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How To Play Halo Infinite? Tips and Tricks!

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

Halo Infinite Is one great free-to-play multiplayer game that has thousands of players. The gameplay is set in 2560, and the Guardians, the human artificial intelligence Cortana, and allied Als are rebelling against their creators – UNSC. Even though the game is amazing, it may be hard for beginners, or for people that want to level up. That’s why we have prepared some tips and tricks to follow if you want to become a pro player.

Stay With Your Team

In Halo Infinite, if you run into two, or more enemies on your own, then the chance of survival is minimum. That’s why we would advise you to stay with your team, even if you believe that you are powerful enough to fight with enemies on your own. Pick a player of your team and follow him, there is no need of communication between you two, but having a buddy while fighting is always a good idea. If you want to communicate via chat, then it will be even better, since you will become one powerful duo, and maybe friends in future.

Stay Away From The Middle of The Maps

Some of the maps in Halo Infinite have wide-open centres, which are surrounded by buildings and hallways – so you can easily find a cover. Those maps are Recharge, Bazaar, Aquarius and Streets. If you are playing in those maps – avoid the centre as much as possible and stick to the sides for coverage.
But why? If you walk into the centre of the map, you will be exposed to your enemies from multiple angles. It will be hard for you to follow them, and easy for them to actually kill you. Of course, there are maps such as Behemoth, where you can stick to the centre, because the sides do not offer a lot of cover.

Use Your Equipment Smartly

The equipment is essential in Halo Infinite’s gameplay, so if you want to be successful, you have to use it smartly. What do we mean by that? If you have the Energy Sword and grappleshot, for example, then you should use them in conjunction, this will help you to deal with the enemies.
If you have to reload quickly, then dropping a Drop Wall is a great way to do that. If you are in the corner, and the enemies are throwing grenades at you – use the Repulsor, it will save your life. If you want to steal the enemy’s flag in CFT matches, then use Active Camo.

Don’t Go For The Head First – Go For The Shield

Most of the first-person shooter games have integrated into us to aim for the head first – a headshot. However, this is not true for Halo Infinite, because you can damage the enemy only when his shield is down. If the shield is still up, your headshot will not have as much damage as wished.
So, you better go for the shield first. Some headshots are always extra points for you, but you better focus on removing the shield of the enemy – this is what will make him vulnerable. You can also look for enemies with damaged shield, because they are easier to kill.

Don’t Forget To Keep An Eye On Your Shields

If you are experienced player in Halo Infinite, then you know that the shield is extremely important. Even if you are in a hard fight, you should always keep an eye on the shield. If they are completely popped, you have to drop everything and find a cover.
It is hard to ignore the breakage of the shield, because there are a lot of visuals and some noisy audio that will give you a sign that you better find a cover.

Melee Attacks Are Useful

In Halo Infinite, the melee attacks are one extremely powerful tool. If you are close to the enemy, and you do not have a lot of bullets, then you can easily finish him with melee attack. One tip for even better experience and harder shots, you can combine the melee attack with grappleshot or the Thruster – this will surely deal with your enemy once and for all. In fact, if you hit correctly with melee action in Halo Infinite, you have big chance to eliminate the enemies, even if their shields are still up.

Know More About The Maps

Halo Infinite offers a lot of maps, and each of them has a brilliant design and variety. All the different areas need different strategies and offer special advantages, so as a player you have to know more about the maps, if you want to be successful.
Check where you can get a plasma grenade, check some good covers and sports for sniping – this will help you to have one strong advantage over your opponent. Being familiar with the maps is one of the pro tips for successful players.

Keep an eye on the radar

The radar is placed at the bottom lefthand corner, and you should always keep an eye on it. The Radar can easily scan your friends, enemies, and the area around you. Your friends will be displayed in blue, and your enemies will be displayed as red dots.
Their movements are tracked in real-time, so you can follow them by looking at the Radar. If you see a bigger red dot, then an enemy atop vehicles are coming so you better find a cover. Keep in mind that enemies standing still will not be visible on the map.

Dark Colours As Camouflage

Here is one trick – do not choose bright colours for your body armour, choose dark ones instead if you want to use them as camouflage. There is some nice equipment, that will definitely look goof on your hero, but we strongly advise you to choose darker ones if you want to stay invisible and not stand out to the enemies.

Halo Infinite Boosting

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Author Joy
Published 2022-06-02
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