costs only 1 mana. We know how good Discover cards can be, and by now it’s kind of obvious that Warrior is probably going to be the class that will most likely make the Mech Deck archetype work. Of course, using this card to its full potential makes it really strong, a solid addition to Mech Warrior!

Boommaster Flark

The legendary Hunter minion from the new Boomsday Project cards is the Boommaster Flark. A 7-mana 5 / 5 minion with Battlecry - Summon four 0 / 2 Goblin Bombs. The Goblin Bombs are 0 / 2 deathrattle minions that deal 2 damage to the enemy hero. Now, 7 mana for a 5 / 5 minion is a bit overpriced and unlike the old Dr. Boom bombs, these have zero attack, so you can’t attack with them. However, they still offer 8 damage to the face, with the potential of dealing even more when played in synergy, and Hunter has some cards that can make this happen. Also, the bombs are Mechs, so that will allow synergies with the new mech cards from the expansion. Since the bombs deal damage directly to the enemy hero, this makes the Boommaster Flark an aggressive card with deadly potential, no doubt about it.

Eternium Rover

The Eternium Rover is a 1-mana 1 / 3 Warrior mech minion that gives you 2 armor each time it takes damage, and that makes it another 1-mana card with huge potential. The stat line of 1 / 3 is already more than decent, the effect, however, combined with some Magnetic cards can turn this into a very powerful Warrior card. Eternium Rover is just another proof that Blizzard is really pushing for a Warrior Mech archetype, and if that archetype becomes good, then Eternium Rover is 100% going to be a big part of it. We actually think that this is going to be one of the best 1-drops in the game. If you are playing a Mech Warrior, the Eternium Rover is the card you’d want to start your games with - solid stats, mech synergies - great potential.


This is a 6-mana Shaman spell that summons a copy of a random minion from your hand to the board. While it is definitely quite expensive, the card can make Malygos OTK Shaman a thing. You can summon your Malygos for 6-mana and play lighting bolts for instance, or clear the board with Lightning Storm, dealing 7-8 damage to all enemy minions. The only way you should use this card is to summon crazy minions like Malygos, otherwise, it is just too expensive. There might be some other combo decks you can make around Eureka, but for now, we think that OTK Shaman is probably where we’re going to see it being played.  

The Boomship

We have to mention the Warrior legendary spell, simply because the value that it has might lead to some incredibly powerful turn swings. It’s a 9-mana spell that summons 3 minions from your hand, while also giving them Rush. The possibilities here are a lot. Whether you want to take advantage of summoning 3 big 8-10 mana minions like the Lich King, Ysera, etc, or you wanna focus more on the rush effect, going for deathrattle minions or minions with unique effects like Rotface. From all the new warrior Boomsday Project cards - The Boomship looks like a late-game punch you should be wary of.

Academic Espionage

It seems like Rogue is getting all crazy with the Boomsday Project cards. The Academic Espionage is a 4-mana Epic Rogue spell that shuffles 10 cards from your opponent’s class into your deck, and they all cost 1-mana. We’re not sure exactly where this one fits yet, but it has to be good, the effect is just crazy. Even though you’ll be getting 10 random cards, getting them for 1-mana looks like cheating. Rogue has many drawing mechanics, with new ones being introduced with this expansion, so it won’t be that hard to get hold of these 10 cards once you shuffle them into your deck. Rogue is always an interesting class and it looks like it will be even more so this time.

Crystalsmith Kangor

This is the new legendary Paladin minion and it is definitely not a bad legendary, however, we don’t really think it brings enough to the table at this point to really make Control Paladin work. It’s a 2-mana Divine Shield - Lifesteal minion with the additional effect of doubling your healing. The problem is that at the moment, healing is not that relevant in the meta, as the meta is too control oriented. Maybe in a more aggro meta, the Crystalsmith Kangor can shine, but as with the previous Divine Shield legendaries for Paladin, we doubt that this one will make much of an impact either.

Cosmic Anomaly

Cosmic Anomaly is a 4-mana 4 / 3 Elemental Mage minion that gives you +2 spell damage. This is a really strong card, that can serve as an AOE boost for cards like Arcane Explosion or it can boost your burst damage, and we all know that Mage isn’t short on that. You’d probably want to play this in a more combo-oriented deck archetype, and it also synergises quite well with the Mage spell Unexpected Results, as well as the newly revealed spell Shooting Star (that costs 1-mana and deals 1-damage to a minion and the minions next to it, now combined with the Cosmic Anomaly it’s going to deal 3 damage and you can see how strong that is. The fact that it is an Elemental makes it even more relevant for already existing Mage deck archetypes.

Necrium Blade

We believe this new Rogue 3-mana 3 / 2 (deathrattle - trigger the deathrattle of a random enemy minion) weapon deserves a mention as it opens the possibility of a Tempo Deathrattle Rogue archetype. Normally, ‘tempo’ and ‘deathrattles’ do not fit too well, however, with weapons it is a bit different, as you are actually in control of the timing of the deathrattle trigger. That is, of course, if you don’t get Oozed or something. We’ve also seen the new Rogue legendary Myra Rotspring that’s also a deathrattle minion, so we won’t be shocked to see Nerium Blade getting some play in the upcoming meta.

Security Rover

Everybody already knows that if a Mech Deck Archetype is going to be a thing in the new meta, the class to best represent that archetype is most likely going to be Warrior, and Security Rover is just another piece of the Warrior mech archetype deck puzzle. It’s a 6-mana 2 / 5 (very expensive stats), however, each time the minion takes damage you get a 2 / 3 mech with taunt. Warrior already got the best mechs, it got the new Dr. Boom, and if there’s a class that likes to whirlwind the board, well - it’s Warrior. Of course, in order for the Security Rover to actually work, you’d want to take advantage of the fact that it is a Mech itself, and pump it up with some Magnetics.


We’ve reviewed some crazy stuff, but from all the Boomsday Project cards so far this one is on another level, it’s just insane. If you’ve missed the Old God C’Thun, feel sad no more, as he’s back and he’s a Mech! Mecha’chun is a 10-mana, 10/10 legendary deathrattle minion with the most powerful deathrattle ever created in Hearthstone - if you have no other cards in your deck, hand and on the board, destroy the enemy hero! Now, of course, pulling this off will be insanely hard, but the result would be so deadly that it’s definitely worth the shot. If it had any other deathrattle effect, it being a 10-mana 10/10, it would’ve never gotten any play, but with this specific effect, just wait and see. Imagine building your whole deck around the idea of protecting yourself without causing any damage to the enemy hero throughout the whole game, just so that you can instantly kill him while he’s on 30 health at the end, it does seem possible.

He’s our bold prediction for the Mecha’thun - remember Rogue’s new legendary spell Myra’s Unstable Element - yeah, you just got rid of the first requirement - no card in your deck. Now combine that with the new Rogue weapon Nerium Blade that triggers the deathrattle of a random friendly minion, well, you see where this is going.

Dreampetal Florist

Combo cards are always full of potential and Dreampetal Florist makes no difference. It’s a 7-mana 4 / 4 Druid minion that reduced the cost of a random minion in your hand by, wait for it, 7 mana! If you are able to reduce your Malygos to just 2-mana the game could be over pretty fast and you’re going to be on the winning side. Of course, reducing the costs of other big cards like Lich King and Ysera can also be quite powerful, so Dreampetal Florist is a card that should not be underestimated.

The Soularium


If Mecha’thun is one of the craziest of all Boomsday Project cards that’s been released so far, the new Warlock legendary spell The Soularium is possibly the most broken one. It is a 1-mana spell that draws 3 cards, which are being discarded at the end of your turn. Again, 1-mana - draw 3 cards! In a Zoo-oriented Warlock deck, this card can be insane. We’re not even talking about a DiscardLock as it’s not really a thing at the moment. Just the potential of refilling your hand in the mid-late game for 1-mana is absolutely insane.

E.M.P. Operative 

If a Mech deck archetype is going to dominate the meta, this is the card that you’d want to put in your deck. The E.M.P Operative is a neutral 5-mana 3 / 3 Epic card, with battlecry - destroy a mech. That’s pretty much it. The stats are weak, you are definitely overpaying, so if you don’t take out some strong Mech enemy minion, this card is going to be pretty weak. However, if the Mech archetype proves to be a thing, the E.M.P Operative will become very strong, so we should just wait and see how things go, right now it doesn’t look good enough to get into the meta.

Keep an eye on this article. We will constantly update it with the latest Boomsday Project Cards, as they are released

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Published 2018-07-28
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