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New World Crafting Guide - pt. 2

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

New World is a new, highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game that is set to be released on the 28th of September 2021. This MMORPG promises to give a thrilling in-game experience to all fans of this game genre with its new combat mechanics, incredibly detailed graphics, and complex professions, and many more interesting features. In this guide, you will learn about the basics of the crafting professions in the game.

Basic Profession Explanation

New World's crafting system is one of the most interesting and highly anticipated parts of the game. The developers have promised a unique and interesting experience that will not feel boring and repetitive. This crafting system can be broadly broken down into three separate stages. Gathering, Refining, and Crafting and this is also how they are split in your trade skills. You as a player can choose a profession that you enjoy the most and dedicate your time to it. Or instead, you can choose to level up all professions in the game. Unlike other titles from this genre in New World, your character can learn all professions available.

The idea behind this in-depth Crafting system is to make it feel like a meaningful part of your game journey. Not just a daily routine that you need to complete every day mindlessly. But a fun experience that will hook you up and make you spend more and more time doing it. The next thing is that this system is created in a way that allows it to mean as much to you at the end of the game as it did when you just started.

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In New World, there are a ton of materials everywhere in the world and with all of them, you have a large variety of items that you can craft. This makes the crafting system feal very rewarding. There is a lot of purpose behind the time you spend in progressing your professions. In order for you to obtain the best items in the game, you and your game buddies have to spend quite a lot of time gathering rare materials and developing your professions.


Gathering covers any form of resource collection, from skinning creatures to mining nodes, and the levels within Gathering are only going to be determining three things. Firstly what you can gather. For example, you need mining level 40 to mine a gold node, and below that level, you are just unable to mine it. Secondly, the speed at which gathering occurs. The higher your gathering trade skill, the quicker the action is completed. If you mine an iron node at level five and then do the same iron node at level 100 you will see a huge speed difference. Also, it's going to affect the compass at the top of your screen by showing you the location of resources and prey near to you. However, this last one is really pretty irrelevant. Once you've got introduced to the New World's map, this allows you to easily find any and all resources needed, places, elite zones, and it's really a key tool in any crafter's pocket.


Refining is then taking those gathered resources and converting them into items that are much more valuable, and can ultimately be used in the end crafting products. This is like smelting iron into iron bars. Then using that base refined iron bar combining it with some charcoal to produce a steel bar. Or turning raw wool skin into leather. This is likely to be your first bottleneck, because yes technically you can produce tier two refined materials right from the start from trade skill zero, but you need to be level 50 before you can first refine items into tier three. On top of that, it requires the town to be sufficiently upgraded and have the owners been keeping up with the town projects to get those crafting stations upgraded to a sufficient level for what you're trying to create. If not you may end up having to visit a separate town. This is also probably a good time to point out that every town has its own little mini resource dump. In Winswood it's four fibers and if your company or faction owns the town then you could harvest here for free materials.

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Once you get into tier 3 refining, you'll notice you need to start using reagents. The common ones of these are fairly readily available in chess throughout the world but if you're wondering what the rarer ones actually do, they hugely increase the chance of bonus crafting. For example, if you use one of the rare ones it goes up to around 50%. So if you crafted 10 steel bars you would likely end up getting 15.


All of these refined materials can be then used for crafting. This is where you produce your gear, your weapons, your armor, your tools, and much more. Every time you move from Gathering to Refining to Crafting the total amount of resources from each stage goes down. As such it's really quite easy to level three gathering skills but it's far harder to level three crafting skills so it makes much more sense to try and specialize. An example of that is if you want to craft bows, then it makes sense for you to specialize in Engineering. Particularly if you're in a company as well with others who are perhaps working on different crafting skills, it can really make sense for each of you to pick one and specialize in different areas.

Profession Leveling and Skills

Here is an example with the Azoth and the crafting perks you can use. If you are high enough level to equip steel tools, they are going to make your gathering much faster Plus there are some specific perks such as Yield Increase, that you can try to get on them. However, for this not only you are going to need level 50 engineering, but also you are going to need tier 3 steel bars. This means that you need to have a level 50 Engineering and level 50 Smelting.
For the leveling of Engineering, arguably the best way is to just grind out the lower-tier items. They use fewer materials and they seem to convey the best XP to resource ratio. With some of the higher-level stuff, it gives a higher XP rate per item but it uses double or more of the resources and so it's just not really worth it. It is important to know that when you are crafting, it draws from both your inventory and anything you have in storage in that particular town. There's no need for you to go and grab everything out of your storage shed because it does this automatically in the crafting menu. You also need to know that storage is limited to the town that you are in. If you have items in Everfall but you're crafting in Windsward you would have to go to Everfall first and manually bring those items over to Windsward.

Perk System and Azoth

Now let's explain how exactly does the perk system work. Let's take for example a tier 3 steel musket. The fact that it is a tier 3 item means that it can have up to two perks. If you have the correct special resource, then you can pick exactly what you want that first perk to be. However, there is still only a low chance of getting a gem slot or a second perk on this weapon. That is unless you add in some Azoth. Now the chance of getting that second perk or a gem slot is almost certain.
On any item that you are crafting to keep for you, it's almost always going to be worth spending the Azoth. It is cheap compared to fast travel and it gives such benefits. If you don't have any special resources to add, you can just spend slightly more Azoth and get two perks at random.

Gear Score

Okay so now we have covered Perks, Azoth, Gathering, Refining, and Crafting as well as leveling your skills. This only leaves a few key areas left to cover. One of them is going to be using different tiers of resources and factional store items in crafting. For example, if you want to craft a tier 3 bag. The only tier 3 refined material you are required for this is Rugged Leather. You can still use tier 2 Linen and tier 2 Iron Ingots for the other two resources. However, if you decide to swap the Iron Ingots for Steel Bars, the minimum gear score of the item will rise a little bit. And if you swap the Iron Ingots for some Fea Iron the minimum gear score of the item will rise up even more.
Using higher-level material gives you a very small actual improvement, but it is an improvement nonetheless. With an item like this bag, you're required to purchase a Rune of Holding from the factional store which costs 3000 faction points, and you would want to be doing all that you can to make this craft the best it will be.


This in-depth Profession system will deliver a great in-game experience to the more casual players, who prefer to spend their time in the engineering hud, rather than the front lines of the wars. If you, however, have no interest in all of this and you just want to spend your time fighting other people but still want the benefits that you get from the max levels of the professions you are at the right place. Just visit our New World boosting section here at Boosting Ground. We have already provided services that you might find useful for your progression when the game is released. Here at Boosting Ground, we have a great team of professional boosters that will complete any task in the shortest time possible with 100% guaranteed success!

Author Joy
Published 2021-08-27
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