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Division 2 The Last Castle Boost - Description

The newest addition to Division 2 - Episode 2: Pentagon: The Last Castle surprised us all with its new content. New missions, PvP mode, and a significant amount of weapons are available in this episode.

Pentagon: The Last Castle takes place in Washington D.C, where the Division Agents task is to fight against the Black Tusk forces, in order to stop the city's destruction. The agents need to reveal the secrets of the Pentagon before it's too late.

The new main missions include:

  • Pentagon - The agents will have to locate the perfusion bioreactor inside the Pentagon's core and eliminate the Black Tusk from the lab;
  • DARPA Research Labs - The agents have to find out the way to the DARPA Labs and prevent the perfusion bioreactor to be carried out through an abandoned Cold War underground tunnel network.

The other new things in Episode 2 are:

  • The Specialization "Technician", which comes with the signature weapon P-017 Launcher. With it, you'll be able to kill up to six enemies at once, when you fire the missiles from the launcher.
  • An Elimination PvP mode, where the players will form two teams of four and gain some tactical experience in a best-of-seven round fight.
  • A brand new map "The Wharf" - it guides you to the abandoned fishing dockyard.
  • Two Classified Assignments Embassy: explore a helicopter crash site, focus on saving the pilot; deserted Marina, where many weapons are hidden.

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