Apex Legends Aftermarket Event Boost

Apex Legends Aftermarket Event Boost - Description

The aftermarket event is finally here and with it, tons of collectables waiting for you to get them. This is the sixth collection event and we think that this one is the best so far. Filled with gorgeous-looking legend skins, weapon skins, weapon charms, voice lines and 5 new badges that can be unlocked only during the event. Also, there will be a brand new limited-time game mode called “Flashpoint” and by playing it, you can unlock most of the items. It is not going to be easy, because this mode will take away all of your healing items and the only way to recharge your armor and health will be at these flashpoints. This means that all of the teams will be fighting for control over these locations and by getting kills and dealing damage in the flashpoints you will get exp. with which you can unlock cosmetics. Every battle is going to be brutal, that is why we’ve made the Apex Legends Aftermarket Event Boost service to help you in those hard moments. Just order and our team of extremely talented boosters will take care of everything for you!


  • Owning an original copy of Apex Legends.

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