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New World Sword and Shield Guide

Author: Joy

My name is Joy. I’m a student and a freelance writer in my free time. English has always been close to my heart and the fact that I can use it every day and implement it in my daily life is more than amazing. Other activities I am interested in are playing an instrument /guitar/ and art studies.

After a variety of New World guides for beginners, it is time to learn everything you need to know about New World weapons. In this guide, we are going to talk about Sword and Shield. First, we’re going to go over basic and heavy attacks, then we’re going to go over all the weapon abilities, upgrades and passives for both The Swordmaster and Defende trait lines, and finally we’ll cover potential builds and fun weapon combos to try out. Let’s hit it!

New World Sword and Shield

Light and Heavy Attacks

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the premier tanking weapon in New World – The Sword and Shield. The sword scales off strength, so the more damage you want to do, the stronger you’ll be, but you’re going to be specking full constitution for any of your tank builds beginning with the light attacks. Do a three-attack combo with two swipes dealing 100% weapon damage, then follow up with a twirl around dealing 105 weapon damage. These attacks have a moderate pace to them and do a moderate amount of damage. Not terrible, but nothing to write home about. The heavy attack is a long wind-up where you bring your sword back and hold for a second, then lunge forward, also dealing mad damage, but can be relatively spammable. These heavy attacks deal 160% weapon damage and I recently learned that there’s a medium ground between the light and heavy attacks where you hold the attack button long enough to begin the heavy animation.

New World Sword and Shield - pic

But then release before the animation completes for a quick heavy attack dealing 120 weapon damage. The damage of all light attacks is slash while the damage of all heavy attacks is thrust basics out of the way. Let’s talk about the trait line that tries to turn sword and shield players into twirling damage dealers Swordmaster.

The Swordmaster

Whirling Blade Cosplay

The first ability is whirling blade cosplay. It is a ballerina and spin around dealing 145% weapon damage to all foes within two meters and it sits on a 14 seconds cooldown and we are going to be honest with you. We think the animation kind of makes you look goofy and the ending pose kind of feels like you’re trying to dab on your enemies. The first upgrade is opportunity which provides New World’s smallest trend application possible at 5% for 10 seconds rend reduces the target’s armor letting you hit just a tad harder. The final upgrade is tactical strike that reduce the cooldown by ten percent for each enemy hit.

New World Sword and Shield - The Swordmaster

Reverse Stab

The second ability is reverse stab. Amazon took the motto that cool guys don’t look at explosions and applied to it to stabbing people. Turn around and stab something for 175% weapon damage and this has an 18.7 second cooldown, and it’s kind of funny. Sparks fly on the animation even when you don’t make contact with anything. The first upgrade is Unstoppable stab, which gives the attack grid. Grid makes the attack unstoppable and makes your character glow white. We kind of don’t like the wording of Unstoppable because grid doesn’t stop you from being stunned or knocked down. It only prevents stagger which makes it very stoppable. The final upgrade is tactician stabbing. Something backwards reduces your sword ability cooldowns by 25% and this applies to the cooldown of reverse stab.

New World Sword and Shield - Reverse Stab

Leaping Strike

Leaping Strike is the final weapon ability. Leap four meters and stab dealing 135% weapon damage and this sits on a 23.4 second cooldown. You’re rooted in place for a second after you land, and you’re going to be really close to your target if the target is running away, because four meters isn’t much at all in PvP. The first upgrade is final strike. Hitting an enemy below 30% health increases damage by 50%, and it is a lot, but Swords don’t do a ton of base damage to begin with. So, don’t worry, the damage is not insane. The final upgrade is solid for PvP cowardly punishment. If leaping strike hits a target in the back slow them for eight seconds.

New World Sword and Shield - Leaping strike

The tooltip doesn’t say how potent the slow is but we’d guess extremely low like somewhere between 10% and 20% and we hope this was a bug. Empowered stab heavies grant a 30 damage increases for 5 seconds and each successive heavy will reset the timer to 5 seconds Achilles heel. The third spinny attack in your light attack chain causes a 20% slow for two seconds and yeah in theory slows help you stick to enemies, but we don’t really feel like a two second mass slow feels really impactful. Precision get 10% grid chance freeing justice. Heavy attacks cleanse you of all debuffs counter attacks blocking anything gives you a 10 DPS boost for 20 seconds. This might be the longest in power up time in the game. But unfortunately The Sword still just doesn’t do a ton of damage mobility. Move 33% faster while holding block.

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They made an upgrade in this tree called opportunity which applies rend on your ballerina ability. And now they have opportunitist which deals 10% more damage to slowed enemies, confidence gain a 15 DPS boost when full health. If you are a stud at blocking attacks and slow playing encounters you can maintain this buff pretty well. It will just make mob clearing go way slower critical precision. Yes, we already had a passive called precision and it gave grid chance, but now it’s critical. Get a 20 haste for five seconds when you grid finally a haste buff that lasts longer than 3 seconds in this game. We assume this is because Sword and Shield is terrible at sticking to targets and has no gap close in PvP.

New World Sword and Shield - PvP

This brings us to The Swordmaster elite leadership just by existing. Everyone in your party gets a 10 DPS. This is pretty awesome and we anticipate that speed running expedition groups will take more glass cannon tanks with leadership a.k.a. out those extra couple seconds. Over their competition that rounds up The Swormaster trait line.
To recap, you turn into a cool ballerina that doesn’t look at stabbing people, you receive a solid amount of DPS boosts through blocking and full health and slowed enemies and heavy attacks and your elite inspires your monkey DPS players to hit harder.

The Defender

Alright, let’s move onto the defender tree. Moving onto the all-star trait line that’s all about that defense.

Shield Rush

The first weapon ability is Shield Rush hold your shield sideways, then dash forward five meters and knock enemies back, dealing 125% weapon damage. This sits on an 18.7 second cooldown and you dash forward five meters or until you come into contact with someone, then you stop. The first upgrade is improved. Rush when you hit something all enemies within 5 meters gain 10% weakness for 4 seconds. The weakened debuff reduces damage making tanking a lot easier. The final upgrade is intimidating. Rush. When you hit something all enemies within 5 meters gain a percent slow for four seconds.

New World Sword and Shield - Shield Rush

Shield Bash

The second ability is Shield Bash. Backhand something with your Shield dealing 50% weapon damage and stunning them for two seconds. This sits on a 23.4 second cooldown and is taunt gem compatible which means if you slot a carnelian gem into your sword. This ability will taunt any ad hit for 6 seconds. This ability is fantastic for lining up some heavy hitting abilities in PvP because it’s a pretty fast animation that reliably lands a stun shield bash into warhammer combo or great axe execute can pump some huge damage. The first upgrade is intimidating bash deal 100% more damage but the more important aspect is the greatly increased threat. Threat is what determines ad agro and who the adds attack as the tank your team wants ads on you. So, the more threat you generate the better. The final upgrade is concussive bash. The stun now lasts for three seconds. This feels like a good time to talk about stun for a sec here. Stunned foes remain stunned and can’t do anything until they are hit with damage as soon as they’re hit it doesn’t matter how long the stun is supposed to last. They lose the stun and can fight back or run or frolic in the fields or dodge, whatever they choose to do. So, keep that in mind when landing shield bash and set yourself up by using your biggest animation or longest attack directly afterwards to guarantee that big hit.

New World Sword and Shield - Shield Bash

Defiant Stance

The final ability is defiant stance. Slap your sword and shield together in a taunt while gaining a 30% base damage reduction for eight seconds. This sits on a 42.1 second cooldown and yes, it is also taunt gem compatible meaning two defender abilities taunt adds. This taunt will last for 6 seconds to any enemy within 8 meters in case you missed it. This reduced base damage which is stronger and reduces more damage that if you just reduced overall damage. This ability is really strong, but to be fir it’s on a fat cooldown. The first upgrade is Final Countdown while your health is above 50% instead of a 30% base damage reduction. Now, it’s 50% basically for 8 seconds. The final upgrade is restoration gain 15 of your max health after defiant stance ends since you gain back health. The best time to pop this ability is when you have fallen right below 85% health.

New World Sword and Shield - Defiant Stance

So, that you can maximize the health plus 50 damage reduction capabilities if you pop it too early, you miss out on potential heals and if you pop It too late, you drop below 50% health which means that you miss out on additional 20% damage reduction. As we said before this ability is really strong under passives. Sturdy shield increases your physical armor by 15, sturdy grip take 15 reduced Stamina damage when blocking melee attack and while 15 doesn’t sound like a ton, this makes an incredible difference for anybody tanking and is basically mandatory for blocking up time and the ability to block heavy hits. Elemental resistance take 10% less damage from any magic source, defensive training every time you block an attack get a 10 fortify for the five seconds, each new attack blocked will reset the timer to 5 seconds and remember fortify is reduced damage high grip. This is sturdy grip but for ranges attacks take 15 reduced Stamina damage from blocking ranged attacks one with the shield. When you block all shield abilities recharge by 1%. This honestly doesn’t feel too impactful, but it’s something small that it’s helping background kind of think. Final blow the third spiny attack does 15 more damage. It causes more threat let’s be honest you don’t care about the damage you’re the tank, you care about threat, a lot though fortitude while holding a sword and shield gain 10 more health. This is crazy strong for tanks, especially since you should be prioritizing constitution which just means that you’re gaining even more health and your health means more because you can stack so many damage reduction on yourself.

New World Sword and Shield - Defiant Stance 2

So, it’s harder to get through your health pool than other classes recuperation. You and your healer are bffs because all healing and regen on you has increased by 10%. This is incredibly strong because as we stated before you have, so much damage reduction that your health pool goes farther pound for pound than any other class. The defender elite is defensive formations while blocking all allies within 2 meters take 30 reduced damage and this sets on one second cooldown. The animation for this is a cool ring of shields that looks really safe and protective again. This is incredibly strong especially in wars where you can apply a fat damage reduction to a large amount of allies pushing or holding a point with you, and that rounds out the defender tree to recap you slap kids around with you shield for debuff you have an ungodly amount of damage reductions. You can block way more thanks to reduced Stamina on blocks and your elite spreads fat damage reductions to your allies.


As always there a plethora of different ways to play New World that require different builds to focus on different roles. So, we’re going to start with my recommendations for playing the game solo open world, then partied open world, then expeditions then 1v1 builds, then 50v50 war builds, and then finally the one build to rule them.

New World Sword and Shield - builds

Solo Open World

If you want to do everything but don’t want to constantly change your build like us, first up solo open world, we hope you guys like defending because you’re going to be seeing a lot of this build, we recommend a full defender tree. Our advice is to put every point in the defender tree you might as well pretend you don’t own a sword because this build is all about that defense when you spec full defender. You’re stacking so many damage mitigations that nothing is even tickling you with this build and with any good sword shield build you’re stacking full constitution which means that you’re working with a fat health pool that nothing can take down. Your damage is going to suck but while you might be hitting them with a wet noodle they’re tossing pebbles at a mountain for those that enjoy the feel of tanking. You will absolutely love this build for weapon parings the most popular open world build would be the paladin build utilizes the life staff.

New World Sword and Shield - Solo Open World

The sword and shield is the premier tank weapon and the life staff is the premier healing weapon. Together you’re quite literally unkillable, you’ll kill things extremely slowly so your gameplay will take longer than others but you’ll never fear dying. If you want to speed up your gameplay a bit, you can consider pairing with the Warhammer or the great axe. Both scale off of strength and have amazing AOE damage potential. The Warhammer provides more cc and knockdowns that you can chain off shield bash while Great Axe provides more overall damage and sustain through lifesteal. You can also set up your executability with shield bash for guaranteed big deeps. Finally, you could pair with the last strength weapon the hatchet. Hatchet will provide a ton of single target DPS, mobility and health regen.

Partied Open World

To complement your tanky build next to you got a couple buddies and you’re roaming around to turn them together for partied open world. We recommend the exact same build the moment you’re interacting with other people, and your rocking sword shield get some carnelian gems and tank for them. Your job is not to do damage, your job is agro a successful encounter for you means every single adds you guys killed, was trying to kill you and not your teammates. This means learning to juggle your agro with taunts and chaining those abilities for maximum taunt up time. This also mean pairing with another weapon with taunt capabilities. We recommend the Warhammer or the hatchet.

New World Sword and Shield - Partied Open World

We believe Sword and Shield plus Warhammer is the best tanking setup you can provide for your teammates. You can weave into a hammer rotation when your shield abilities are on cooldown and pound adds into the ground plus shock wave is taunt gem compatible. So, you can weave that taunt into your rotation when shield taunts fall off. Warhammer can also do incredible break bar damage stunning foes and allowing your DPS to take advantage of enemies down states. The other option we recommend is hatchet berserk is taunt gem compatible for another taunt to weave in and we’d actually recommend a throwing tree build taking advantage of the numerous debuffs throwing hatchets can apply and maintain. Be careful though because if you aren’t hitting headshots you will dr?in your stamina fast which means no blocking for a couple of seconds.

New World Sword and Shield - Partied Open World - pic


Next we have expeditions and instead of showing you the same build which works very well on expeditions. Here’s a small variation utilizing the rend application from whirling blade rend. Let’s your party do more damage and this means faster boss encounters and less mechanics. Even a small application of 5% will make a difference over 10 seconds. Expeditions are where good coordination comes into play and we just want to take this time to say thank you to the tank players in expeditions. They are the MVP’s and can make encounters really simple. If you tank properly and hold agro letting you DPS free fire back crits all day long. For weapon pairing we again recommend The Warhammer and The Hatchet for the exact same reasons. As stated before both can apply rend taunt and do solid damage. Warhammer nukes brake bars and Hatchet can apply more debuffs on a quick side note. Here for any of you speed running gurus we anticipate amazing speedrunners probably utilizing Swordmaster elite leadership and playing a DPS style sword shield while utilizing taunts to let their other DPS still back crit. This style would mean that you need to be spot on with your dodges and blocks, though. Since you will be running a more damaged focused builds as opposed to defense PvE done.

New World Sword and Shield - Expeditions


Let’s roll into PvP, with our 1v1 build. Now, for as much praise as we give sword and shield for tanking capabilities, it does not shine in the 1v1s. Here’s how your tanking patterns go is defiant stance up. If so, you win basically every encounter is defiant stance down. You lose weapon swap. It’s a very simplified version but you don’t do much damage and Sword and Shield has virtually no gap close. If sombody wants to play ranged and kite you they will. You’re not going to stop them. Now, we recommend the tiny dash you have in leaping strike and if you can land it when somebody tries to run.
Now, you’re in business with that eight second slow in close range melee fights block big hits with shield and then stun with shield bash, then utilize those three seconds to weapon swap and use a heavy hitting ability such as shockwave on Warhammer or execute on gradex for weapon pairings. We recommend the premier chasing weapon in the game - The Great axe. The Great Axe gap close for you and make up that distance Sword and Shield can never cover. Also, utilize it as your big damage when defiant stance isn’t up for trades. Warhammer is a CC machine and can lock down targets for a long time.

New World Sword and Shield - 1v1

The problem is all its abilities take forever to cast and can get avoided. But if someone was stunned by maybe a shield bash, they wouldn’t be able to avoid the Warhammer combo and you can just let Sword and Shield set up the Warhammer pound town chain be warned though that with the Warhammer you have the same problem of no gap close. If somebody wants to kite you, they will, you won’t be able to force anyone to fight you in melee. The final option is again the Life Staff run that paladin build and literally out heal the DPS people throw down at you, you can whittle away at them, and if they don’t have any potions in food, good luck with that. You will win every battle of endurance while you’re extremely hard to kill. This is the least amount of damage possible and still no gap close, so while you’re extremely hard to kill, you probably aren’t killing much, either unless they tunnel vision and forget that they have the ability to dodge your abilities to run away from you.

New World Sword and Shield - 1v1

50v50 War

This leads us to the 50v50 build. Does it look familiar? In wars you’re the tank when we talk about taking or holding points, we don’t mean us, we mean you. This is tank wars who can keep their tank line alive while whittling away at the enemy tanks. You are the boots on the ground capping points and putting your bodies on the line for our dubs. Will you get rewarded? You aren’t showing up anywhere near those leaderboards but good coordinated tank line pushes are crucial for victories especially on attack. For weapon pairings you can rock a Warhammer for disrupting and CC enemy front lines to push them off points or you can run a hatchet and lob conditions like disease on to enemy front lines to weaken them up for your army. Maybe one or two tanks could rock Great Axe for the gravity wells and zone controlling but we kind of prefer those on roamers and not our tank front liners.

New World Sword and Shield - 50v50 war

The One Build to Rule Them All

Finally, this brings us to the one build to rule them all. You love New World and want to experience all the content in the game but you don’t want to constantly change your builds around. Well, look no further. We present to you the same build that you’ve been staring at for ages. Now, because it’s that stinking good full defender, no matter what you do, you are super annoying to kill. No one fears that Sword in your hand and your damage is laughable but that Shield and those damage reductions are insane. You are annoying fly that won’t die and is always pestering. If you want to run around open world knowing you won’t die. This is the build for you if you want to be the MVP and control the fights and expeditions, in front lines of wars, and be the bullet sponge.
Simply outlast everything in your path using your shield and be the last one standing when the dust settles for weapon pairings. We recommend that Warhammer, you have so much ad control and CC with Warhammer that your friends will forget what ad agro even looks like when you see a break bar, you can delete it. For your teammates exposing champions to a stun and additional damage for everyone to take advantage of in PvP. You just wait until they get close to you and then open up with that shield bash, then quickly weapon swap to Warhammer and hit him with that deadly CC chain for massive damage.

New World Sword and Shield - final pic

Final Thoughts

We are pretty sure with those advices you’re going to have an amazing experience in New World. If by any chance you have any in-game trouble, don’t forget to check out our secure and efficient New World Boost services. As any other service on the website, these are also completed by proven, professional, and most importantly, a real player, without the usage of any bots or programs. You can take advantage of affordable prices, as well as special account leveling and reward system. And don’t forget there is a knowledgeable and friendly associate to answer your questions in our chat system, that is at your disposal 24/7!

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